Song Review- Dohny Jep- Wine and Dine


Kent-based Alt-Rock trio Dohny Jep have released their latest single 'Wine and Dine', a follow-up to this year's self-released second album.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rhys May (While She Sleeps, Bring Me the Horizon) in the band's purpose-built home studio, 'Wine and Dine' is an anthemic single about falling in love for the first time.

Speaking about the single, vocalist Pete Herbert states, “Wine and Dine in its purest form is about love. It’s about those first moments of meeting someone new and the adventures that you are about to go on together, but also those first moments of conflict and how you pull together to get through those harder moments.”

'Wine and Dine' begins with melodic keyboards before breaking into hazy vocals. The band's pop hooks and catchy chorus provide a pleasant song to enjoy over the hot summer.

Words by Anselm Anderson


Website: https://www.dohnyjep.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dohnyjep/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DohnyJep


Stuart Day - Guitar, Vocals

Pete Herbert - Bass, Vocals

Rowan Tremain - Drums


Song Review- The Blackwater fever- The Hurt

Brisbane's Alt-Rock Trio The Blackwater Fever have released new latest single 'The Hurt', taken from their upcoming studio album Temptator.

October sees the band release their sixth studio album, having amassed over 85,000 plays on Spotify 'The Hurt' is a modern blues ballad steeped in raw emotion and sentiment.

The band have built a strong fanbase over the years, supporting acts as diverse as Clutch, The Datsuns, The Black Keys, and most recently, The Hu.

'The Hurt' begins with the thunderous rhythmic stomps of electric guitar. The lead vocalist's husky howls resonate over the eerie screams of the organ before releasing their inner emotions with haunting melodies.

The Blackwater Fever infect the listener with warm and soulful swamp music.

Words by Anselm Anderson


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theblackwaterfever

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theblackwaterfever

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1A5oymWstOyE3ZFeELbBtA?si=ztMoTAwzRuW3wy62Ioh-4Q


Album Review- SOil- Play It Forward.

Release Date: 26th August   Record Label: Cleopatra Records

Chicago's hard-hitting rock quartet SOil celebrates over twenty years together with a cover album titled 'Play It Forward', released this Friday 26th August via Cleopatra Records.

I remember the band's debut album 'Scars', and it is unfathomable to believe that came out in 2001. The album produced two massive singles 'Halo' and 'Unreal'. They have managed to amass a devout following since and thought it would be enjoyable to make an album featuring the artists that inspired them on this long journey.

'Play It Forward' is an eleven-track treat with down-tuned editions of tracks by Leadbelly, Motorhead, Halsey, and White Zombie and a tribute to the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

A feisty version of the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' classic 'Runnin' Down a Dream', opens this album. Vocalist Ryan McCombs' distinctive raspy voice adds grit to the track with a sped-up tempo and a sizzling solo. It is a good choice to get this album rolling.

'Thunder Kiss '65' is another good selection by the band. The 'White Zombie' hit doesn't sound too much different than the original except SOil has added emphasis on the subtle guitar parts I have never been able to pick up. This makes the song sound more menacing than Rob Zombie growling down the microphone. I am not too familiar with the pop artist Halsey, but 'Nightmare' sounds darker than her version. The song leaves my hairs standing up on my arms.

SOil appears to be enjoying themselves on this release and those added subtleties bring a fresh new life to some of these hits. 'Voices in The Sky' by Motorhead and Prong's 'Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck' are more aggressive, whilst Everlast's 'What's It Like' has more poignancy with fuzzy guitars and McComb's hollow howls.

This is not to say all the tracks are perfect, as SOil is primarily a metal band, they are better with heavier numbers. I don't think the band's distinctive sound suits The Ramone's 'I Wanna Be Sedated, whilst the band pay tribute to the Foo Fighters with 'Monkey Wrench.'

An up-tempo edition of Neil Young's 'Rockin' in the Free World' is certainly better than a few covers of the hit out there, whilst the Leadbelly original 'Black Betty' completes this pleasant surprise from Chicago's unsung veterans.

Overall, SOil presents a fun gift for that dedicated fanbase that has followed the band since its inception. This is definitely a better selection of covers I have heard from a band recently.

Words by Anselm Anderson Rating: 8.5/10

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Pre-order the CD/Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=soil+play+it+forward&post_type=product

Pre-order/pre-save the digital: https://orcd.co/soil_play_it_forward

1. Runnin' Down a Dream
2. Thunder Kiss '65
3. Nightmare
4. No Voices in the Sky
5. Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck
6. Monkey Wrench
7. What It's Like
8. I Wanna Be Sedated
9. Rockin' In the Free World
10. Unsung
11. Black Betty    

Connect with SOiL:

Official Website: www.soiltheband.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soilmusi
cInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/soil_official
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/soiltheband




Song Review- Lonnie Claire- Cars, Bars and Broken Hearts


New York-based Garage Rock trio Lonnie Claire recently released 'Cars, Bars and Broken Hearts'.

Formed in Washington D.C during the 1990s, the band are heavily influenced by Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones. The track has received rave reviews, including Indie veterans The Falcons of Haunt describing the track as 'Lo-Fi brilliance'. Originally written on acoustic guitar in November 2021, the song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Second Avenue in NYC.

The song leans more toward a Neil Young influence with raspy vocals over buzzsaw guitars. The song's verses were written in Senryu, a Japanese form of short poetry. The song begins with a laid-back vibe with simply strummed electric acoustic guitars, as the vocalist's distorted vocals sound warm and at peace. The song was taken from the band's self-titled seven-tracker, released on March 11th,2022.

Words by Anselm Anderson






Album of the Week- Thundermother- Black and Gold


All-female hard rock act Thundermother is back with their fifth studio album, Black and Gold out Friday, August 19th via AFM Records.

'Black and Gold' was mixed, produced and mastered by Soren Anderson at Bagpipe Studios in Stockholm and Copenhagen's Medley Studios. Andersen has helped bring out the best of the four women's strongest attributes with guitarist and founder Filippa Nassil on excellent form with a variety of guitar styles and solos. The twelve-track LP is described as ' every one of the songs on our new recording is a hit in its own right. This is no understatement as the band delivers a whole new version of themselves with their firebrand rock 'n' roll.

The LP begins in thunderous style with the raucous rocker 'The Light in The Sky' The familiar pounding of drummer Emlee Johanson segues into lead singer Guernica Mancini screaming 'What do you want/we stand united. /We are one with you, a resounding call to arms on this opening track. This is a true party anthem with a double chorus and meaty riffs. Next up is the title track Black and Gold', in which Filippa Nassal contributes four guitar tracks, including Rhythm, Solo, and slide and... a talk box. This is a real rocker with a fist-pumping chorus and some stellar guitar work from Nassil. 

The band seem to have gelled on this album and sounds like a band that is really having fun. In particular, Mancini has grown into the true rock vocalist many a fan would know. She extends her vocal range with more depth and soul, assisted by the addition of bassist Mona Lindgren. Lindgren has added some extra spice to the band's songwriting that is highlighted in this release. 'Raise Your Hands' is a real groove rocker with a blues vibe. 'Wasted' and 'Watch Out' are infectious party rockers with a real in-your-face feel. 'Hot Mess' is an unusual track for the band with Mancini expressing her soulful side to the stripped-back rhythm section and slow-tempo melodies.

I could go on and review every song because it is difficult to not pick out a highlight because each song shows the evolution of the band as a unit. The production values are excellent, whilst the band play a mixture of styles on here, including the sixties-inspired 'Looks No Hooks' and the powerful ballad 'Borrowed Time' to wrap up 'Black and Gold'

Overall, all bands have that one seminal album that defines a band's true standing and 'Black and Gold' could be that for Thundermother. The band's vocals, rhythm play, riffs, and penchant to write rock-solid tracks can testify to that.

Rating 9.5/10   Release Date: August 19th

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Thundermother are;

Filippa Nässil (Guitar), 
Guernica Mancini (Vocals),
 Emlee Johansson (Drums), 
Mona Lindgren (Bass)

01 - The Light in the Sky
02 - Black and Gold
03 - Raise Your Hands
04 - Hot Mess
05 - Wasted
06 - Watch Out
07 - I Don’t Know You
08 - All Looks No Hooks
09 - Loud and Free
10 - Try with Love
11 - Stratosphere
12 - Borrowed Time




'I Don't Know You'

'Watch Out'


Song of the Day- Future Radio- You Can't Ignore Me Anymore

South African Alt Rock duo Future Radio has unleashed "You Can't Ignore Me Anymore", taken from the second album Identity.

This raw and emotive track takes a jab at music critics within the industry. The lead singer and songwriter Johnny comments '“I’ve experienced it first-hand and it’s especially rife within the music industry," he says. “The sad part about it is that these gatekeeps’ little empires never last, mainly because they stick to what they know and don’t allow fresh and new acts within their sphere of influence. Nothing will ever last without renewed fresh ideas and perspective.”

The track is an edgy mix of punk and hard rock with a direct response to those naysayers. The track goes straight into the chorus with a fierce guitar riff. The song builds in stages to a rollicking chorus, before it climaxes with a soaring solo. Future Radio continues to release solid rock tracks that appeal to the listener as the band grows into their own.

Words by Anselm Anderson






EP Review- Joyce Kennedy-Rock'n' My Soul

Joyce Kennedy, the iconic vocalist of soul and rock, has released her latest EP Rock'n My Soul. This is the first solo effort in a decade from her, best known as the lead singer of the legendary funk rock act Mother's Finest.

Joyce 'Baby Jean' Kennedy has remained a staple of rock royalty since her breakthrough at the tender age of 16, reaching number one with 'I Still Love You'. Joyce Kennedy went on to achieve her greatest success with Mother's Finest, a band Kennedy formed with her husband, Glenn Murdock.

In addition, Kennedy has gone on to tour and collaborate with such luminaries as AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper to expand on her impressive resume. 'Rock'n My Soul' comprise six tracks of soul, rock and themes of morality and inspiration.

The EP begins with the classic rock vibes of 'My Badd'. Joyce Kennedy's powerful and gutsy vocals tower over rolling basslines, funky guitar leads and rhythmic drumming patterns that suck the listener in to want to hear more. Next up are the catchy delights of 'Love Me, Love Me', a song about sexual desires with earworm-type choruses, distorted guitars, and Kennedy pouring her soul out.  

At 74 years old, Joyce Kennedy has a remarkable vocal range, steeped full of emotion and depth. This is conveyed on each track leaving them feeling as valuable. 'Do Me Right' is one such example. An R'nB track with a slower tempo. Kennedy croons over slick beats and a squealing rock guitar sound. This track feels like a turning point on the EP.

Kennedy is able to explore the different styles of her career on this release, drifting through heavier rock songs, slow tempo R'n'B tracks and funkier ones such as 'Funk -A-While' And finally, 'Tears of a Stone' wraps this enjoyable EP. A piano-laden ballad with a gospel chorus and layered beats. The album is completed with an emotional rap cameo at the end.

Overall, Joyce Kennedy shows she still has a lot of rock and soul left in her. This is definitely worth a listen to the rock fans with a love for soul/rock fusions.

Words by Anselm Anderson

RATING 8.5/10



Song Of the Day- Gabrielle Metz- Mixtape


Country Singer/songwriter Gabrielle Metz returns with a tribute to all things country, and beyond on her latest single 'Mixtape'.

Metz recalls the track is an ode to all the music she enjoyed listening to growing up. She states, “I grew up listening to everything, from country to rock, Motown to Top 40, There wasn’t much I didn’t hear growing up

Metz recently signed a publishing deal with Heart Songs Music Group, following the success of her previous single 'Masks'. 'Mixtape' is a feel-good song that evokes memories of all those rock favourites from the past like Tom Petty and Lynryd Skynryd. Metz's voice is warm and soothing as her enthusiasm shines through on this track. Metz sings over simple strumming patterns of the acoustic guitar.

Gabrielle Metz shows she is more than a little bit country on this enchanting track

Words by Anselm Anderson

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MUSIC INTERVIEW- COUNTRY SINGER GABRIELLE METZ | Rambling Man's Reviews (anselmanderson.blogspot.com)









Photo Credit:Kailey Adams

Good Morning, Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Bran Merritt. I’m the lead vocalist and guitarist for the out-of-control alternative rock duo known as Sleep Nation. 

How would you describe how you reached this point in your musical journey?

At the beginning of COVID-19, Sleep Nation consisted of four members. When our bassist and guitarist left, Joey and I were left with a massive decision: to quit, replace them with new members, or change course and become a duo. We chose the latter and it’s the best decision we could’ve made. It did, however, take a lot of convincing from one of my friends who are no longer with us, Brandon Hillis.

How would you describe your sound?

An alternative rock sound produced by only two people that rivals that of an entire orchestra.

Who are your musical influences?

U2, Nine Inch Nails, and Rush

What can you tell me about your latest single ‘Get Out’?

The song was inspired by a man who exclaimed “Love is all you Need” and “Give Peace a Chance,” but behind closed doors exhibited a different life. Sadly, in an interview with Playboy, published just two days before he died, John Lennon admitted, "I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically... any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn't express myself, and I hit." We hope this song inspires anyone in a terrible situation to “Get Out.” Whether you are different, weird, nerdy, or broken, no one should have to be subjected to any abuse physically or verbally. Be who you are, and if you are in a difficult situation sometimes the best option is to “Get Out.” 

You have written a track ‘I’m A Werewolf, but that’s ok’ for the film ‘Hair of the Dog’. What can you tell me about that experience and how it came about?

We met director Michael Butts through a mutual friend. He directed our first video “I Want You Back.” Later, he wanted to do a short film about werewolves and asked us to do the song “I’m a Werewolf, But That’s Ok.” When the film was finished, they did a premiere and rented out an entire theatre. When the credits rolled our song was blasting for everyone to hear. It was a great experience and one that I will never forget. This is a partnership that has continued over the years. Recently, Michael asked us to do work on a film called Potter’s Ground which is available on streaming services everywhere. 

How important is it to an independent act like yourself to get your music played in films, ads, tv shows etc?

We’ve seen the impact that Stranger Things has had on Kate Bush and Metallica. I believe getting your music out there this way is probably the most important thing right now.

Sleep Nation has supported Adema and Sponge in the past. What impact did that have on the band getting into the industry?

In all honesty, I don’t believe it really helped us. It looks cool on paper if you know those acts, but when it comes to gaining fans, it did not help in that way. We are in an ever-changing market, and you’ve got to change with the times, i.e., Tik Tok, Instagram, Live Streaming.

Do you plan on doing an album to support your recent singles?

Yes, we hope it will be out this year!

The band were also named in the top 25 unsigned Bands worldwide by Sunset Island Music. These are some great forms of recognition for you. What does it feel to see your music recognized in this way? 

Making music in this day and age, you don’t always get immediate feedback for the work you put into your music. This was one of those rare instances where we were recognized for those exact talents.

And finally, what next for Sleep Nation in 2022 and beyond?

A new album, Comic book, Vinyl record release of the debut album, Music video with cats, and having the best year Sleep Nation has ever had!


Home | My Site (slpntn.com)

Sleep Nation | Facebook

Sleep Nation (@sleepnationband) / Twitter




England's Alt-Metal quartet Ruled by Raptors soar onto the music scene with sophomore release Silent Sound, their much-anticipated follow-up to 2019's debut EP 'Ouroboros'. Produced by highly esteemed rock music producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend) at Longwave Studio in Cardiff, Wales, this four-track release brings huge choruses, meaty riffs and hook-laden tunes.

Formed in Newcastle, England in 2018, the band consists of the lead singer/guitarist Chris Bradley, fellow vocalist and guitarist Matthew Dewar, bassist Nick Oliver and drummer Will Robson. The band have earned rave reviews for their likeliness to Biffy Clyro and At the Drive-In. One listens to the opening track 'Waves' and I can definitely understand those comparisons. The thick soaring guitar leads, deft drumming and mix between hollow screams and catchy pop melodies sound more like a contemporary alternative to those aforementioned acts.

Next up is the radio-friendly ballad of 'Dance of Wolves'. Chris Bradley has a warm, melodic voice suited for these enchanting melodies. The accompanying backup band provide the soothing instrumentals to make this a powerful song. The emotionally-charged 'Cleftones' has some good guitar work between Bradley and Dewar but can feel a bit off with the melodies. Will Ross maintains rhythms throughout with his powerful drumming that is always kept in time. And finally, the wonderfully named 'Oxy's Moron' shows an angry and unstable side to the band. Loud, jagged vocals clash with soft vocal melodies to create a sense of conflict between the song's lighter elements and the rough, aggressive metal.

Overall, Ruled by Raptors combine metal elements with an assessable melodic sound that has its moments, but is worth a listen to fans of bands like Biffy Clyro and At the Drive-In

Rating 7.5/10

Words by Anselm Anderson.

‘Silent Sound’ EP track listing: 1) Waves, 2) Dance of Wolves, 3) Cleftones, 4) Oxy’s Moron.