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Highly Rated Brit Rockers Small Town Saviours emerge onto the scene with their self-titled debut album. The band combine energetic punk with raucous rock 'n roll and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 

Formed in 2019, the quartet have worked tirelessly hard to create an album that reflects their personality and graft with stories about personal experiences. Dave Draper produced mixed and mastered recordings.

The album begins with the pulsating 'No Rats, No Snakes, No Second Takes', a fun song with meaty riffs and a punchy chorus. It is a track that is bound to win over fans when STS take to the road.

'E.N.E.MY' follows suit with another explosion of razor-sharp riffage and fist-pumping singalong punk. Small Town Saviours have attempted to create a rollercoaster of raw energy and songs to enjoy with obvious influences from The Ramones and Guns'n'Roses. 'The Drinking Song' has obvious nods to these acts with an anthemic take on boozing.

Nevertheless, The band attempt to incorporate metal and country into the mix, such as the woes of being the 'Home Town Hero', a song that includes pop elements with country undertones.'Translation Invariant' is the heaviest track on the LP with  thunderous grooves. The album continues to produce in-your-face punk on tracks like ' It's All Going to Hell' and 'Boy Who Cried,Wolf'. The band aren't afraid to write about social issues that affect the common man. Each track is well-produced with full-throttle rock, muscular riffs and tasty solos.

Overall, Small Town Saviours produces 13 rock-solid tracks to create a raucous journey through rock 'n' roll with a smile on your face and a fist in the air.

  Rating 8/10

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Lance Skybaby - Guitar / Lead Vocals; 

T. Bone - Bass / Backing Vocals; 

skinny Pete - Guitar / Backing Vocals; 

Carl D - Drums / Backing Vocals.


'Moving On'


Artist Interview- Rexoria "We have truly found our sound and style!"

Hello, Happy New Year, How are you?

We are fine! Hope you are as well!

Could you introduce yourselves to the readers?

We are the Swedish melodic metal band REXORIA, which consists of vocalist Frida Ohlin, guitarist/bassist Jonas Gustavsson, guitarist Cristofer Svensson and drummer Martin Gustavsson.

The band have existed since 2016, and we have released two albums and one EP before our upcoming album "Imperial Dawn". We play a mix of melodic, power and heavy metal with a focus on great melodies, heavy riffs, fast drums and shimmering keyboards.

REXORIA have a new album out next month called ‘Imperial Dawn’, what can you tell the readers what to expect?

The album is a step up from our previous albums, and we know and feel that we have truly found our sound and style! It's an energetic album, with many songs and choruses that stick to your head after only one listen. An album you can put on at parties, at the gym or when you just want to get some new metal energy! It is a more straightforward album than previous ones and has a great production.

You have a new single from the album called ‘Set Me On Fire’, what can you tell me about the track and what is the meaning behind it?

We wanted to write songs with a really great and fast keyboard hook, with a melody that was a bit slower to make a contrast to the fast keyboards.

We also wrote a lyric about power and strength to match the music. It came out the way we wanted, and we thought it was a good song to release as a first single to wake up the REXORIA fans after our break since the last album 🙂

How does the track play a part in the overall role of the album?

It does not have any special place on the album, because we feel that it is all the songs put together that make the feeling we want to show the listener. But it is one of the songs with a more kind of party feeling, while other songs are heavier or with a slower beat.

The album was mixed by Steffan Hellblad from Within Temptation. What can you tell me about how this collaboration came about?

When we just had a couple of songs written for the album we started to look for a mixing guy.
The band agreed on what kind of mix was required for us One important thing was that the mixing guy must have a "modern mixing style" since we knew the upcoming songs were going to have that kind of style. We searched for some time and then Frida noticed Stefan and contacted him in the hope to get a response. He replied and thought it was interesting. We sent him some demo tracks and he was in for cooperation with us!

What impact did Stefan have on the overall sound of the album?

Stefan was very responsive to what we wanted and which way we wanted to go, right from the first chat actually. We gave him some musical references and also told him to have his own personal touch for the mix. Since he plays and works with the great metal band Within Temptation we really trusted him all out. In short, the mixing of the album is exactly what we needed for these kinds of songs!

What was the writing and recording process like?

It was a bit different process now from how we have been working before. Earlier Frida and I (Jonas) have been working more parallel and just added each person's idea in a song, and in the end, a song was created. We tried that on a couple of songs and realized we didn't achieve what we wanted. We knew we had more potential in the songs, so we tried a new strategy to actually start from scratch together, and just very simple, with an acoustic guitar and a keyboard. And we could already in the beginning hear our vision of the songs, which helped us in the further process. Of course, there are a lot of details we have been working on for each song, but we really felt that this is the way we will write the best songs we can.

The band recently signed to Black Lodge Records, what can you tell me about the deal and the impact it has had on preparations for the new album?

We were in contact with the label and they knew what we had done before in the past so we sent them some demo songs for the new album and also what our vision of the album was, which people we would work together with and our vision of REXORIA's future. They liked the whole package and we were satisfied with the deal, so we signed with them.

This is the third release by REXORIA, how does ‘Imperial Dawn’ compare to those previous releases?

Imperial Dawn is quite different from our two previous albums. This new album gives you a ton of everything that is just great! The main changes from the other albums are that we have faster songs, more keyboards, catchier choruses and in general a much more modern sound. These crucial elements combined with a very suitable mix take REXORIA together levels for sure.

REXORIA has toured several European countries with acts like Dynazty, Battle Beats and Hardcore Superstar. Does that form of exposure contribute to preparing for any new album?

In some ways absolutely. When writing a new album it's a lot of work ahead and quite many elements to have in mind during the whole process. While doing this you need to remember the great shows and what good energy we had back then, which gives you a lot of energy to keep on working in a good way.

This is very important when times are harder, which happens to everyone from time to time.

Do you plan to do any more tours in celebration of ‘Imperial Dawn

We're working hard right now to get on a tour this spring but we can't confirm anything at the moment.

And finally, what aspirations does REXORIA hope for in 2023?

REXORIA hopes that our release 'Imperial Dawn 'will come out great to everyone who already knows REXORIA and those who don't know us yet!

We also hope for a lot of live shows!

"Imperial Dawn" is set for release on February 3rd via Black Lodge Records on all available platforms.

Interview by Anselm Anderson

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'Set Me On Fire'

'Light Up The Sky'


Album Review- Screamer-Kingmaker


Sweden's heavy metal act Screamer has unleashed their fifth studio effort, entitled Kingmaker via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

Formed in Ljungby, Sweden in 2009, the five-piece really is a throwback to 1980s metal with towering vocals, dynamic twin-guitars and piercing grooves. The band gained influences from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio amongst others. They have previously released four LP'S and a live recording. 

'Kingmaker' starts off with a bang with the title track from the album getting its name. Vocalist Andreas Wikstrom powers over twin guitars that are melodic and smooth as the rest of the band's sound. Next up is' Rise Above' to add some aggression to the band's sound. The fist-clenching riffs and punchy twin assaults from guitarists Jon Morheim and Dusan Rosic add some depth and tone to the vocals.

Screamer has clearly been spending time listening to the aforementioned bands because the songs are rich with hook-laden choruses and headbanging tunes. 'The Traveler' takes the album in a different direction with a melodic tale of feeling alone on the road. My only criticism to this point is the riffs begin to replicate each one another, but this should be consistent with the effort put in to make this a listen.

Photo Credit: Tom Johansson

The album continues to build through structured guitar passages and lyrics based on Fantasy to appeal to a new audience, as well as old. 'Hellfire', 'Chasing The Rainbow' and 'Ashes and Fire' are not to be overlooked. These tracks prove the cornerstone of 'KingMaker' with their dynamic edge and muscular sound that would make some believe Ronnie James Dio possessed the band.

Nevertheless, 'Kingmaker' finishes with the singalong ventures of 'Fall of a Common Man' and 'Sounds of the Night', which may have been preferential as middle tracks. This can lead to the album feeling like it has run out of steam towards the end.

Overall, Screamer has summoned the ghost of Dio, the progressive elements of Iron Maiden and the ferocity of Priest to create an album of pure metal for those fans that like it loud and punchy.

Words by Anselm Anderson. Rating 8/10

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Andreas Wikström - vocals
Jon Morheim - guitars
Dejan Rosić - guitars
Fredrik Svensson Carlström - bass
Henrik Petersson - drums


'The Traveler'


EP Review- Hooks and Bones- Time of Reckoning


The first review of the year is the explosive 13 minutes of unadulterated 'Metalcore/Punk' of Time of Reckoning from Hooks and Bones via Wrecking Crew Records.

Formed in 2017 by four Cocktail Bartenders in Rouen, Normandy, The Frenchmen describe their sound as "a highly flammable cocktail under the influence of metal and punk2. This release showcases those sentiments with songs that cover the social and political unrest of the day.

Photo Credit: Mega Dave
The fifty seconds of the opening track 'Time of Reckoning' is a short but effective statement of intent. The repetitive cries of 'Who's the thief' over crisp and abrasive guitar lines kick things into touch before the relentless 'Raise Your Voice' follows suit with its headbanging blast beats and razor-sharp riffs.

'Social Rampage' is the second longest track on the EP at 2:11 but the old-school thrash elements remain the same. Hooks and Bones are able to channel their anger with raw emotion and neat guitar work that is technical and aggressive.

The hook-laden 'Too Full' mixes effective punk vocals with full-throttle riffage. The album continues to wear its heart on its sleeves with social commentary, menacing breakdowns, and bone-crushing drumming that reminds this writer of the Bay Area thrash metaller scene of the eighties.

'What's My Name?' is another short track with much malaise. The double blast beats, apoplectic vocals, and riffs stick in the ear long afterward.

And finally, 'Brothers' ends the EP with some daunting breakdowns, pulsating beats and choral screams to wrap up an impressive outing for the former bartenders.

Words by Anselm Anderson Rating 4.5/5

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