Queensland - based country-punk rockers' The Ten Ton Tinnies are a band that featured heavily on these pages back in May with "Bad Gas Travels Fast in a Small town", a fun take on town gossip, served with a hint of the band's raucous humour and hard-hitting rock.

The trio will finally unleash their debut album Tons of Tins on July 31st to an army of new followers. The LP is ten songs of their unabashed humour mixed with country grooves, punk attitude and some drinking tales. Part-Time Hillbilly is a punchy opening track with plenty of guts and energy. Vocalist Luke Turley seems intent in this narrative about leaving home. He delivers with panache against a backdrop of thunderous drums and jangly guitars that feel like this could be a future hit.

Down in the Country is an energetic punk song reminiscent of bands like Simple Plan if they were born in the south. An introspective lyrical style of life in the country combines to create A singalong chorus and huge pop hooks with an instrumental taken from the deep roots.

Throwdown turns the volume up to ten in this confrontational rocker. The aggressive guitars converge with an in-your-face vocal timbre that reminds listeners they remain a band's best-kept friend.
'Take Me to the Town' is a high - octane, party song. The combination of the slide guitar stylings and an abrasive riff adds a dimension to another insightful look into life for the musicians. It is an enjoyable track that typically represents the upcoming band's gradual evolution as gifted songwriters, as well as their effervescent personalities. The song wraps up with a salacious solo straight out of Lynryd Skynryd territory.

The Tinnies try their hand with a trip to heavy metal land with the explosive WHPH. The song is a rallying cry with chunky guitars and a fast-paced vocal style that reflects a good time for the boys from down under. 'Here's to Drinking' is a mid-tempo country song with a nod to enjoy a good beer with melodic vocals and acoustic guitars. The track helps strike a balance between the heavier ones on Tons of Tins. An album version of the aforementioned 'Bad Gas.'. finalises a rollercoaster of a ride for this first

. Overall, I feel The Ten Ton Tinnies introduce us to a collection of fun-loving rock songs, soaked in beer and good ol' rock 'n' roll

The Ten Ton Tinnies Tons of Tins is out on July 31st via all good music platforms

TTTT is;
Luke Turley ( Vocals)
Steve ( Guitars)
Dave ( Bass)

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Song Review: Alchemy Divine - I'm in a Rush

Hard Rock act Alchemy Divine release the high octane" I'm In A Rush", taken from the recent album Crushed. The Italians are enjoying a meteoric rise with their blend of classic rock riffs and soaring vocal melodies. The band were formed in 2015 under the pseudonym Alchemy but chose to rename themselves to avoid confusion with Dire Straits cover bands.

I'm in a Rush starts off with an energetic buzz segue into the lung-busting vocal styles of Francesca Mantovani. Her operatic palette is rich and dynamic, towering over the screeching guitar breaks of guitarist Mauri Belluzzo. The band come together in the chorus in a joyful  cry of I'm in a rush. Mantovani is able to dictate tempo through her varying levels of tone, accompanied by the thunderous pounding of drummer Michael Kostka and the rumbling bass of Luca De Mare.

Alchemy Divine seems to have the right formula with this retro roar of pure rock.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Alchemy Divine, Crushed is available now via all good music platforms.

Alchemy Divine are;

Francesca Mantovani: lead vox, lyrics
Mauri Belluzzo: guitars, prog., backing vox
Michael Kostka: drums, lyrics, backing vox
Luca De Mare: fretless bass, backing vox

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Emissary Echo- If I'm Right ( Song of the Day)

Melodic Metallers' Emissary Echo delivers the emotionally - charged single" If I'm Right" via Unleashed Music.  The band's brand of sonically- induced old school metal combines melodic vocals and searing guitars to provide listeners a relatable song.

Emissary Echo formed in 2016, featuring a cast of members hailing from Bismark, ND, St Louis, MO, and Glenn Drive, MT. The band's lead singer, Dan Chandler explains the story behind the track to be a tragic one "I wrote the lyrics for my good friend and country artist, Granger Smith, who recently lost his son in a tragic drowning accident. Experiencing the loss of a loved one creates such an indescribable magnitude of emptiness and strength seems to be nothing more than a memory of a past life. “If I’m Right” was written as a message to those who are experiencing this emptiness. As much as we’d all like to have something other than pain in common, it helps to know that this pain can be survived."

"If I'm Right", open with the pulsating charge of electric guitars and heavy drums to create an aggressive sound, not too similar to the energy produced by early 2000 bands. Chandler's distorted voice is fragmented and empathetic against a backdrop of equally sympathetic backing singers that are as haunting as the song's message. The vocals explode in unison with the infectious chorus to hook the listener in. The intensity builds with crunchy guitars and harmonies that cascade over Chandler's like a group sharing similar pain. The instrumental breakdown underlies this statement. Emissary Echo delivers a punchy rock track with a meaningful story that will support those through a hard time.

Words By Anselm Anderson

Emissary Echo " If I'm Right" is available now via Spotify, Amazon and all good musical Platforms

Emissary Echo are;

Dan Chandler (vocals),
Preston McKay (guitar),
Cory Zimmer (drums),
Suzy Drivdahl (bass)
Travis Schell (guitar).

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Grace Solero- Awake- SONG OF THE DAY

London born singer-songwriter Grace Solero releases latest single Awake, taken from her forthcoming album, Metamorphosis due out next year.

Solero moved to London to assemble her own band and has achieved considerable success in the process. She has enjoyed extensive national airplay, including appearances on BBC Radio 6, and heavy TV rotation on My Jam Music Network in New York. Solero and co have further enhanced their budding reputation with supporting roles to rock veterans ' The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell & Slade frontman Noddy Holder.  The band's unique brand of instrumentation and tender vocals naturally produces dreamy-like grunge rock for a modern generation to typically enjoy.

The Chris Brown ( Radiohead, Muse) - produced track promptly begins with Solero purring over an aggressive guitar sound. The musical arrangement builds up creative tension before the aspiring singer gently pours her soul out in the chorus. The guitars switch in tension and dynamics between slowly arranged acoustics and a rapid tempo to build to a blistering solo in the mid-third. Solero changes between a fragile narrator to an empowered one in this melodic rock song that shares similarities to the nineties' rock band Skunk Anansie.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Grace Solero, Awake is now available on all good social media platforms.

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The Highateus Zone of Silence album

Extradimensional musicians The HighAteUs have returned and reformed for their second full-length effort Zone Of Silence, released on June 20, 2020. The mysterious trio plays an eclectic mixture of avant-garde rock mixed with macabre humour to transport the listener to a third dimension.

The band originally formed in 2002 in a little known town in Mexico, before disappearing into an abyss. The original duo returned with a new member and an album, "Zone Of Silence" is sixteen songs of versatility, range and complexity.

The self- titled opener is a burst of psychedelic rock, which begins with some type of ritual chanting to introduce the listener, before the music kicks in. Distorted melodies combine with fuzzy guitars to exhibit a melodious metal song.

Telephone Boof is a Frank Zappa -style ballad. The trio presents versatile range between tender vocal melodies, funky riffs and keyboard harmonies for an easy-listening track.

The alternate People Pleaser arouses dancing fever in those hips. Vocalist Elhombre Sinombre trades rhythmic vocal patterns with tight phrasing on guitar for an enjoyable track.

The album continues a cosmic journey through various ideas and sounds with  Dose This Town. The band's brand of dark humour tells the story of the narrator threatening to burn his hometown down on Lsd. This song is a harmonica- driven country song with intricate string arrangements.

"Zone of Silence," runs the risk of petering out before the electronic Even thicker takes things in another direction. The song is an extension of Thick of it all, a mix of soul, jazz and samples that sounds like something Captain Beefheart would be proud of.  The hard rock -fused Good Friday is a throwback to the 70's doom rock with an eerie keyboard intro.

And finally, the piano-driven ballad Funeral Procession of One wraps things up with a worthy tribute.

The HighAteUs provide a transcendent path through the trio's dynamic utility to entertain the listener through an album of joy, space and time

Words by Anselm Anderson

Zone of Silence is now available through Spotify, Soundcloud and other online platforms

Band Members:
                          Elhombre Sinombre - vocals, guitars, keys
                          Corporal Punishment - bass, backing vocals
                          Dr Rythm - percussion

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