Song Review- 8Snake- Another End

 Gothic Rock band 8Snake, formerly known as The Francesco Fonte Band, recently released the dark and moody 'Another End' VIA 8Music Group, ahead of the trio's forthcoming new studio album.

Formed in 2011, the band has drawn comparisons to Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, and Nick Cave. 'Another End' is the new track featuring Grace Wilson from the band Amnesiak. The track tells the story of a suicidal night on a spiral of alcohol and drug abuse.

'Another End' is a post-gothic tale of escapism with progressive rock elements. The song begins with the skyscraping sound of distorted guitars, which slowly build toward gloomy vocals and the repetition of simple strummed guitar patterns. The song comes to life in the middle eight with dual vocals by Wilson and Fonte. The aggressive guitar sounds in the outro are met by Wilson's lung-busting vocal performance to complete an interesting look into 8snake.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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EP Review- Oaks- Genesis of The Abstract


French Prog trio Oaks have released their muchly anticipated debut LP, Genesis of the Abstract, via Argonauta Records. 

The trio describes their sound as 'Conceptual' and that is a better way of summing up 33 minutes of a powerful and evocative instrumental album. The Paris-based band has drawn influences from Tool, Russian Circle, and Mastodon across various musical contributions.

'Genesis of the Abstract' begins with an opening monologue over angular guitar riffs and segues into the ten-minute 'The Harmonist', a track that builds slowly to a thunderous climax. The groove-laden riffs have a crisp and dense texture. The trio knows how to convey a compelling story through the language of music with these haunting tracks reflecting a world in disarray. The aggressive stomping rhythms of 'The Chasm' arrive with a dynamic of slow, cumbersome basslines against the fast tempo of the lead guitar. 

The mellow blues of 'The Dawn' feels like a new chapter in the band's progressive elements before we move onto the six-minute 'The Abstract', with its menacing rhythms that build with its moody tones to another fierce climax. And finally, 'The Shape' wraps things up with an outer monologue over a dreamy soundscape.

Overall, Oaks proves instrumental metal can engage the listener without the need for lyrics to instruct us of the story. Nevertheless, 'Genesis of the Abstract' is thought-provoking, refreshing, and enjoyable for those rock fans wanting a change this new year.

Words by Anselm Anderson. Rating 4/5

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Album Review- Novacrow: Look at Me Now


Rambling Man's Reviews presents to you another offering of British rock in the guise of female-fronted Alt metal band Novacrow from Liverpool, England. The band recently released their debut album Look at Me Now, an enjoyable rollercoaster of funk, metal, and alternative rock. 

Formed in 2013, the band recorded this record during Lockdown. They have built a strong fanbase over the years with the release of two EPs, several Festival appearances, and a winner of Merseyside's Metal for the Masses competition this year.

'Look at Me Now' fuses horror influences with a dark brand of humour. The murky and tantalizing grooves of 'Shapes in the Sky' kick things firmly into gear. Lead singer Kitty Staunton seduces with her soaring vocals over crunching riffs and mesmerizing pedal effects. Next up is the six-minute 'Hollows Amour', a beautiful and haunting rock song with flamenco-infused guitar play set over clear and powerful vocals,

Novacrow makes sure each song is as diverse and unpredictable as its sound. They combine thought-provoking lyrics over strong, emotional music that engages the listener to keep listening.

The macabre 'Medusa Medusa' is a fun track that is a light-hearted take on self-image. 'Hush' is an aggressive metal track with breakdowns that will leave you with goosebumps. The track features Oceanis vocalist Joe Maryanji. I found myself enjoying this release the more I listened to it. The album grows in maturity and dynamics over thirteen unforgettable moments.

Other highlights to pick out are the self-defiant 'Not Your Mannequin' with its dark grooves and message about the media's portrayal of women after a certain age. The funky 'Frankenfiiine' is a humourous diversion from the album's heavier and deeper findings.

And finally, the ferocious 'Why Are My Dreams Always Trying to Kill Me?' sounds like a cartoonish play on Freddie Krueger wraps things up.

Overall, Novacrow produces a refreshing approach to rock and metal. The band's razor-sharp riffs, songwriting, and range of vocals are a welcome addition to a scene that can be stale at times.

Words by Anselm Anderson: Rating 8.5/10

NovaCrow are;

Kitty Staunton: Lead vocals, Guitars
Freddy Spera: Bass, Backing vocals, Production
Jonyx: Additional Vocals (lead vocals on Frankenfiiine), Guitars
Stu: Drums


Shapes in the Sky
Hollow Armour
Medusa Medusa 
Hush (Featuring Joe Maryanji of Oceanis as additional vocals)
Play My Game
Not Your Mannequin
It’s Alive
All I See Is Her (featuring Jack Batchelor on congas/additional percussion)
Torn to Pieces
Day Break
Why Are My Dreams Always Trying To Kill Me?
My Virtues (featuring Robyn Wilkinson on cello)

Listen to 'Look at Me Now' below;


EP Review- A Titan, A Deity- Descendant

Birmingham's Rising Metalcore outfit A Titan A Deity released their latest EP, Descendant, earlier last month. Formed in 2016, the five-piece has had some momentum behind them, appearing at several festivals in the UK, as well as earning support slots to Monuments, From Sorrow to Serenity, and Dropout Kings to name a few.

They combine blistering Tech Metal with progressive elements and combining harsh and clean vocals to create a unique sound for the band.

'Descendant' is a six-song collection, clocking in with just over twenty minutes, this gives an insight into the young Englishmen. 'Io' is a progressive song with some interesting time signatures and a dynamic sound. The Skyscraping ambiance sounds to accompany the soaring vocal melodies juxtaposed with aggressive howls and scintillating riffs.

Next up is the thunderous 'Revelations' with angular guitars, harsh vocals, and instrumental breakdowns. This track offers something different from the first track.

The band is aware of the sound they want to identify with going forward with some intelligent ideas with the instrumentation. The soundscapes vary between sorrow and despair with courage and hope.

'Bleak' is the more emotional track on the release with towering vocal melodies juxtaposed with conflicted harsh vocals. The EP takes a similar route to 'Heirloom', in which the riffs and vocals share some similarities with the latter. And finally, 'Oxygen' finishes with breathtaking instrumental breakdowns, fierce technical guitar plays, and emotive vocals.

Overall, A Titan A Deity aims to bring a fresh style of Progressive metal to the masses with some tight songwriting and awe-inspiring soundscapes. 

Words by Anselm Anderson. Rating 3/5

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A Titan, A Deity are Luke Whyle (Vocals),
 Ben Pinkus (Lead Guitar/Vocals),
 Ashley Cooke (Guitar),
 Mitchell Gibbons (Bass) 
 Alex Harthill (Drums).

Song Review- LonnieClaire- Rusty Hardware


NYC Lo-Fi rock act LonnieClaire has released 'Rusty Hardware', following the release of their latest LP Livin' with a Ghost.

Formed in Washington D.C, USA, the band has created a fresh brand of Lo-Fi rock combined with grunge guitars and an Americana feel. The band has endured many line-up changes to finally find a polished sound that suits them. They have amassed over 15k followers on Twitter, as well as gained regular exposure through hundreds of Music Blogs worldwide.

'Rusty Hardware' is a song inspired by the band's upbringing. It is a Roots song that looks at a damaged generation that took a long time to repair. The song sees Lonnie Claire's distinctive jagged vocals reflect through intelligent and evocative lyrics. The band's angular guitar melodies add extra poignancy to this.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Album Review- Hedra- The Pecking Order

 Emerging British Heavyweights Hedra return with a new six-track EP The Pecking Order, released early last month via Devils Cause Records.

The English five-piece has worked hard to cultivate a fervent fanbase over the past eight years since their humble beginnings in Norwich, England. The band has put together a true force of nature to deliver brutal riffs and dark vocal melodies to an unsuspecting audience. The band has drawn comparisons with Metal icons like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and newer acts such as Tool and Mastodon.

'The Pecking Order' is an EP inspired by the tumultuous reign of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the band expresses the frustration and despair many citizens experienced at the hands of the bumbling leader.

'Jackdaw' pulls no punches in kicking off this release with sluggish riffs and earth-shattering drumming. This is a track that shows progressive elements with angular melodies.

Next up is 'Stolen', a similar track with vocalist Jim Marten reflecting somber and pain over sonic drum fills and dual guitar leads playing off one another like two soldiers at war with one another.

Hedra has created an album unlike many metal bands these days, they have combined a muscular and heavy sound with crisp production that is sharp as the band's music. 'Suchi' is a broody and melancholic track with distorted riffs and hazy vocals that segues into 'Avis Morgi'is a more commercial track with a hook-laden chorus and some gritty guitar work.

'Storm Clouds' is a melodic rock track with a colossal sound and 'Heads Held High' completes this outing with its dark, dissonant sound.

Overall, Hedra delivers a brutal, fresh, and inventive new release with fresh ideas and serious intent to challenge the metal scene 

Words by Anselm Anderson Rating: 4.5/5

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Song Review: Penny Rich-Last Meal

Cardiff-based three-piece Penny Rich has unleashed their latest single 'Last Meal', taken from the forthcoming debut LP, due out next year.

The song is inspired by the notion US Death Row prisoners receive a last meal before they are executed. The single hopes to build on the success of their previous two EP'S. The trio spent the majority of 2020 in the studio, writing and recording their debut album with Andrew Sanders in King's Road, Cardiff, Wales.

'Last Meal' is three minutes of distorted, guitar-driven punk. The jagged vocals scream over energetic riffs and screeching guitar lines.

Words by Anselm Anderson.

 You can find the band online here: 

Bandcamp: https://pennyrich.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PennyRichBand

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pennyrichband/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/38vjdMLP8PeYNpOMTwVTLN

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/penny-rich/1317476597

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbRg8JU9b-jNjeByjnaZ3Vw


Album Review- Chaoseum- The Third Eye


Nu-Metal quartet Chaoseum released their fourth studio effort The Third Eye, earlier last month. Formed in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2018, they have had quite a remarkable rise in those small years. The Swiss men were touring with Soulfly within a year of debuting with 'First Step to Hell'. The momentum from that early success has followed with notable performances in Russia, The US, and their native country.

The band's brand of unstable vocals, brutal breakdowns, and lyrics are based on themes such as loss, self-doubt, and depression. They bring a style of the forgotten genre to a new audience. The Third Eye begins with the sinister 'I, Sexy Zombie' which contains the rage and isolation of Korn with pounding drums, pulsating beats, and harsh and clean vocals. Next up is 'Unreal' with down-tuned guitars, catchy choruses, and spine-tingling pedal effects.

In effect, Chaoseum shares great similarities to the Bakersfield outfit Korn. The band attempt to emulate the erratic vocal style of Johnathan Davis, alongside the signature down-tuned guitar sound. However, the quartet has stamped its own personality over it with more notable riffs and solos. The band themselves sound more perturbed and unpredictable than the Nu-metal icons.

Photo Credit: S.Harnisch
Nevertheless, the band show versatility on this release with tracks like the electric dance beats on 'Dance on My Grave', the instrumental title track 'The Third Eye' and the sonic blasts of 'My Wonderland' with its razor-sharp intro, pain-staked lyrics, and haunting melodies.

'The Third Eye' is an interesting emotional rollercoaster that takes the listener through the narrator's own personal pains and struggles with strong songwriting. And finally, 'What If' is all that rage bottled up and released, the sorrow and loss come out with dark vocals over menacing, chugging guitar lines and melancholic melodies.

Overall, Chaoseum opens up its Third Eye on this release with cutting-edge music and blistering metal that shows they aren't here to emulate any Nu-Metal icons of the past, but rather here to make a name for themselves.

Words by Anselm Anderson Rating 8.10👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊