The Kut- Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll ( Single Review)

The Kut are a three-pronged assault of raw, '90s-infused grunge and alt-rock that is set to ignite a stage near you. The alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha. The Kut has been causing quite a stir with their arduous touring and festival appearances that include Download and Camden Rocks, as well as appearances on national radio stations and TV stations like Kerrang! and Scuzz.

They now release Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll, off their new album Valley of the Thorns, which reached #7 on the UK Rock album charts. This is an energetic ball of scuzzy guitars and hellacious attitude, which reminds me of A edgier Runaways that begins with a blood-pumping and sonic riff that inflame with choral chants of "HOLLYWOOD ROCK AND ROLL".
This is a fun track that shows the girls are really enjoying themselves, which could easily be a crowd-pleaser at festivals for fans who want a good time.

The production is so refined you can almost feel the fingers climbing up the fretboard. The bass is thunderous, the vocals are boisterous and the music is loud!!!

Valley of the Thorns is now available via Criminal Records you can hear the track below


Sarah Caltieri- Stranger To Me Now ( Single Review)

Sarah Caltieri is something of a divine talent on the up. The Award-winning singer/actor has built something of a portfolio with her increasing array of capabilities.

Caltieri has appeared at several festivals, featured on FM radio stations and made appearances on GMTV's Lorraine show and her first recordings broadcast on Channel 4's Cutting Edge program. She has been busy promoting her debut solo album Something I Couldn't Say, which latest single Stranger To Me Now,  A beautifully crafted indie/ rock track fused with angelic charm.

This track reminds me of early KT Tunstall with its upbeat rhythm section and strong message of moving on from someone who does not believe in you. I can see why it has featured so prominently on the radio. Caltieri has that similar appeal with her crisp and powerful range opening proceedings before her backing band comes into play with the steady drumming patterns and a driving burst of rhythmic electric guitar and equally mesmerising bass lines that will keep the listener hooked towards the end. Caltieri certainly has the platform to build towards further things in her career.

You can listen to the track below;


Nelson King Shine On ( Single Review)

Nelson King is a Lo-Fi, Indie singer, based in Brighton, England. King is fast becoming a hit on the Indie scene with many describing his music as a prolific catalogue of material that navigates an array of genres with effortless versatility.

He now releases Shine on, the next single off his latest album Shine. King names The Beatles, T-Rex and Jimi Hendrix as his influences, which are none more evident than on this track. An acoustic and melodic track that would be expected to grace the airwaves of all national radio stations.

The song is simple without any complex structures. which is why I believe can become a hit. King's vocals are raw and receptive to any listener taking a long drive home from work. The strumming pattern is basic with subtle backbeats with a singalong chorus and beautiful fingerpicking that blend with an accustomed backing drum track that provides a tight rhythm.

You can listen to the track below


Just aJester- Someone Like You ( Single Review)

London-born Just A Jester AKA Timothy Daniel Whittaker has had an illustrious career in the music industry, having supported established musicians like Van Morrison, played with Stuart Copeland of The Police and performed 7 times at Glastonbury Festival. Whittaker now releases his second solo track Someone Like You, a charming and upbeat acoustic track enthusing full of wisdom.

 Someone Like You starts off the subtle taps of cymbals that leads to the uptempo and bright tones of guitar loops that transitions into a huge pop chorus. The strumming pattern and reflective lyrics produce a warm song that builds nicely to satisfactory finish. The bridges are delightful as the vocals are receptive to new listeners. This is a track I feel shares similarities with the rock band Biffy Clyro and is understandable why Just A Jester has been a regular at Festivals. This is certainly a track that could be a successful summer track.

You can listen to the track via Spotify or find more information via www.facebook.com/timothy.d.whitaker


Ali Jacko- Think It Over ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko returns with Think it over, a follow-up to last month’s single What if I Loved You Like That.

 He aims to release 11 songs in 11 months accompanied by 11 music videos between January – November this year. Jacko is a London-born, Bangladeshi ex-kickboxer who delivers another powerful track full of emotive lyrics and stirring tunes.

Think it Over begins with a melodic riff that bounces deliciously over bars that juxtapose with the soft vocals' qualities, enriched with sentiment and feeling. The track builds to a big chorus accompanied by a tight rhythm section with steady drumming and subtle textures of keyboard help define this track that comes to life with a whipping solo that will bring you to your feet.

Jacko does share similarities with Bryan Adams with strong songwriting credentials and the ability to know where to strike listeners with catchy hooks. His music could easily see him become a regular on national radio.
Words by Anselm Anderson