Album Review: The Cubes- Fall Out EP

The Cubes are an Indie rock trio based in Liverpool from the brainchild of frontman Jacob Solarek, as part of several projects he has written and performed on his own.

Solarek forged The Cubes out of a jamming session between friends back in 2012. After several line-up changes. He is joined in the group by current members Chris Jones (Bass) and Danny Kirkham (Drums.) The trio has appeared at such notable venues in the City as The Cavern, Zanzibar, The Lantern Theatre and the Scoop event in the City of Liverpool College.
Fall out is the Five- track debut EP from the band that was recorded at Crosstown studios in Liverpool, and is expected to be released soon.  The EP shows promises of an exciting prospect emerging from a city enriched in musical history. The listener is treated to a half-hour mix of poetic lyrics and a well-honed rhythm section that combines Blues, Pop, Funk and Acoustic fused with Solareks raw outpourings through every syllable that is sung. In the opener Can you This is no more evident in Solarek's stuttering sneer combined with a hypnotic riff reflects the theme of forgiveness that climaxes with an exquisite solo that underlies his talents on vocals and guitar.

Next is the reminiscent About you, A Bob Dylan- esque  Acoustic track that evokes an image of somebody singing it on a beach. This gentle song will leave you drifting away with the waves. The upbeat chords of Too Bad see Solarek contemplate the woes of a past lover that resonates with a tasty slide guitar that feels like a farewell.

On the standout track, Ron’s blow the talented Jones and Kirkham showcase their versatility with a collective texture of thick bass and steady drumming that initiates building to a big finish with stark imagery that resolves with a dual bass/guitar solo that dazzles. The final track, Funky is four -minutes of what the title suggests converged with Solarek's pleas on vocals.  The great pedal effects add definition to the young band’s arsenal of talents. This wraps up an enjoyable first outing for the band that can only grow going forward packed with the volume of lyrical content, polished production and musical craftsmanship that serves as a precursor for a promising future.

For fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, RHCP

Words by Anselm Anderson