Song of The Day- Pretty Mafia- Slow Down


Indie Rockers' Pretty Mafia release 'Slow Down' today (Friday 29th April) via Premier League football referee Jonathan Moss' record label Vinyl Whistle. This will be the first track from their upcoming EP 'Slow Down', which will be released this summer.

Formed in 2019, The quartet hail from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. This will be the first track recorded with new members, Pat (drums) and Tom (bass)

'Slow Down' is a stripped back Indie song with a simple message I think is about taking it easy in a relationship. The track begins with an acoustic intro with a basic strumming pattern. The tempo builds towards the bridge before it explodes into a repetition of Maybe we just need to slow down/Gotta slow down. The casual approach of the vocals, tight drumming and up-tempo guitar leads in the final third make this an easy to listen to the track that is atypical of the radio-friendly indie rock coming through the airwaves.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Metalcore outfit Above All returns after a twenty-year hiatus to unleash chaos on the metal scene. 'Disarm The Gods' is their first record back, released last month via Memphia Music Management.

Formed in Essex, England in the 1990s, Above All was created with the sole intention of blending hardcore with metal. It was not long until they built a powerful reputation, tearing up stages in support of luminaries like Fear Factory, Life of Agony and Korn. This success led to the release of a '7' on Indie Label Surehand, and a debut album on RoadRunner Records. And then suddenly, the band called it quits.

The band made their triumphant return during the 2020 lockdown, headlining the successful 'Then and Now Hardcore Festival' the following summer. The band were officially back with new guitarist Jay Rowe, and their first release in 26 years.

'Disarm The Gods' is a three-track EP steeped full of the brutality and aggression the average fan of Metalcore would come to expect. Produced and mixed by Charlie Wilson at Monolith Studio, the band return with a menacing growl and intense swagger.

The title track 'Disarm the Gods' is a hostile three minutes of strong vocals full of anger and raw emotion, accompanied by thunderous breakdowns and cutting riffs that slice right through you.

Next up is the equally blistering 'Deadweight' full of rage. The howling vocals, groovy breakdown and finger blistering drum fill and leads make this a throwback to the old-school metal of the '90s when bands like Machine Head and the aforementioned Fear Factory were cutting their teeth on the scene.
And finally, 'Foot to Throat' has more grooves to the intense guitar leads, as well as a slick solo to complete a satisfactory teaser for Above All and their future aspirations.

Rating 8/10

Words from Anselm Anderson.

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Gig Review- Burning Witches and Nervosa, Manchester Rebellion- April 18th

Nervosa and Burning Witches

 I had the opportunity to visit Manchester this past week to catch the all-female heavyweights of metal, Swiss power metal band Burning Witches and Brazil's Thrash metals' Nervosa on the last leg of their UK tour, as part of their extensive European one, and they did not disappoint the waiting crowd.

The almost-packed Rebellion was ready in the misty, dark venue. The lights suddenly went out and the first act of the evening appeared to an eager audience. The band were called Bloodyard, a four-piece from the Northwest of England, led by the diminutive and tenacious singer, Donna Hurd. This was the first time I had heard of them, and they soon got the crowd bobbing and flailing. The band play groove-laden death metal. Hurd's death howls grunted in unison with the mesmerising riffs that stuck in the ear long afterwards. As for how support bands go, these were impressive. They combined all the raw intensity of Nervosa with the riffs and energy of Burning Witches. It is certainly what the crowd needed for who the main eventers were for this evening. Rating 8/10

Next up was the first of our double-header, The tall, lean Burning Witches vocalist Laura Guldemond, beaming from ear to ear. She thanked the crowd for coming and bellowed were we ready! The band quickly explode with a lung-busting performance of Wings of Steel'. a track full of speed and aggression to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Guldemond strides up and down the stage, pumping her fist in the air and thrashing her hair to the scintillating riffs of

guitarists Romani Kalkhul and Larissa Ernst. The duo gets together with bassist Jeaninie Grob to headbang in unison, whilst the crowd bang their heads in appreciation. The band then ask the fans to join in and wave their arms for 'We Stand as One', a true ballad for the baying mob. The Witches put on a solid performance with Guldemond getting the fans to join her with some 'Oi ' Chants, as her vocals reach high octave proportions. Other highlights of this special night include asking fans to join her on stage for a full-on mosh experience for 'Dance with the Devil', a reminder they are witches that rock on 'Hexenhammer, and donning a crown and sceptre for 'The Witch of The North' Rating 9/10

And finally, it was time for the evening's main event. Nervosa sauntered onto the stage with a brand-new lineup, led by the fiery Diva Satanica slithered around the stage like a cobra ready to pounce on its prey. She thanked the fans for turning up for 'The metal community', before bursting into opener 'Vultures' to get the fans back on their feet. Satanica strides up and down the stage, shaking her hips and growling to the groove-laden guitars of Prika and the charismatic bassist Mia Wallace. The two women play their instruments with such fervour and power it matched the equally rabid mob. The band soon break into 'Kill the Silence' to consolidate themselves as the potential new queens of thrash metal.

Other highlights include Satanica encouraging a circular mosh pit in time for 'Into Moshpit' and inviting Burning Witches vocalist Laura back onstage for a duet on 'Rebel Soul'. Satanica got an opportunity to introduce the new lineup with Mia having fun with the crowd...and a pillar stood in her way. There was an immense drum solo from drummer Eleni before the show closed with two new tracks from their latest LP 'Perpetual Chaos'. The show finished with 'Guided by Evil' and 'Under Ruins'. Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable night full of three talented additions to the metal giving it all for the fans. Rating 9/10

Words by Anselm Anderson

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'The Witch of The North'- Burning Witches

'Guided By Evil'- Nervosa



The Rambling Man grabbed an opportunity with rising country singer/songwriter Gabrielle Metz to discuss her latest single 'Masks', how she broke into the music industry and her new publishing deal. Please scroll down to read the full interview, as well as listen to the track.

Hello, how are you?

I’m good! Thank you for having me do this interview. 

Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

I’m Gabrielle Metz! I am a Country Singer-Songwriter originally from Alabama. I moved to Nashville at 17 and I have been doing music there for the last four years! 

How did you begin in the music industry?

I have been singing all my life! At 14 I started writing songs and teaching myself how to play the guitar. Before my senior year of high school, I told my parents I wanted to pursue music full time, so I enrolled in online school (before it was the normal haha) and graduated early. I moved to Nashville six weeks after and I have been working in the music industry since!

How would you describe your music?

Country songwriting with a bit of indie-pop flare!

Who are your influences?

My influences span a lot of different genres. I listened to everything growing up. I have always loved powerhouse female artists: Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Kelsea Ballerini, and many more!

What can you tell me about your latest track, ‘Masks?

I wrote 'Masks' with two friends, Antonio Moreas and Lain Roy. I had the idea on my phone, and I knew it was going to have to be a very ‘real’ song. They both really liked the idea, so we ran with it. This song really talks about this generation's communication barriers and how that impacts our relationships. This is a song about yearning for authenticity and intimacy in relationships in every aspect; familial, friendships, romantic partners, even spiritual relationships.

What can you tell me about your new pub deal with Hearts Songs Music Group?

I have been working with the HSMG team for a couple of years now. I was ecstatic when Devon O’Day came on board to spearhead Get Buzzed Music Publishing. We are just getting started! 

What do you hope this new deal can do for you as a musician?

I am really excited to start expanding my network of co-writers and collaborators! 

What inspires you to write music?

Everything! It has become my main way of processing things in my life. 

I read you moved to Nashville when you were younger to further your musical ambitions. How much did this help hone your musical skills and make you the young star you are today?

Yes, I moved to Nashville at 17. I think everyone has a different path in the music business, but I knew personally that I had a lot to learn and the best way for me to do that was to get there. I took every opportunity I could from working in studios to video shoots and photoshoots. I also talked to as many people as I could on the business side of the industry. I tried (still do) to learn as much as possible about every aspect of the business in addition to writing as much as I could and performing. I think really spending time honing my craft and networking has helped me more than anything else! 

Do you feel there are struggles for musicians hoping to get into the industry today?

The best and worst thing about the music industry is that there is no one way to do it. That can be encouraging or defeating depending on how to decide to look at it. As long as you love it, are willing to work hard and are conscious of your goals, it pays off in the long run. 

Do you hope to release an album soon? 

Right now, I am not planning an album. For me, it doesn’t make much sense at this time in my career, but I am excited to keep putting out music. At some point down the line, I’m sure it’ll be the right time for an album!

And, finally, what is next for Gabrielle Metz?

I am currently planning my next release for the summer and hopefully some tour dates in the fall! 

Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson

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HOME | Gabrielle Metz

Gabrielle Metz (@gabmetzmusic) / Twitter

Gabrielle Metz - YouTube

GABRIELLE (@gabriellemetzmusic) • Instagram photos and videos


Album Review- Ancient Settlers- Our Last Eclipse- The Settlers Saga Part 1


Emerging Metallers Ancient Settlers have recently released their much-anticipated debut 'Our Last Eclipse- The Settlers Part 1', earlier this month via Crusader Records.

The six-piece was formed in San Sebastian, Spain in 2020 by lead guitarist Carlos Chiesa-Estomba, drummer Herman Riera, Rene González (keyboards), Emmy Reyes (rhythm guitar), and Antony Hämäläinen (vocals), with full-time bassist Miguel Herrera completing the line-up in April 2021. The six-piece soon set out on a mission to explore the frontiers of modern melodic death metal as a more worldly equivalent of Sepultura with political lyrics about social unrest, synths, pounding drums and screeching guitars.

This debut LP follows their first EP 'Alumnus' last year. Grammy award-winning producer Fredrik Nordstrom produces this release.

The release begins with the powerful 'Into the Depths I Ride' with its harsh metal sound. The rough vocals scream in defiance over pummeling drum beats and drum fills melodic synths and some edgy guitar work. Next up is one of the lead singles off the track, the equally cagey 'Cast in Gold' with a mix of clean and harsh vocals, head-spinning synths, and an aggressive guitar sound.

The album continues to proceed in this manner with a lot of relevance to what is happening in the world today. The songs are as relevant now as when they were first written. The only issue is the tracks can sound similar, which can feel like one long song being played. The album picks up in intensity with 'Library of Tears' and the poignant 'Silent December' with long, melodic synth passages and emotional vocals and the anthemic cries of 'Memories'.

Other highlights include the skull-shattering riffs of the latest single 'Cerements', the raucous cries of 'The Black Rainbow' and finally, ' Peregrination' wraps things up with the closest to death metal with its complex time signature, harrowing guitars, and reflective vocals.

Overall, Ancient Settlers make a home with their brand of modern death metal with emotionally charged lyrics, compelling songwriting, and intense sound to win them over some new fans 

Words by Anselm Anderson   Rating 7/10

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'Library of Tears- Animated Short Film (Part 1)

'Cast in Gold' Animated Short film ( Part 2)

‘Our Last Eclipse - The Settlers Saga Pt.1’ album track listing:

 01 - Into the depths, 

02 - Cast in gold, 

03 - Our last eclipse, 

04 – Cerements, 

05 - Jotnar Magik, 

06 - Library of tears, 

07 - Silent December, 

08 – Memories, 

09 - The black rainbow,

 10 – Peregrination.











Rising Uk Rockers' Voltstorm comes raging through the airwaves with their new six-track self-titled EP, released last month.

The band hail from London and feature an array of talent, playing and touring throughout Eastern Europe, South America, and the rest of Europe. Lead singer John D Prasec gains valuable influences from Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford with his operatic vocal style, alongside guitarist Fred Stigliano, and drummer Ivo Yordanov. The EP was produced by Allessio Garavello in Wembley. I have had the opportunity to play a couple of the tracks on the blog's radio show and was eager to hear the rest.

'C.O.D', or Children of The Damned to you and me, opens the EP. The band's obvious Black Sabbath and Dio influences are experienced here with smooth, melodic riffs and Prasec's powerful and commanding voice sounding like Bruce Dickinson reading a Fantasy novel.

Next up is 'One Life', a raging slab of old school metal with singalong choruses. Stigliano is on form with his tempo changes and dark guitar breaks. He can change between power metal and heavy metal in an instance. The EP shows the band can write engaging lyrics and hook-laden riffs that rope the listener in. 'The Game' is the closest the band writes to a ballad that is bound to be a curtain-raiser at any concert the band play in the future. 

'Mind Control' is another chance for Prasec to play the maniacal storyteller with his varying range between soft vocals and towering ones that encapsulate the singer's full talents to tell a story through the songs he makes. Ivo Yordanov also plays his part throughout this EP with his well-timed strokes dictating Stigliano's wailing guitar breaks. 'Rebel' is a defiant call to arms. And finally, 'No Surrender' is the perfect track to wrap this enjoyable release with pummeling drums, powerful, emotive vocals, and choral arrangements.

Words by Anselm Anderson     Album Rating: 8/10

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Song of the Day- Holy Cow- White Boy and The Average Rat Band


Underground Rock act White Boy and The Average Rat Band have released their latest single 'Holy Cow'. The self-proclaimed Kings of the Underground return with their first single in over forty years since their self-titled debut in 1980.

The band signed a record deal with Heaven and Hell Records in 2017, reissuing their debut, and later releasing the sophomore effort Love My Ride. 'Holy Cow' looks at the social and political unrest during the pandemic in 2020. The track is a southern rocker with the opening riff steeped in blues and distortion that squeals over lead vocalist Michael Matney's gospel sermon. Matney's deep, southern accent sounds like a wise man beyond his years to the backdrop of a slick rhythm section and pounding drums.

Words By Anselm Anderson.

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Music Interview- Hellblind Adam Frakes-Sime, Mark Claydon and Paul Fletcher

 Hello. How are you?

The doctor said I’ll live. (Adam)

 What can you tell me about Hellblind and the story behind how they formed?

All the band members were connected before Hellblind, the pandemic helped us to connect the dots and make the band a reality. Let’s just say ‘the scars aligned’. Any new band has to live through making a lot of mistakes and dealing with a fuck ton of disappointments. We’ve all been around the block a few times, so thankfully we don’t have to live through any of that. (Mark)

 Hellblind is formed by former members of Pitchshifter, Romeo Must Die and, such as yourself. Stampin’Ground. How have you managed to combine those different sounds into Hellblind?

We all bring something different to the table, which is why the band as a whole work so well together when we’re songwriting. We wanted to do something completely different and challenging for ourselves and our fans. (Mark)

Hellblind have a new album out now called ‘A Plague On All Your Houses’, what can you tell me about it, and what listeners can expect?

It’s the first batch of songs we’ve worked on together so there is no comfy formula or regular habits that we’re reverting to. We wrote what we wanted to hear without regard for what anyone may want or expect from us - to my ears it fuckin slams, we wouldn’t have put it out if it didn’t deliver. (Adam)

What is behind the title? It is an interesting name for an album

Let’s just say it’s a nod to Shakespeare, the bible, and the recent pandemic (Mark)

 How would you describe the sound on the album?

I’m personally lobbying record shops to introduce a new section called ‘Unfinished Business Core’, but if that doesn't work out, we'll settle for Metalcore (Mark)

 Hellblind recently released their debut single ‘Hitched’, What can you tell me about that, and how it contributes to the album?

'Hitched' has a different feel to anything I have previously been involved with, I’d say there are definitely elements of the song that we’ll be expanding on going forward in our quest for a definitive “Hellblind” sound. It’s definitely a ground shaker. (Adam)

What was the recording and writing process like in the build-up to the album being made?

The music was a group effort, myself, Charley and Mark came up with riffs and ideas. It was then over to Will; he's got a real talent for arrangement, and he hears the riffs very differently to how the rest of us do. Adam then writes all the lyrics and we then all throw in our ideas for vocal phrasing. So, between us, it works really well. We came up with a lot of the ideas for the songs when the rehearsal rooms and studios were closed during lockdown. And then we smashed it all together when we could all get into a room, legally of course! (Paul)

Scott Atkins, who has worked with Cradle of Filth and Venom Prison, produced this album. What role did he play on the band and the overall sound?

Paul has worked with Scott for many years and as the old saying goes. ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. There was no other choice for the sound that we had in our heads, it had to be Scott! (Mark)

 Do you have any favourite track on the EP?

Strangely we all agreed straight away that 'Evileye' should open the record, and after that it was straight into the arguing about the next favourite song, don't even ask me how long it took us to agree on a band name! (Paul)

What was behind the idea to make your debut release an EP in contrast to a LP?

We wanted to go straight for the jugular, no fat, no half-arsed songs, no bullshit. (Mark)

 Does the band intend to tour the new release in the future?

We wanna tour eventually but right now our focus is on writing another EP. Don’t get me wrong we’d love to jump on some shows and show what we got but with one EP released I think it will be just that - sporadic shows. I don’t wanna spend two months in a van to play 16 minutes a day. (Adam)

 Do you see much difference performing with a band of musicians that have performed with other bands, in contrast to performing in your own band?

No, I think once you’ve been in a band for even a short period of time, you get to know each other really well, and you start to know what people will think and how they will feel and react to stuff. It’s kind of like telekinesis. It’s great because you save so much time and can just get on with it! (Mark)

And what are the aspirations for Hellblind?

I think we mean to maintain our present course, keep writing crushing tunes with no regard for what anyone else thinks. (Adam)

Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson

You can listen to 'A Plague on all Houses' via this link here. It is available now via all major streaming platforms.

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