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Lilith- Deep Water ( Single Review)

folk singer/songwriter Lilith started writing songs at the age of 11, and developing her own unique writing style by entering competitions at a young age.  Lilith now releases new single "Deep Water" via Charthouse Music Studios in London, where she recently performed at one of their showcase events. She also recently  picked up a highly commended certificate at the 2017 UK Songwriting Competition.  I feel Lilith brings a breath of fresh air to an always evolving market in the folk scene.  Her lyrics are deep and poetic, with a strong message about feeling left out. I believe there are strong comparisons with KT Tunstall and Regina Spektor .  Deep Water is one of those folk songs that incorporates many different textures and images that creates a feeling of walking on clouds and looking down on the world. The slow tempo build of acoustic fingerpicking gradually comes to light with the haunting and powerful vocals of Lilith. This song is made o be more evocative wi