Sinnerville_Cover by Kenni.jpegWords by Anselm Anderson

There is certainly a storm brewing with the emergence of this rock songstress from Germany. Storm is a dual nationality German/ South Africa born singer/ songwriter and actress who currently resides in the USA. She began writing songs and performing in School plays and theatres as a child before recording music in Nashville with some reputable artists.

" Sinnerville" is her latest single based on the serious subject of Self -Harm told through the narrative of the Lewis Carroll Character Alice in Wonderland. This hard rock/ grunge song follows her as she battles addiction. Storm tells this vivid story with evocative imagery and heavy guitars in the guise of such female lead singers like Lizzy Hale.

The opening notes resonate like broken glass to inform the listener they are on a journey down a gritty rock track. The thunderous raptures of drums follow before Storm announces her arrival with an impassioned growl. The opening salvo is a credit to James Lugo as a guitarist with a sizzling range of notes, as she tells us "Burnt out like a cigarette/ lonely footsteps the best of her is gone. This bleak storytelling portrays a lost soul heading to self- destruction.

Storm is able to combine this lyrical content with an aggressive guitar sound and rough vocals to invoke a tortured soul with a cry for help. The production adds to the hollowness of this track, which deserves a mention.

The singer hopes to raise awareness of such a topic that affects a lot of us as individuals. Here is hoping " Sinnerville" helps aid in this task to those that feel alone.

Sinnerville is now available via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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