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Billboard Award-winning songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his latest single "The Devil's In New Orleans", ahead of the musician's album Hudson Delta, set for release on August 25th,2021 The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, following a tough year that saw the collapse of his 2019 debut, which gained much-needed radio airplay. The New York-based rock musician has been hailed as "one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America". "The Devil's In New Orleans" was once dubbed unsuitable for radio. Tuohy looks into the turmoil of modern society. The track sees soulful vocals spread over soft jazz piano keys. Jeff Tuohy sounds like the cunning wordsmith. as he talks over multi-layered horns and keys accompaniment. The track has dark undertones to a sneering vocalist that bursts into melody on the chorus. Overall, this is a track that will leave you pleasantly surprised, whilst looking over your shoulder. Words by Anselm Anderson SO

Rofo Audio- Right Through You

Words Written by Anselm Anderson  Rofo Audio are a three-piece power rock trio from Royersford, PA,  which is where the band's name is derived from. The band has been gaining exposure across the tri-states, promoting their new album.  The trio has featured regularly in European and US Radio, as well as publications. Their new album   " In the Between" is a follow up to their successful second album " Reach" ( 2016) They now release latest single " Right Through Me", a track characteristic of power rock music full of guitar orientated riffs and huge pop choruses. The song begins with an uptempo surge of one of those aforementioned riffs that go along like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer afternoon.  The subtle textures create this vibe throughout with basslines that tumble along to every chord struck. Lead singer Raymond Short's saccharine vocals are joyous and catchy, as the trio play simple harmonies that are easy on the ear. The nice gu

JT Larsen- Old Loud Beat Down Train

Words By Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews Americana star JT Larsen returns with his latest single " Old Beat Down Train" . This is a star that Rambling Man's Reviews reviewed previously last month. Larsen is an Americana/country singer from Indianapolis, USA; who plays simple country music with nuances of Americana. "Old Beat Down Train " is another example of Larsen's penchant for writing songs that leave the listener feeling like they are on this journey too. I feel the lyrics this may be about Larsen's struggles of leaving loved ones behind to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. The tonality and textures of this track convey a sense of isolation and anticipation, as Larsen boards the metaphorical train. The opening passage creates this feeling with the steel lap guitar, accompanied by a strong syncopated strumming pattern. Larsen's vocals are warm and enticing, whilst the lyrics are relatable. The mid-tempo builds towa