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Artist Interview- Rexoria "We have truly found our sound and style!"

Hello, Happy New Year, How are you? We are fine! Hope you are as well! Could you introduce yourselves to the readers? We are the Swedish melodic metal band REXORIA , which consists of vocalist Frida Ohlin, guitarist/bassist Jonas Gustavsson, guitarist Cristofer Svensson and drummer Martin Gustavsson. The band have existed since 2016, and we have released two albums and one EP before our upcoming album "Imperial Dawn". We play a mix of melodic, power and heavy metal with a focus on great melodies, heavy riffs, fast drums and shimmering keyboards. REXORIA have a new album out next month called ‘Imperial Dawn’, what can you tell the readers what to expect? The album is a step up from our previous albums, and we know and feel that we have truly found our sound and style! It's an energetic album, with many songs and choruses that stick to your head after only one listen. An album you can put on at parties, at the gym or when you just want to get some new metal energy!

Album Review- Screamer-Kingmaker

  Sweden's heavy metal act Screamer  has unleashed their fifth studio effort, entitled Kingmaker  via SPV/Steamhammer Records. Formed in Ljungby, Sweden in 2009, the five-piece really is a throwback to 1980s metal with towering vocals, dynamic twin-guitars and piercing grooves. The band gained influences from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio amongst others. They have previously released four LP'S and a live recording.  'Kingmaker' starts off with a bang with the title track from the album getting its name. Vocalist Andreas Wikstrom powers over twin guitars that are as melodic and smooth as the rest of the band's sound. Next up is' Rise Above' to add some aggression to the band's sound. The fist-clenching riffs and punchy twin assaults from guitarists Jon Morheim and Dusan Rosic add some depth and tone to the vocals. Screamer has clearly been spending time listening to the aforementioned bands because the songs are rich with hook-laden choruses and headb

EP Review- Hooks and Bones- Time of Reckoning

  The first review of the year is the explosive 13 minutes of unadulterated 'Metalcore/Punk' of Time of Reckoning   from  Hooks and Bones via Wrecking Crew Records. Formed in 2017 by four Cocktail Bartenders in Rouen, Normandy, The Frenchmen describe their sound as "a highly flammable cocktail under the influence of metal and punk2. This release showcases those sentiments with songs that cover the social and political unrest of the day. Photo Credit: Mega Dave The fifty seconds of the opening track 'Time of Reckoning' is a short but effective statement of intent. The repetitive cries of 'Who's the thief' over crisp and abrasive guitar lines kick things into touch before the relentless 'Raise Your Voice' follows suit with its headbanging blast beats and razor-sharp riffs. 'Social Rampage' is the second longest track on the EP at 2:11 but the old-school thrash elements remain the same. Hooks and Bones are able to channel their anger with

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