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The NaveBlues- Self- Titled Release

The Nave Blues hail from Bergen, Norway and are fronted by the multi-talented Vocalist/Harmonica player Nave Pudnik. a man that aims " intention of becoming the blues you will come to know; Something different, yet familia r " a brand of modern blues combined with Alternative rock Pudnik promises to make music for an “oasis for the masses”. The brand of Blues he aims to create does not disappoint on this half- hour, 7 track debut with a solid display of soulful crooning, tasty guitar licks, and sonic harmonica play. This EP is a delightful insight into the crossover of classic ebbing towards modern blues. The opener Sexy kiss is accompanied by an audiovisual to legendary harmonica player Little Walter, an inspiration to the lead vocalist, and who was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2008. A blazing roar of that favoured instrument signals the intent with the juxtaposition of sultry vocals that interact between Pudnik and his female counterpart that oozes th