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Slant Six- Amnesia

Words Were Written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews Slant Six  are a five- piece from Edmonton founded in 2015. The band mix old school southern rock with blues to create hard hitting music that focuses on lyrics such as  mental health. The band were named after an old car engine with the band riding high following the release of their EP " Amnesia". The self- titled single from that album is about losing your memory when you only know who you are. The track is a dark journey through realisation with many influences of differing styles. The song opens up with an intense passage that builds gradually towards its opening like a person scrambling to find themselves. Lead Singer Sascha Hubert enters the fray with his gravitione vocals , as each verse is expressed through reflection. The chugging guitar lines build through intensity to a standpoint, as the tone changes in the bridge. The clever use of the guitar pedals add depth to what Hubert is expressi