Swedish Punk band Diamonds and Guns released their latest single "Cheers To Us", an ode to friendship, which came out last month.
The band formed in September 2018 and spent a year performing a handful of gigs due to a home demo, which started with the booking company UNDERGROUND. The bands consist of Lead Vocalist Victor Ekvall, Lead guitarist Pontus Åberg, bassist Kim Johansson and the newest recruit the drummer Thomas Norstedt. The band's brand of punk/punk rock 'n' roll brings a newfound attitude and charm to the genre. The band's name is a tribute to those West Coast influences.

" Cheers To Us"  is charming and upbeat in the style of The Pogues. As soon as the first chords are struck, The listener is invited to bask in the memories and singalong. The strong melodies supplement a rhythm section that feels like a lockup in a smoky bar somewhere.

Words By Anselm Anderson

"Cheer To Us" is available to stream via all major platforms.

Diamonds and Guns consist of;

Kim Johansson, bass.

Thomas Norstedt, drums.

Pontus Åberg, lead guitar + vocals

Victor Ekvall, guitar + lead vocals

 Social Media;




"Cheers To Us"

"The Lonesome Man"





South African/German singer/songwriter, Storm returns with "Say It To My Face", the hard-hitting follow up to "Part of the Plan", due for release on June 25th. the track features Ex-Delain guitarist Timo Somers.

Storm is a dual nationality singer, born in South Africa, who has been making waves with her songs that focus on topics such as self-harm and animal abuse. Storm moved to the US to start recording and writing to help launch her career. "Say It To My Face" looks at standing up to bullies and manipulators that talk behind your back. The track inhibits symphonic and alternative roots through its' harmonic guitar intro and breakdowns, as Storm delivers another powerful performance over a gritty guitar riff and thunderous drums. The singer continues to shine with maturity as her voice grows through each song. Storm has the commercial appeal in her presence to be able to get these topics heard.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Say It to My Face” will be available on all major streaming platforms from June 25th. You can discover further information below;  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/storm13/say-it-to-my-face and to keep up to date please visit: www.planetstormofficial.com

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SONG OF THE DAY- STORM- GYPSY | Rambling Man's Reviews (anselmanderson.blogspot.com)


"Part of The Plan"




Edinburgh-based Psychedelic/Indie rockers' Ghost Dance Collective have released their eagerly-anticipated second studio effort Dream Yourself Into the Real World, the follow up to the self-titled debut sees the band continue to blend 60's psychedelia, indie and pop music to create a retro feel.

The Scotsmen achieved the honour of #2 on the top 5 Neo-Psych bands list, voted by judges in the Scottish New Music Chart, due to the success of that aforementioned debut album. Ghost Dance Collective also have the unenviable task of recording all their material in analogue, as a homage to their Summer of Love idols. The magical journey through this real-world begins with the mesmerising "Tears In Her Eyes", Vocalist Liam Payne's tender vocals are accompanied by delicate keyboards and electric acoustic guitars. Next up is the slow tempo "Mean That Much To Me", an indie folk song with pop overtones. The jangle- sound is reminiscent of 60's guitar acts.

The band's simple strumming technique presents a contemporary take on psychedelic and pop acts from that era. Each track grows in strength through the innovative usage of instrumentation and contagious vocals. "A Boy Named Sioux" is the spiritual awakening listeners will identify with the most. Harmonic chordal voices sing over acoustic guitars like the sun is shining over them. The joyous " Wylde Flowers" follows through tantalising organs and hypnotic vocals that will leave you in a trance.

The album eventually segues into one another , before "Kaleidoscope" lifts the spirits with its instrumental passages and enchanting ambience. And finally, the guitar-driven "Driving Down" concludes things with a heavier sound and middle-eastern flavour.

Overall, Ghost Dance Collective will leave you bewitched through intelligent songwriting techniques, uplifting lyrics and upbeat tempo for those summer days.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Dream Yourself Into The Real World is available to stream via all major platforms like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify

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Ghost Dance Collective - Home | Facebook

GhostDanceCollective (@GDCband) / Twitter

Ghost Dance Collective (@ghostdancecollective) • Instagram photos and videos

Ghost Dance Collective - YouTube

Ghost Dance Collective | Spotify

"Wylde Flowers"




Canadian Southern Rock outfit Floral Park have just released their sophomore effort Meet In The Middle this past Friday. The six-track EP is a follow up to last year's Look At The Moon. The band wrote, produced and recorded this out of 75 readily available songs recorded during last year's lockdown.

They formed in 2019 in Newmarket, Ontario and soon caught the eyes of Maple Sports and Entertainment, following the release of their debut. They spent the pandemic creating music for up to four releases this year. Meet In The Middle is the first of these with its blend of blues, hard rock and roots to create a return to the good ol' day of rock 'n' roll.

The opener "Bless My Soul" is a feel-good roots-rock song with boogie riffs and uplifting vocals that sets the mood for the remainder. "Sticky Sweet" follows with stripped back vocals and acoustics, which leaves this EP feeling appropriate for the summer weather. "Do It Again (40 days and 40 nights)" is a touching ballad in the Lynryd Skynryd mode. Tender vocals pour their heart out over stirring guitar melodies and rhythm section. 

"One More Night" is another mellow track with bluesy guitar breaks and powerful vocals. And finally. A reprise version of "Bless My Soul" completes an enjoyable 20 minutes. Overall, Floral Park writes simple music to appease the emotions. The band's guitar play, vocal performance and rhythmic chemistry help make this feel like a nod to the true roots of American Southern rock.

Words by Anselm Anderson
Meet In The Middle is available now to stream via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all major platforms.


"Bless My Soul"



Massachusets-based singer/songwriter and violinist Hannah Schzde has released the inspiring "Shine"
The Mexican-born singer is renowned for writing songs about life and social issues through the celebration of dance and Latin Music. Schzde has performed in ensembles and on her own at some of Boston's prestigious venues such as The Middle East, Sally O’Briens, Once, The Canopy Room, Makeshift Boston, Oberon and The Sinclair. " In 2018, Hannah released “Ni Una Más” as the lead single off her self-titled solo project in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the battle against gender-based violence and discrimination. October of 2020 saw the arrival of “Will Let You", a story about a Mexican woman living in New York.

"Shine" is her latest single that sees Hannah's delicate and smooth vocals sing over carefully plucked Ukulele and violin to leave a skip in your step. The dreamy atmospherics tell a story about nature to help us forget about all the chaos in life.

"Shine" is a combination of indie rock and pop that Hannah Schdze helps bring to a whole new world.

Words by Anselm Anderson

"Shine" is available now via all major streaming platforms

"Shine" Lyrics, Strings and Arrangements by Hannah Schzde
Produced by Hannah Schzde, Matt Hughes (Aric) and Zach Hughes
Mixing by Matt Hughes (Aric) and Zach Hughes
Mastering by Moon Tree Mastering

Connect with Hannah Schzde
Apple Music



Taiwanese Extreme Metallers' Cthonic release a special live album Cthonic: Megaport 2021 via Spinefarm Records today (May 19th). The band made history with its first post-covid 19 performance in a country that proved successful in its battle against the turgid disease.

The Megaport festival was held over two days in March that took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Cthonic formed in 2006 by singer Freddy Lim before he departed to take a seat in the Taiwanese Parliament. The band were joined on this tour by Audrey Tang, the group's biggest fan, who happens to be the Digital Minister in the Taiwan government. Cthonic combine modern symphonic black metal with traditional Taiwanese folk music. They are renowned for writing lyrics about folklore, mythology and enka, using instruments like Hena, Zhing and Pgaku flute.

The show begins to thunderous applause as the ominous sounds of drums and string arrangements greet them. The orchestral version of "Tekao" settles any nerves before "Oceanquake " erupts the crowd into a frenzy. Audrey Tang samples the atmosphere...and her vocals with a trade-off between herself and Freddy Lim over heavy electric guitars. 

 The band aim to tell stories of past ventures through their own brand of extreme Metal, which seems to enlighten the crowd. "Supreme Pain For The Tyrant" begins with traditional wind instrumentation segues into Lim blasting harsh vocals over odd time signatures, crushing basslines and hard-hitting drums. "Set Fire To The Island" feels like a perilous journey met by two ferocious vocalists. The music conveys to the listener they really understand the meanings of the lyrics to the performers involved. Other highlights include the highly- charged atmospheric "Millenia's Faith Undone" and the original version of "Tekao" Overall, Chthonic put on an energetic show that is bound to win over foreign supporters. The band's brand of black metal and traditional music is a telling introduction. Words by Anselm Anderson

Megaport 2021 is available digitally and as a special limited “anti-epidemic bundle” including a physical CD, CHTHONIC medical-quality mask, a CHTHONIC mask lanyard, large and small CHTHONIC mask containers and a small CHTHONIC spray can for sanitiser will be available. Orders are available at https://ciongzo.com/en/product_detail.php?id=602.



Swedish glam rockers' Velvet Insane has released a new single "Backstreet Liberace", taken from the upcoming album Rock 'N' Roll Glitter Suit. This new track sees the Scandinavian Three-piece teaming up with Dregen and Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Lucifer etc)

"Backstreet Liberace" is a fun throwback to the '70s with sweet pop harmonies, accompanied by boogie riffs and scintillating piano keys. The feelgood vibes will lead fans humming the chorus in unison with the affable frontmen

The band comments:
"We feel very proud about this song and that it breathes and swaggers like
it was made in London in 1973, but with the modern sound of today.

Smooth pop harmonies pumped up by heavy drums and barbed wire guitars, and with a chorus that hits you right where it hurts. On top of it all, we got Dregen and Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters to jump in the back seat, giving us a helping hand in our purpose to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive. It can't get any better than that!"

The track was written by Sulo Karlsson of The Diamond Dogs, who also produced and wrote the tracks with Velvet Insane

The eleven-track long album manifests Velvet Insane as a rock act to count
on for years to come. “Rock ’n’ Roll Glitter Suit” is released via Wild
Kingdom on July 16.


INTERVIEW- MARK C DANIEL " I’d love to do my part to connect music with music lovers"

Classic Rock guitarist/singer-songwriter Mark. C.Daniel hails from Connecticut. He has been touring for twelve years, supporting established acts such as Alter Bridge, Pearl Jam, Buckcherry and John Mayer. Daniel released his debut EP "New Truth" in 2018. I had the opportunity to speak with this rising star about music, touring, and his band. 

Could you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello, my name is Mark C. Daniel and I am a Rock Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter. Thank you for reading this interview.

How would you describe your sound?
Equal parts Classic Rock/Guitar Rock and 90’s Alternative w. a Blues Swagger.

How did you get into the music industry
Playing, Writing and Networking. I genuinely like people and look for every opportunity to talk with them

Who were your influences getting into music?
  As a kid, initially Classic Metal.. that love developed into Classic Rock, the ’90s, Blues and Jazz. I love music and try to pull it in from all directions.

 I understand you have a new album coming out, What can you tell us about it?

I’m very thankful for my team: Mickey Curry-Drums, Marc Hickox-Bass, Vic Steffens-Engineering
and Matt Wagner-Mix & Mastering. I describe it as having a Classic Rock foundation with an Alternative spin.. maybe even a little 80’s.

 You released a track last year called “Roll Me Over”, and an EP beforehand. What can you tell me about them, and how they relate to your sound?  The songwriting on the new material is similar but I’m taking a few risks with the sound in an attempt to assert myself. Still song-driven guitar-centric rock but ..plus “something else”

 I understand you have been performing for over 12 years, supporting such established acts like Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge, and Eric Gales. What was it like to share the stage with these performers, and how has it helped impact yourself? 
 Those types of shows remind me of my responsibility to perform to the highest standard possible. There is always so much to learn and performing before the above is an incredible opportunity to grow.

 You have a fantastic support band, whose experience includes Guns ‘N’Roses, Charlie Musslethwaite, The Cult and John Mayer to name but a few. What can you tell us about the band, and how has it shaped your sound? 
 They bring out the best in me .. along with being incredible musicians they are incredible people. The synergy is incredible, inspiring and in abundance.

What is your motivation to write and perform music? 
I don’t recall wondering why, or if I have the question didn’t linger. I simply wish to serve the art to the best of my ability.
Do you feel the industry has changed in the 12 years since you have been performing? And what challenges do you feel an emerging artist has with getting into it? It appears that it has changed immeasurably. Some for good, some for perhaps “not so good” but as long as true lovers of music seek “good music” all else will work itself out.

And finally, What is next for Mark.C.Daniel? I believe we are all heading toward a “new unknown” future post-Covid.. that being said I am hopeful and plan on doing meaningful things. Simply put: I’d love to do my part to connect music with music lovers.

Thank you for your time!

Interview by Anselm Anderson for Rambling man's Reviews


"Gasoline Fire"

"Roll Me Over"

"Still Don't Know"




Italian Sleaze/hard rockers' Speedstroke released this third studio effort, Scene of the Crime in November last year via Burning Minds/Street Symphonies Group record label. The album was mixed by Marco Paradisi and lead guitarist D.B at Boat Studio in Bologna, Italy and mastered by Grammy award-winning Giovanni Versari (Muse) at La Maesta mastering.

The band first formed in 2010, leaping onto the world stage with their involvement on the Reborn in Sleaze tribute album to the late Crashdiet guitarist Dave Lepord. Since then, Speedstroke has released two albums in the form of their 2013 Self-titled effort, followed by the 2016 sophomore release Fury. The band have enjoyed tremendous success touring throughout Italy and beyond with support slots to established acts like Hardcore Superstar, Steel Panther, Phil Campbell and Kissin' Dynamite.

Scene Of The Crime tells the story of the band and their influences. It is 11 tracks of raucous rock, mayhem and debauchery with a nod to the 80's glam rock bands. That esteem is tested in opener "HeartBeat", a turbo-charged track destined for audiences to reach for those lighters. Lead vocalist Jack roars over soaring guitar harmonies to a satisfactory start. Next up is the fiery "Scene of The Crime" that begins with the eerie lines "I'm going to take you where I can kill my darkest eyes". It is an example of the dark humour the band combine with their more illicit lyrics. The band wear their childhood heroes on their sleeves with a resounding sound.The music continues to be loud, brash and unapologetic, as "Soul Punx" sees them rip into a riff frenzy with bawdry vocals. Other highlights include the dark ballad "No Love", the blistering "Out of Money", and the obscene "Who Fkd Who". The album finishes where it all began with the self-gratifying anthem "Hero No 1"

Overall, Speedstroke's only crime is to produce a back to basics nod to old school sleaze in the only style they can. words by Anselm Anderson

Scene Of The Crime is available to purchase via the Burning Minds/Street Symphonies group website. Alternatively, the album is available via all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp.


01. Heartbeat

02. Scene Of The Crime

03. After Dark

04. Soul Punx

05. No Love

06. Red Eyes

07. Out Of Money

08. Who Fkd Who

09. One Last Day

10. Hero No.1


Jack: Vocals

D.B.: Lead Guitar

Michael: Rhythm Guitar

Fungo: Bass

Andrew: Drum

Web/Social Links:



"Soul Punx"


Song of the Day- Bailey James - Over You

Uprising young Country artist Bailey James has released her latest track Over You. The fifth release of the year looks at the difficulties of a breakup. The track was written by Bailey herself, alongside Nolan Neal, Jeremy Bussey and Smith Curry.

Bailey James is a promising 17-year-old with over 245,000 fans across her social media platforms. She is also a member of the all-female supergroup The Highway Women.  Over You is a rousing country hit with a strong message from the singer. James is the tenacious vocalist with no regrets, as she powers over meaty riffs and jazz-piano keys. The tempo builds, as James exclaims "I don't need another lover, to get under, to get over you!

Overall, Bailey James showcases her talents amongst her adolescent years with powerful vocals and intricate songwriting for hitmaking

Over You is available now via all major streaming platforms Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc




Artwork: Ryan.T.Hancock

Danish heavyweights Terminalist is gearing up for the release of their debut effort The Great Acceleration this Friday (May 7th) via Indisciplinarian. The self-coined "Hyperthrashers" consist of vocalist/guitarist Emil Hansen, bassist Kalle Tihonen, drummer Frederik Amris, and fellow guitarist Morten.R.Brunn.

The Great Acceleration is a five-track EP based on the thesis of French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018), whose dromology theory on speed was the invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck, The band's brand of the 1980s thrash metal and progressive tendencies hope to convey this concept.

The album was recorded and produced by Lasse Ballade ( Konvent, Alkymist etc) at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen last summer. mastered by V, Santura ( Triptykon) at Woodshed Studios in Germany.

The opener " Relentless Alteration" is a turbocharged assault of neck-breaking riffage, dramatic breakdowns, and progressive instrumentals. "Terminal Dispatch" is one of the leading singles from the EP, following on with old-school thrash tendencies, pummeling drums, and menacing howls that are sure to leave you shaking. The ten-minute epic "Invention of the Shipwreck" features some dramatic passages to envision the ship crashing its ultimate demise. The band shows immense compositional skills in developing music for this concept, However, it feels difficult to label a particular genre with death metal howls screaming over dynamic guitars, bass, and drums. "Estranged Reflection" has pulsating beats rattling over finger-blistering riffs. The hectic solo adding to the spectacle with harmonic interludes sailing off in the distance.

And finally, "Dromocracy" is a nine-minute finale that sees Hansen howling like an abandoned soul over fast-paced guitars that culminate in more technical wizardry to leave this reader needing a lie-down.

Overall, Terminalist present five- tantalizing tracks full of interesting ideas and stark imagery to tell a story through their own brand of metal.  Words By Anselm Anderson

The Great Acceleration is available on May 7th via vinyl, digital, and tape formats via Indisciplinarian, and physical pre-orders - including the vinyl versions limited to 300 black and 100 red copies - are now available HERE.


1. Relentless Alteration
2. Terminal Dispatch
3. Invention of the Shipwreck
4. Estranged Reflection
5. Dromocracy



Terminalist (@terminalistcph)-Instagram

Terminalist | Spotify                                "Relentless Alteration"

"Terminal Dispatch"




English country-pop singer/songwriter Twinnie- Lee Moore, professionally known as Twinnie, has released an exclusive reimagined version of her critically-acclaimed debut album Hollywood Gypsy.

The singer, best known as portraying the character Porsche Mcqueen in the British soap opera, Hollyoaks, has brought to life five tracks in her image to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the debut. The effort has been produced for Bandcamp as a new experience for fans to enjoy. The album was named BBC Radio 2 "Album of The Week", following its chart peak at #1 in the UK iTunes Country Chart and a nine-week consecutive run in the UK Country Top 20 charts.

The piano-laden "Better When I'm Drunk" is a harrowing and personal reflection on the singer, delivered in a longing and sorrowful pain that appeals to the listener. A fine string arrangement amplifies this mood. "I Love You Now Change" is an uptempo love song with a drum machine, The song's cool vibe reminds me of a certain Taylor Swift. " Hollywood Gypsy" details the narrator's journey from " A house on wheels to a private plane" The track's 1980s influence test's Twinnie's power and range, which plays to the singer's strengths.  "Daddy Issues" is a stripped-back ballad full of sadness and emotion. And finally, " Feeling of Falling" is a pleasant dance song with dynamic electro programming that is certain to win over new listeners.

Overall, Twinnie presents a welcome gift for ardent fans with a refreshed outlook on her previous album. The singer shows her penchant to write strong, powerful hits with a commercial appeal that can only help her stock rise.

Twinnie is currently in Nashville, Tennessee recording a follow-up to Hollywood Gypsy with several revered music producers. BBR Music Group plan to release the album.  Words By Anselm Anderson



Better When I'm Drunk (Reimagined)

 I Love You Now Change (Reimagined) 

Hollywood Gypsy (Reimagined) 

Daddy Issues (Reimagined)

 Feeling Of Falling (Reimagined


 Official Website (twinnieofficial.com)

(@TwinnieOfficial) / Twitter

Twinnie | Facebook

(@twinnieofficial) • Instagram photos and videos

Twinnie - YouTube

                                                     "Hollywood Gypsy ( Original Version"




Stockholm-based mathcore act Ad Meliora released their five-track debut EP The Void, The Time, The Path last month. The band, derived from a Latin phrase meaning "Towards Better Things", consists of vocalist Paolo Alabau, Sergio Ortiz (guitars, vocals) bassist Abby Suarez, and drummer Ioan Ebbasta. They formed in 2019 with members originating from Italy, Spain, and the Canary Islands.

The band's combination of odd time signatures, angular melodies, and blazing guitars create a unique sound to enjoy. The opener "Escaping Forward" starts things off with a bang. The uptempo feel is amplified by groove-orientated riffs and an erratic edge. The howling vocals feel like Alabau is singing with a statement of intent. The catchy "Hour Of Z" arrives with aggressive fuzzy guitars. impassioned vocals and hook-laden choruses that stoke up memories of early 2000's metal bands. The Spanish-speaking "Gigante Roja" is a heart-wrenching ballad steeped full of haunting melodies ."10 AM" sees Alabau's raw emotion stretch across pulsating guitar lines to reflect a more commercial sound. And finally, the antagonizing "Doomsday Celebration" gets those fists clenching and heads snapping. The music interweaves between intimate strains in contrast to crunchy guitars and hellacious screams.

Overall, this is a consummate introduction for Ad Meliora. They show great flair and skill to write songs that stick in your mind. The irregular patterns reflect a band that is unafraid to convey true emotions to a new audience. Words by Anselm Anderson

The Void, The Tine, The Path are available now via all major streaming platforms.






"10 AM"

"Escaping Forward"