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Words by Anselm Anderson

British Pop Rock outfit The Petal Falls have released their third single 'Everything About You' ahead of their new album, due out in September.

The band was created in the 1990s as a means to get lead singer/songwriter Keith Leahy's music noticed. That early success led to the breakup of Leahy's original lineup due to indifferences with the record label they were with. Fortunately, Keith Leahy returned to the music industry with renowned music producer John King to remaster his four original albums. The singer/songwriter is now back with a new lineup and newly recorded music to share with the world.

'Everything About You' is an enchanting mixture of hard rock and pop melodies that create earworm choruses. The track begins with Leahy's warm and affectionate vocals crooning over dazzling keys. The song would suit any nationwide or internet radio station due to its easy listening style. The songwriting is crisp and the vocals are mesmerizing, The Petal Falls knows how to tug at the heartstrings with their music.

Click below to watch the video for "Everything About You"

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Band Line-Up:

Keith Leahy - lead vocals/guitar/keyboards

Robert Harpum - guitar

Robin Tucker - drums

Dave Richards - guitar

Marius Ryndziewicz - bass


Website - https://thepetalfalls.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ThePetalFalls

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thepetalfalls

Twitter - https://twitter.com/FallsPetal



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Newly formed dark metal outfit Ambrius arrive on the metal scene with their self-released debut EP Effigies of Time. The band hail from Gloucester in England and consists of former members of metal acts Oakhaart and Tempestora. The band combines dark orchestral pieces with symphonic elements and clean and harsh vocals.

I don't usually review such bands, but my interest was piqued when I read their backstory. Produced by lead singer Sam Shiers, 'Effigies of Time' is a six-track release that is as experimental to the band, as it is for the listener. The band were growing weary of the music industry and decided to put away their instruments and microphone. This was until they came to the decision to form Ambrius from the ashes of those former bands to create a sound of their own. 

The self-titled track 'Effigies of Time' combines haunting piano keys and slow, eerie orchestral passages that build to its frightening opener 'Self-Reflection' a menacing seven minutes of technical metal wizardry and pain-staking harsh vocals that tell the tale of struggles with self-identity in the world of social media. Sam Shiers' multi-layered vocals reflect the true horrors of pain with blood-curdling vocal melodies that sound like an uncomfortable reality.
'Breathe' carries on a similar trend with chugging-guitar riffs and lung-busting vocal melodies. In the shortest track on the EP at 6:14, The band tells the tale of escaping an invaded country through ominous orchestral passages that resonate with the empathic ear. Ambrius prove to be a strong storyteller by creating powerful and moving music through well-structured melodies and elements of heavy metal without being insufferable and bombastic. Each track conveys the raw emotion behind the messages to elicit a glaring response from the listener.
'The Unavoidable Path' follows this order with progressive elements. There is a nice instrumental breakdown in the midsection of this track. Shears' quiet and refrained vocals sing over flamenco guitars that slowly build to harsh macabre vocals, terrifying guitar leads and some deft drumming. 'Red' is the most aggressive and intense track on the release with manic guitar breaks and leads that combine with the anger and sorrow of the vocalist. It is a song that is inspired by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And finally, 'The Pulse and The Purpose' wraps up things with ethereal passages and combined harsh/clean vocals and pounding drums.

The EP reflects the different strains, pressures and injustices of our world told through beautiful and, at times, unsettling music. Rating 8/10

Words by Anselm Anderson

🎯 EP Tracklist:

1) Effigies Of Time
2) Self Reflection
3) Breathe
4) The Unavoidable Path
5) Red
6) The Pulse And Purpose

🎯 Ambrius is:

Sam Shiers - Vocals
Jason Deakins - Guitars
Michael Perks - Bass
Alex Hawes - Drums

🎯 Connect with Ambrius:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmbriusOfficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_2enrwKFkAVKf790OcT7A
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ambrius_official/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ambrius_official


Album Of the Week- The Julia Mosley band- Illuminate the Night

Art Credit: Stephanie Law

Julia Mosley is a rare talent in today's music industry. The Stoke-on-Trent native was coached by ex-Leave's Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine, who describes Julia as 'Outstanding'. Mosley's evocative and diverse vocal range has won her much-coveted praise from the world of music.

Recorded and produced by Tom Carter at The Riff Factory in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Illuminate The Night was released a couple of years back. Julia Mosley combines Gothic Poetry and dazzling string arrangements with her immense vocal range to capture many emotions within. The lineup is completed by Paul Adams (bass/guitar), Tom Carter (lead guitar/drums), Dan Hulme (drums), Joe Wood (drums) and Charlotte Bettson joins Julia Mosley on backing vocals.

The LP begins with 'Obsession at Night' which is a dark and vivid combination of lung-busting howls and atmospheric music that reminds me of a certain revived musician by the name of Kate Bush. The haunting 'Down by the River' follows. Mosley expresses warmth and sorrow over enchanting keys and thick, bluesy guitar solos.

Julia Mosley is supported by a talented backing band, which gives the vocalist time to explore her vocal range. Mosley expresses an array of emotions such as heartache in the lead single 'I Wear Black', told through excellent imagery in her lyrics. Mosley combines with Bettson to produce multi-layered vocals. The towering melodies juxtapose with a low vocal performance that conveys those raw emotions behind the track. 

The album grows through confidence and high production values. The lyrical poetry adds to this with each verse amplified by the moving vocal performances here. 'The Orchard' is an elegant and emotive example of this. 'A Garden of Black  Roses' is an ethereal ballad, slowly built towards a dramatic finale. Mosley sounds especially haunting, as she sings over striking beats.

'Prince Of My Heart' shows The Julia Mosley Band don't just make damning gothic music. It is a beautiful ballad with pop elements and a powerful performance on the piano. Each song builds up tension and emotion that keeps the listener gripped. 'On Your Own' completes this journey with a hook-laden chorus and percussive guitar beats. Rating 9/10

Overall, The Julia Mosley Band provide ample listening in anticipation for their upcoming follow-up in 2023.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Max Muscato-Valarie SONG REVIEW


Singer-Songwriter and Autism advocate Max Muscato has released his latest single. 'Valarie'. This upbeat rock song mixes indie rock vibes with blues-infused riffs.

Muscato hails from Buffalo, NY and is the founder of Rock Autism Music Festival, a non-profit organisation powered by SonMax Entertainment. The festival is held every August in Buffalo NY. All proceeds go to Rock Autism, benefitting individuals in the Music, Film, Screenwriting, and Photography industries, as well as Internships and Scholars.

'Valarie' begins with Muscato's vibrant personality shining through over strong, percussive beats. The song builds to a hook-laden chorus. Muscato remains a cheerful individual over a rickety guitar sound and blazing keys. This is the perfect track to get one in the mood for the summer. Rating 4/5

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Max Muscato-WEBSITE