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The New Realm- Troublemaker ( Single Review)

The New Realm is a Hard Rock band from London, formed by brothers Lee Alexander (Vocals) and Ryan Margolis ( Piano) in 2009. The New Realm have gone on to forge a promising fanbase by supporting a host of legendary artists at some of UK’s top live music venues, and headlining their own shows in London. The duo now releases  Troublemaker from their forthcoming second studio album due out this summer. It's an enjoyable feelgood rock track filled with a big chorus and dazzling melodies that will definitely light up any arena!  The track begins with an electric piano intro that moistens the ears before the listener is addressed by the warm vocals of Alexander cooing “ You! Little Troublemaker” that incorporates gentle subtleties of electric guitar and a steady drumming pattern that erupts with a catchy chorus that is reminiscent of Dave Grohl’s finest work. The song's final breakdown ends with the explosion of huge strikes of bright guitar chords and piano that supplements# the

Jonni Slater - Lights ( Refracted) Single Review

Jonni Slater now returns with his new single " Lights (Refracted)"  from upcoming EP “ Inversions”.  A sweet and melancholic track with heartfelt lyrics packed full of raw passion and emotion.  Slater has been described “as being a talented kaleidoscopic and charismatic songwriter”. The Bristol-born Singer Songwriter has played all over Europe and supported Bastille and Decemberists.  Alongside a continuous programme of sound for 24 days in 24 hours, "Lights ( Refracted) "  is a structured form of ambience that gradually builds to a finish. It starts with wistful piano tinkering and Slater’s solitary vocals that creates an intimate mood that climaxes with an outpouring of emotions that is not hard to empathise with. The inclusion of backing vocals and drum loop steadily clambers towards the chorus that adds density to the overall power of the song’s message.  For Fans of Peter Gabriel., Genesis You can follow Jonni Slater via his website; https://www.jonn

Rock Chic: Stryper - ‘God Damn Evil’

Rock Chic: Stryper - ‘God Damn Evil’ : Words by Anselm Anderson Stryper has returned with their tenth studio release  God Damn Evil via Frontiers Music SRL, which is the fo... Please click on the link above to read my latest review of Stryper's latest album " God Damn Evil"

Pretty Gritty- Love Don't Live Here Anymore- (Single Review)

Pretty Gritty deliver a track that is as the band’s name suggests. “ Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is a sweet and enchanting track that will warm the hearts of anyone suffering in this cold weather.  Pretty Gritty is a Portland-based Male / Female act, sung from the souls of Sarah Wolff and Blaine Heinonen. The duo sing crafted soulful harmonies against the backdrop of well-timed strums and beautiful lyrics. The Americana duo, originally from Rockville, Maryland, met at school where they both played in their respective bands. They crossed paths again when a mutual friend asked them to perform an “Open Mic”. Sarah herself came up with the name during an interview when describing their sound. “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is their newest single from latest album “ Seven Year Itch ”, produced by the iconic duo of Fred Cannon and Paul Buono. Heinonen opens the track with a steady strumming pattern and raw vocal qualities that immediately grab at the heartstrings. Wolff interjec

Ali Jacko- What If I Loved You Like That ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko is a former Kickboxing Champion and singer/songwriter woke up one morning and decided to pursue a singing career. He has been growing a gradual fanbase through mass exposure on radio stations around the world. Jacko returns with this hard-hitting Ballad “ What If I Loved You Like That”.  He has decided against an album release but has chosen an innovative act instead. He will release 11 singles and music videos in consecutive months between January and November 2018: This will be the singer’s third release. This is a warm and effective tearjerker about lost love. Jacko’s influences are Bryan Adams and The Goo Goo Dolls, and it is not hard to hear the comparisons. Jacko’s delivers an evocative and powerful song through impressive vocal qualities and telling Lyrical content. Ali Jacko’s voice is measured and strong enough for rock combined with a talented backup band. The combination of piano and a catchy hook in the chorus create attentive textures that are reminiscent

Days Indoors-Heaven can Wait ( Single Review)

DAYS INDOORS is a British Rock band formed in 2015 that consists of Joe Killington on vocals, Jean-Marc Valat on drums, Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars and Mathew D. Seal on bass. The quartet cites bands as diverse as Foo Fighters, The Killers, Radiohead and Stereophonics as influences. They take inspiration from “the unexpected beauty that everyday experience sometimes brings”.  Heaven Can Wait is the group’s fourth single from their upcoming album Two Feet Under, due out this summer. This latest release is over Three minutes of energetic, pop- hook-laden rock that has the antidotes for a summer classic. Heaven Can Wait starts a purge of power chords that takes the listener on an impending trip through Killington’s sweet and telling vocals. The lyrics are evocative and the music is bright and tender. Charneca’s guitar sound is crisp and up-tempo that supplement Seal’s pounding bass line that doesn’t miss a beat in tandem with Valat’s neat drumming. The song reaches i