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Almost Autumn- Artist Review

                 Almost Autumn is an appropriate name for this time of year. As the sun burns brightly, Autumn is waiting in the wings for its moment.  Joelle Edwards AKA Almost Autumn is a music producer/singer/songwriter from Liverpool and her infectious pop is as cheery and delicate as the ray of sunlight that kisses the sky on these summer days. I don't usually review pop music, but Edwards is different. She has that knack to write feelgood and punchy songs that is more suitable for the summer, rather than the autumn. Edwards writes a social account of her life and her lyrics touch on love, lust and other social occurrences you'd expect in a student’s life. She has yet to release an album, so I shall be picking a selection of songs from her back catalogue, Available through Bandcamp. Her music is uplifting and pleasant with hints of folk and electronic beats. She has  potential to tap into the chart music territory that is often occupied by better-known 

FireBug- Follower ( Single Review)

The California- based Firebug is an Alternative Rock group,, heavily influenced by 70's rock and New Orleans blues. They have been generating a following amongst Festival - goers and concert attendees. The band's groove- orientated rock has enlightened 80,000 fans at Sonisphere in Knebworth, England. The band release Follower ,   the first track from new album Wandering Soul. The thing that strikes me most about the track is the high energy riff that maintains throughout, and the soulful timbre of lead singer Juliette Tworsey. The 70's influenced vibes makes this an instant favourite with its polished production values and blues-tinged rhythmic patterns. The track begins with the tantalising hook that leads into the vocals of Tworsey, a rich and tender entrance that hypnotises the listener. Her voice blends with the buzz of guitar -driven desert rock with a nice new Orleans solo that fits in with the structure of the music. Wandering Soul is now available via itunes.

Christopher Taylor- Step Back, Slow Down ( Single Review)

Christopher Taylor is a Singer/ Songwriter from Yorkshire. He has been performing and writing songs for many years as both a soloist as well as in bands. He reached a milestone in 2016 when his debut EP Chasing Rainbows received an Akademia Award.  He now returns with a new single S tep back, Slow down from his forthcoming EP Curiosit y. This is an introspective song about making those decisions in your life when things get difficult. The uses of steel guitar and Taylor's mellow vocal lines waver to produce a solid Country song, which begins with the resonant echoes of snare drums before the recognisable sounds of slide guitar encroach like a snake in the grass. This is a light summer track that is thought-provoking in a sense for those who are feeling lost, but the overall tone will leave you feeling good afterwards,  You can listen to the track below