Chuck Morris- A Good Life ( Single Review)

Words by Anselm Anderson 

Jazz Drummer Chuck Morris forged a career on The Arsenio Hall Show, before forming his own band  Chuck Morris & Freedom.

The legendary musician now releases new single " A Good Life" from his upcoming new album, due for release in 2019.
The upbeat, jazzy, funk piece has garnered attention across national radio stations, as well as coverage in Europe and Japan. This is none too surprising once you hear the first few seconds of notes that slither across the overt drum -fills and saxophone that introduce this to an all to endearing ear. The funky rhythm of bass skips across nicely to the encompassing vocals of Morris himself. The listener truly hears the joy in his wholesome voice as he bellows out huge vocals lines. The lyrics content feels like an autobiographical account of what makes Morris enjoy his life. This shines through with the harmonic progressions and melodic accompaniment of a talented music section.

 This does not feel showy, but... more a feelgood factor. There is a nice instrumental break midway that you can't help but pat your knees too. The searing keyboards and drums work in tandem to the constant revolving motions of bass that never lets up. Chuck Morris is currently working on a new project with a slew of talented musicians such as Tracy Carter ( Keys) Andrew Gouche ( Bass) Eric Walls ( ( Guitar) Craig Thomas ( Sax) and many more.

You can follow Chuck Morris via www.facebook.com/chuckmorris

You can check out the song by clicking on the Player below;



Kyshera ( Artist Review)

Kyshera is an Alternative Rock act from Cardiff, South Wales. The trio- James Kennedy (Guitar & Vocals), Matt Warr (Bass) and Glyn Bateman (Drums) are best described " as a welcome change to the rock scene" with their unique brand of heavy guitars and melody vocal lines.
The band create a blend of rock that has not been experienced since those heady days of the 2000s. They have earned critical acclaim from media outlets one would say are better placed than I to throw out superlatives. BBC Radio 1 sate they were " Warped Genius", whilst Classic Rock Magazine labelled them as " pioneering innovators"

 One listens to either of their three albums- 2010 debut " Paradigm", 2012's Made In China & 2015 Circles- may prove a hard one to argue with. Moreover, Kyshera has also gained notoriety as a live act that plays explosive shows. The band made a breakthrough with the progressive and experimental " Made In China before a crowdfunding campaign helped gain funds needed to create breakthrough album Circles, an album that has been described as the trio's most accessible to date. And it is with this latest, I shall begin my review of this innovative and explorative of acts- Kyshera;
Napoleon is a fine start with its dynamic and bombastic guitar-driven sound. The combination of melodic and harsh vocals creates a staple part of heavy metal stylings with pounding drums, sing-along choruses and an effects-driven solo that closes the track. A fully likeable track that will take people of a certain age back to those nu-metal days.

Behind Enemy Lines, This track leans more towards Nu-Metal stylings with Downtuned Bass, distorted feedback, and chunky guitars that grimace in unison to Kennedy's impassioned lyrics that I think relate to self- identity.

Demon This has to be the standout track on the album with a more commercially accepted sound. The full throttle cries of " You are an animal, and I am your demon" creates a melodic hook that will have fans singing long into the night. I feel the track is about fighting your conscience. The songwriting behind the track is essential with its macabre riff that is personified Tom Morello-esque fretwork guitar and dual melodic/rapping vocals.

  Gone and The Wrong Size favouring more the ballads side of things with tracks that would be apt as closers. This is where the album picks up its intensity once again with Inertia showcasing why this is Kyshera's most accessible album to date. This eerie track has all the hallmarks of a radio hit with the distorted power chords and sardonic vocals reflect the dark nature of the lyrical content of loss and anger. The album wraps up with the aptly titled

The End This tearjerker is a ballad that reflects on moving on. The whispered vocals and acoustic guitar lines help this track be an appropriate finish. Overall, Circles has it's moments with some genuinely rocky tracks that can appeal to a marketable demographic. However, the album does seem to go missing at times during the second half. I feel that Kyshera are a talented hard rock outfit that deserves to be amongst their contemporaries. The production values are a testament to the band's hard work and passion for music. One listens to their three albums will instantly lead you to understand why the Welshmen are so underrated.

 If you'd like to hear more from this outfit, you can visit their website at http://www.kyshera.com/ or, alternatively, you can follow the band via their social media links below;


Lazer & Levi- One More Time ( Single Review)

Lazer & Levi are A Country/ American duo born and raised out of the confines of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, USA.

They have been playing bars and clubs since the ages of 10 and 14 respectively, accompanied by the acquisition of a hundred songs written in reserve.

This exciting prospect has performed at many shows and supported many renowned acts.
Lazer & Levi now release their new single "One More Time" which is taken from their EP The Prologue. They have been described as "a new twist off of Americana music that is sure to leave you wanting more". and this is no understatement

This example of upbeat, feel-good Country music really lights up the room with its reflective lyrics and boogie riff, which will lead fans to discover more from their array of written tracks.

"One More Time" opens with an easy ear riff-packed full of charm and signature bluesy phrases that supplement the harmonic vocals from the duo. As they croon about those good times, the guitar breaks really amplify their confident Americana sounds with a delectable solo towards the end that underlies the band's ability to write simple songs for a targeted audience.

" One More Time" is off the band's upcoming EP The Prologue

For more information on the duo please visit www.lazerandlevimusic.com

Alternatively, you can follow them via 


Jimmy Hennessy- Coming Home - ( Single Review)

London- Born singer/songwriter Jimmy Hennessey was raised in the Republic of Ireland on a staple diet of folk music and ballads. The guitarist has recently been gaining radio exposure and accumulating 10 million streams of his music.

Hennessey now releases the latest single" Coming Home", from his debut album Busker Man, which was released in July. He has been described as having "a powerful, emotional voice"; which becomes apparent in this track. Hennessey demonstrates a combination of rich vocals with well-crafted songwriting skills to produce a feel-good song, which comes as no surprise that it has been a radio hit.

"Coming Home" does have the added value of all the songwriter cliches (whistling, basic chord patterns, harmonised vocals) etc that make this track work so well. The opening notes begin with the harmonious whistles that help underlie the overall tone.

 Hennessey's whimsical reflections on returning home relate to the listener of a gentleman, who really misses it. The multi-layered use of clapping, piano and acoustic guitar rounds off this upbeat folk track that had this writer tapping his foot long after listening.

Busker Man is now available to buy via Spotify, Deezer and other musical platforms.

If you'd like more information about Jimmy Hennesey, you can do so by visiting 


Backfoot Memory ( Single review)

Backfoot originally formed after meeting through a Queens covers band. Irish drummer Damien Dockery and Armenian vocalist David Zalinian soon began to write their own original material; along with a little help from Hungarian musicians. The outcome is their debut album Running Behind Time.

The result of this is through the latest single "Memory", a combination of funk beats, pop choruses and Latin flair. The delicate timbre of the vocal lines creates a hazy resonance with the listener's attentive listening.

Songwriting is key to how this track works. The simple rhythmic patterns captivate from the start with a steady tempo of electric guitar and piano that repeat phrases to produce a feeling like one is going down an old memory lane. I feel the strengths are from talented musicianship and a rhythm section. The track reaches its climax through a combination of bass, guitar and piano jam sessions. the funky guitar riff retains its composure over the harmonious purrs of a Latin pulse.


Joshua KYEOT S- Blocks ( Single Review)

Joshua KYEOT is a soulful singer/songwriter originally from Accra, Ghana and raised in Croydon, London. KYEOT has a background rich in a musical experience. Albeit, as a leading tenor in high school, or cutting vocals at university halls, Kyeot taught himself to play instruments and sing.

He is now on something of a crescendo wave on the back of a memorable year that has seen the young musician release his own two-track project " She Loves Me", alongside a sold-out appearance at Servants Jazz Quarters, and BBC introducing. He now releases the new single " S-Blocks" off the upcoming EP " She Loves Me".

And what transpires is a beautiful woven pattern of different genres that combine to create a momentary rainbow of harmonious textures that would be beneficial for a regular radio release. "S- Blocks" takes a trip through soul, afro-beats, hard rock and pop with heartfelt lyrics that will keep plenty bating more.

The track starts off with a muted bass sound that skips along to a steady rhythm, before the introduction to KYEOT's sinewy vocals that captivate the audience with power and emotion.
The bridge takes a different direction with the screech of a heavy-laden electric guitar
sound that borrows influence from classic rock acts before returning to the soulful acapella of KYEOT's cries. 

I feel the inclusion of a guitar solo towards the end adds resolution to a track that feels like a man saying goodbye to a loved one. The dynamic mix of flute and a competent rhythm section rounds out a well-polished entrance for the man from Accra.

Joshua KYEOT will be performing at Sebright Arms, London on February 7th 2019.

If you would like more information about the singer you can follow him via

 https://en-gb.facebook.com/JoshuaKYEOT/ &



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Freya Alley- Another Man ( Single Review)

Freya Alley is an accomplished and adaptable singer!! That is not a bad statement to start a review on a young star that oozes the ability to appeal to one's emotions. Many readers of this blog will recognise the name of a singer I reviewed back in July.

Alley moved to London from her native Lithuania several years back to pursue a musical career. She soon teamed up with Songwriter Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Studios, which have found success with notable names like Pixie Lott and Sam Smith.
Frey Alley now treats us to her new single Another Man, a track about the complexities of love that leads to breaking up in a relationship.

I feel this has a slightly darker tone to Come Back, which was released in July. The subtle electronic beats create an eerie atmospheric, that truly symbolises the pain one can feel in this situation.
The most striking attribute of Alley I like is her songwriting, as she writes heartfelt poetry.
This speciality allows the listener to empathise with the subject because they can envision behind it.

Another man combines this songwriting technique with stark music that has similarities to LanaDel Rey. the track opens with a piano-driven passage that maintains a mid-tempo build to Alley's warm and pain etched vocals. The inclusion of drum loops and multi-layered vocals adds to the unsettling feeling when you listen.

You can find out more information by visiting www.freyaalley.com

Alternatively, you can follow her via www.facebook.com/FreyaAlley
www.twitter.com/freya_alley & www.instagram.com/freya.alley

You can also listen to the track below


Tom Auton- Stay (Single review)

Tom Auton is a 19-year old singer/ songwriter prodigy from Cardiff, Wales. Tom started learning guitar and piano at the age of 9, which has played a large part in his music writing.
If that is not all, he won two national first place awards at "Open Mic UK ( 2014) and " Future Music UK Song Writing Competition a year later.
Tom made his breakthrough breaking into Fender's top Ten undiscovered artists' list, which is an achievement for someone so young. 
He now releases his second EP ' Big Glass Little Bowl',  a follow up to a highly successful debut.

Tom's next single Stay has all the swagger and bravado to be a hit. The overall bluesy sound supplements the hubris of the star's lyrical content about a song  I believe is about falling for the wrong woman.
The simple guitar lines stretch and squeal along to the star's cool vibe. His vocals are not too flashy but are suited to a simple electric acoustic song like this. I would personally like to hear more from this star to see how far he can go with his mercurial talents.
The addition of an edgier piano sound creates another dimension to the music. As one critic, quoted "The young singer songwriter should fill out a deed poll and change his name to The Alchemist - as everything he touches turns to gold.” David Owens,  Music Critic.
 He certainly may be on his way towards reaching gold with more tracks like this one.

You can listen to the track below:

If you like the sound of this, please find more from Tom via his website below


Alternatively, you can follow him via www.facebook.com/tomautonmusic
and  www.twitter.com/tomauton


Lilith- Monsoon ( Single Review)

Folk Singer/ Songwriter Lilith returns with her latest single Monsoon, a follow-up to Deep Waters, A track I had the pleasure to review a few months back. Lilith is based in London, having started writing songs at the age of 11 and entering singing competitions.

She recorded monsoon at the same Charthouse studios in London Freya Alley and Pixie Lott did. Monsoon is certainly a track that was not made for rainy days. Instead, it showcases the mercurial talent and depths this teenage songstress is able to own This track is a more soulful and stripped-back affair from her previous outing. What we get is a beautiful and warm pop song with nice subtle electric beats that adds warmth to Lilith's angelic, and at times, haunting vocals. Monsoon is what makes her unique, that she is able to sing about subjects about feeling lonely putting the listener at ease. This punchy and powerful piece will win her over a host of new fans with its impressive production and a whole new maturity Lilith continues to gain.

You can find more information about Lilith via   https://www.lilith.london/

or you can follow her at www.facebook.com/lilithsingersongwriter

Please follow the link below to listen to Monsoon


Monky Fighters- She From Keg ( Single Review)

Monkey Fighters describe themselves as " Presidents of the Stone Age, or Queens of the USA". This quirky statement underlies the band's energy and strong personality that comes from a band starting off. The Bristol-based group was originally formed in 2003. However, the band soon disbanded after releasing an EP, amid a few lineups changes with drummers. They have now returned with a re-recording of those tracks and recently released their debut single " She from Tiny Keg", which was initially published at the tail end of last month via all good digital platforms and streaming services.

Monkey Fighters play alternative- grunge- prog rock with an extra dose of Punk added to the mix.  If this doesn't pique your interest, the opening riff will whet your appetite. The combination of an edgy bassline and the opening chords of the crunchy guitar riff will instantly keep you hooked. The track manages to sustain this high-tempo riff throughout over the steady tempo of bass, which hints at elements of the blues. This keeps the song fresh and engaging for the listener, which supplements the rich vocal lines. The lyrical content is as quirky as the band's name suggests. Yet, this track is a finely constructed piece that climaxes with a well-rounded solo that screeches in tandem with the thundering echoes of impressive drumming.

Monkey Fighters may have won the first battle here.

if you'd like more information, please visit their website http://www.helphelpmonkeyfighters.com

or you can follow them via

Please listen to the track below


Lilith- Deep Waters (Single Review)

Folk singer/songwriter Lilith started writing songs at the age of 11 and developing her own unique writing style by entering competitions at a young age. Lilith now releases her new single "Deep Waters" via Charthouse Music Studios in London, where she recently performed at one of their showcase events.
She also recently picked up a highly commended certificate at the 2017 UK Songwriting Competition. I feel Lilith brings a breath of fresh air to an always-evolving market in the folk scene.
Her lyrics are deep and poetic, with a strong message about feeling left out. I believe there are strong comparisons between KT Tunstall and Regina Spektor.

 'Deep Waters' is one of those folk songs that incorporates many different textures and images that creates a feeling of walking on clouds and looking down on the world. The slow tempo build of acoustic fingerpicking gradually comes to light with the haunting and powerful vocals of Lilith. This song is made to be more evocative with the unusual use of steel guitar and effects that sound similar to a western film.

Lilith produces a warm and tender track designed to attack those senses.


Maisie Bourke- Don't Let Him ( Single Review)

ChartHouse  Music Studios delivers another young Protege in 17-year-old Maisie Bourke from London. This is the same studio that Pixie Lott, Sam Smith, and last week's cover, Freya Alley have all recorded with.

Bourke has been writing and producing her own unique brand of dark and introspective pop since the age of 11, and "Don't Let Him" is her latest release.

I personally feel the track shares similarities with Miss Alley because of the dark tones and rich embellishments of textures that create an eerie presence.

The opening tinkers of piano keys feel haunting and isolated before Maisie delivers a plaintive story in wistful vocals that gradually ignite with the powerful chorus. This track is expressive in the theme which is helped as much with the musicianship, as well as the songwriting. The backbeats of a drum loop and stark expressions of piano create a solid track for fans of Lana Delrey and SIA.

For more information on Maisie, you can visit her website 

or follow her on social media accounts 


 If you'd like to listen to the track in full, please listen to it below;



Freya Alley- Come Back ( Single Review)

Freya Alley is a Singer/ Songwriter based in London.

 She originally arrived in the UK from Lithuania in 2011 to pursue her musical career. Alley soon teamed up with renowned Producer Laurence Hobbs who has achieved success with Sam Smith and Pixie Lott.

 Freya says of her music, "I write my music about inner fights, mistakes, love, unfulfilled dreams, feelings, freedom, addictions and being trapped with someone or within something. I’ve always felt differently when listening to or playing music. I started to hear melodies, sounds and create lyrics in my mind when I was young. Slowly I started to see it as the way of life and put all my energy and spirit into it"  Her music is described as "atmospheric, Cinematic and Poetic", Throw in "Haunting, Melodic, Dark and mesmerising," and that best sums ups Come back. The latest in a number of singles she began to release in 2017

Alley delivers a deep and delicate sound replete with fine string arrangements and emotive lyrics. The opening resonance of piano chords strikes a shiver down one's spine before Alley's harmonic vocals open up like the wild roses she speaks of.   The tempo builds with every image expressed about the lost love she laments. The violins and synths create stirring rhythmic patterns that are as chilling, as they are heart rendering.  The breakdown with the intelligent usage of electric programming does lead the listener to experience every painstaking moment of the singer's anguish. 

Please find a link to track below 


Almost Autumn- Artist Review

Almost Autumn is an appropriate name for this time of year. As the sun burns brightly, Autumn is waiting in the wings for its moment. 

Joelle Edwards AKA Almost Autumn is a music producer/singer/songwriter from Liverpool and her infectious pop is as cheery and delicate as the ray of sunlight that kisses the sky on these summer days. I don't usually review pop music, but Edwards is different. She has that knack to write feel-good and punchy songs that is more suitable for the summer, rather than the autumn.

Edwards writes a social account of her life and her lyrics touch on love, lust and other social occurrences you'd expect in a student’s life.
She has yet to release an album, so I shall be picking a selection of songs from her back catalogue, Available through Bandcamp.

Her music is uplifting and pleasant with hints of folk and electronic beats. She has the potential to tap into the chart music territory that is often occupied by better-known stars.

Snow is a piano-driven ballad entrenched with dazzling keys and heartfelt lyrics. Edwards provides herself with a platform to sing in an intimate style as if alone in the room with that special someone. I feel she is suited to singing with an instrument because it allows her vocals to flourish, and plays to her songwriting strengths.

Only You is an electronic pop track replete with overlapping synth beats that brings a certain charm to the ears. Edwards knows her audience well. She applies a skilful use of rhyming couplets and mellow vocals that sounds gentle and sweet. The message of true love blends with the electronic loops and overall feelgood factor that could be a breakthrough hit within the commercial market.

Unforgettable is a nice folk track that is another love song with that quaint touch. The vocals are warm and easy to listen to with the strong strums of an acoustic guitar that sets it apart from the other tracks' poppier edge.

Heartless is an indie pop song with a strong percussive rhythm structure that flows with Edward's contagious demeanour that shines throughout all her songs. I personally feel the track is about falling for someone who may be trouble, but the effective chorus; and high tempo could definitely appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, Almost Autumn produces several tracks that are easy to listen to and relatable to younger fans. Her music is not generic, but warm and cheerful. I believe she has the potential to go far.

If you'd like to read more from Almost Autumn, please visit


or, alternatively, if you'd like to hear more of her tracks. You can access her songs via almostautumn.bandcamp.com

or you can follow her via

instagram.com/ almost_autumn


FireBug- Follower ( Single Review)

The California- based Firebug is an Alternative Rock group,, heavily influenced by 70's rock and New Orleans blues. They have been generating a following amongst Festival - goers and concert attendees. The band's groove- orientated rock has enlightened 80,000 fans at Sonisphere in Knebworth, England. The band release Follower ,  the first track from new album Wandering Soul.

The thing that strikes me most about the track is the high energy riff that maintains throughout, and the soulful timbre of lead singer Juliette Tworsey. The 70's influenced vibes makes this an instant favourite with its polished production values and blues-tinged rhythmic patterns.

The track begins with the tantalising hook that leads into the vocals of Tworsey, a rich and tender entrance that hypnotises the listener. Her voice blends with the buzz of guitar -driven desert rock with a nice new Orleans solo that fits in with the structure of the music.

Wandering Soul is now available via itunes.

You can listen to the track below;


Christopher Taylor- Step Back, Slow Down ( Single Review)

Christopher Taylor is a Singer/ Songwriter from Yorkshire. He has been performing and writing songs for many years as both a soloist as well as in bands. He reached a milestone in 2016 when his debut EP Chasing Rainbows received an Akademia Award.  He now returns with a new single Step back, Slow down from his forthcoming EP Curiosity.

This is an introspective song about making those decisions in your life when things get difficult. The uses of steel guitar and Taylor's mellow vocal lines waver to produce a solid Country song, which begins with the resonant echoes of snare drums before the recognisable sounds of slide guitar encroach like a snake in the grass. This is a light summer track that is thought-provoking in a sense for those who are feeling lost, but the overall tone will leave you feeling good afterwards,  You can listen to the track below


The Kut- Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll ( Single Review)

The Kut are a three-pronged assault of raw, '90s-infused grunge and alt-rock that is set to ignite a stage near you. The alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha. The Kut has been causing quite a stir with their arduous touring and festival appearances that include Download and Camden Rocks, as well as appearances on national radio stations and TV stations like Kerrang! and Scuzz.

They now release Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll, off their new album Valley of the Thorns, which reached #7 on the UK Rock album charts. This is an energetic ball of scuzzy guitars and hellacious attitude, which reminds me of A edgier Runaways that begins with a blood-pumping and sonic riff that inflame with choral chants of "HOLLYWOOD ROCK AND ROLL".
This is a fun track that shows the girls are really enjoying themselves, which could easily be a crowd-pleaser at festivals for fans who want a good time.

The production is so refined you can almost feel the fingers climbing up the fretboard. The bass is thunderous, the vocals are boisterous and the music is loud!!!

Valley of the Thorns is now available via Criminal Records you can hear the track below


Sarah Caltieri- Stranger To Me Now ( Single Review)

Sarah Caltieri is something of a divine talent on the up. The Award-winning singer/actor has built something of a portfolio with her increasing array of capabilities.

Caltieri has appeared at several festivals, featured on FM radio stations and made appearances on GMTV's Lorraine show and her first recordings broadcast on Channel 4's Cutting Edge program. She has been busy promoting her debut solo album Something I Couldn't Say, which latest single Stranger To Me Now,  A beautifully crafted indie/ rock track fused with angelic charm.

This track reminds me of early KT Tunstall with its upbeat rhythm section and strong message of moving on from someone who does not believe in you. I can see why it has featured so prominently on the radio. Caltieri has that similar appeal with her crisp and powerful range opening proceedings before her backing band comes into play with the steady drumming patterns and a driving burst of rhythmic electric guitar and equally mesmerising bass lines that will keep the listener hooked towards the end. Caltieri certainly has the platform to build towards further things in her career.

You can listen to the track below;


Nelson King Shine On ( Single Review)

Nelson King is a Lo-Fi, Indie singer, based in Brighton, England. King is fast becoming a hit on the Indie scene with many describing his music as a prolific catalogue of material that navigates an array of genres with effortless versatility.

He now releases Shine on, the next single off his latest album Shine. King names The Beatles, T-Rex and Jimi Hendrix as his influences, which are none more evident than on this track. An acoustic and melodic track that would be expected to grace the airwaves of all national radio stations.

The song is simple without any complex structures. which is why I believe can become a hit. King's vocals are raw and receptive to any listener taking a long drive home from work. The strumming pattern is basic with subtle backbeats with a singalong chorus and beautiful fingerpicking that blend with an accustomed backing drum track that provides a tight rhythm.

You can listen to the track below


Just aJester- Someone Like You ( Single Review)

London-born Just A Jester AKA Timothy Daniel Whittaker has had an illustrious career in the music industry, having supported established musicians like Van Morrison, played with Stuart Copeland of The Police and performed 7 times at Glastonbury Festival. Whittaker now releases his second solo track Someone Like You, a charming and upbeat acoustic track enthusing full of wisdom.

 Someone Like You starts off the subtle taps of cymbals that leads to the uptempo and bright tones of guitar loops that transitions into a huge pop chorus. The strumming pattern and reflective lyrics produce a warm song that builds nicely to satisfactory finish. The bridges are delightful as the vocals are receptive to new listeners. This is a track I feel shares similarities with the rock band Biffy Clyro and is understandable why Just A Jester has been a regular at Festivals. This is certainly a track that could be a successful summer track.

You can listen to the track via Spotify or find more information via www.facebook.com/timothy.d.whitaker


Ali Jacko- Think It Over ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko returns with Think it over, a follow-up to last month’s single What if I Loved You Like That.

 He aims to release 11 songs in 11 months accompanied by 11 music videos between January – November this year. Jacko is a London-born, Bangladeshi ex-kickboxer who delivers another powerful track full of emotive lyrics and stirring tunes.

Think it Over begins with a melodic riff that bounces deliciously over bars that juxtapose with the soft vocals' qualities, enriched with sentiment and feeling. The track builds to a big chorus accompanied by a tight rhythm section with steady drumming and subtle textures of keyboard help define this track that comes to life with a whipping solo that will bring you to your feet.

Jacko does share similarities with Bryan Adams with strong songwriting credentials and the ability to know where to strike listeners with catchy hooks. His music could easily see him become a regular on national radio.
Words by Anselm Anderson


Song Review: The New Realm- Troublemaker

The New Realm is a Hard Rock band from London, formed by brothers Lee Alexander (Vocals) and Ryan Margolis (Piano) in 2009.

The New Realm has gone on to forge a promising fanbase by supporting a host of legendary artists at some of the UK’s top live music venues and headlining their own shows in London. The duo now releases Troublemaker from their forthcoming second studio album due out this summer. It's an enjoyable feel-good rock track filled with a big chorus and dazzling melodies that will definitely light up any arena!

 The track begins with an electric piano intro that moistens the ears before the listener is addressed by the warm vocals of Alexander cooing “ You! Little Troublemaker” which incorporates gentle subtleties of electric guitar and a steady drumming pattern that erupts with a catchy chorus that is reminiscent of Dave Grohl’s finest work. The song's final breakdown ends with the explosion of huge strikes of bright guitar chords and piano that supplements# the impressive vocal ranges expressed here.

The song transitions through several colourful melodic lines that build towards a pop- a hook-laden chorus that’ll leave many fans flickering their lighters in the air. This is a well-structured track full of interweaving melodies and harmonies that attracts through slow bridges that picks the tracks up at the right time.
 For fans of Foo Fighters. You can find out more about the band via www.thenew-realm.com
or you follow them via social media at www.facebook.com/thenewrealm and www.twitter.com/thekotr

You can hear the track below


Song Review: Jonni Slater - Lights ( Refracted)

Jonni Slater now returns with his new single " Lights (Refracted)" from the upcoming EP “Inversions”.
 A sweet and melancholic track with heartfelt lyrics packed full of raw passion and emotion.

 Slater has been described “as being a talented kaleidoscopic and charismatic songwriter”. The Bristol-born Singer-Songwriter has played all over Europe and supported Bastille and Decemberists.

 Alongside a continuous programme of sound for 24 days in 24 hours, "Lights (Refracted)" is a structured form of ambience that gradually builds to a finish. It starts with wistful piano tinkering and Slater’s solitary vocals that create an intimate mood that climaxes with an outpouring of emotions that is not hard to empathise with. The inclusion of backing vocals and drum loop steadily clambers towards the chorus adds density to the overall power of the song’s message.  

For Fans of Peter Gabriel. Genesis

You can follow Jonni Slater via his website;

https://www.jonnislater.com/ or follow him via social media outlets;


Song Review: Pretty Gritty- Love Don't Live Here Anymore-

Pretty Gritty deliver a track that is as the band’s name suggests. “ Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is a sweet and enchanting track that will warm the hearts of anyone suffering in this cold weather.

 Pretty Gritty is a Portland-based Male / Female act, sung from the souls of Sarah Wolff and Blaine Heinonen. The duo sings crafted soulful harmonies against the backdrop of well-timed strums and beautiful lyrics. The Americana duo, originally from Rockville, Maryland, met at school where they both played in their respective bands. They crossed paths again when a mutual friend asked them to perform an “Open Mic”. Sarah herself came up with the name during an interview when describing their sound.

“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is the newest single from the latest album “Seven Year Itch”, produced by the iconic duo of Fred Cannon and Paul Buono.

Heinonen opens the track with a steady strumming pattern and raw vocal qualities that immediately grab at the heartstrings. Wolff interjects with the chorus to expose mellifluous harmonies that combine with the swirling backbeats that create an atmospheric timbre that will leave no tears dropped. They sing roots-y Americana that will leave many a listener feeling attracted to their harmonious voices.

Seven Year Itch is out now via Spotify, iTunes, google play and Amazon

You can find further information 

 or follow the band;


In the meantime, you can listen to the track below


Ali Jacko- What If I Loved You Like That ( Single Review)

Ali Jacko is a former Kickboxing Champion and singer/songwriter who woke up one morning and decided to pursue a singing career. He has been growing a gradual fanbase through mass exposure on radio stations around the world. Jacko returns with this hard-hitting Ballad “What If I Loved You Like That”.

 He has decided against an album release but has chosen an innovative act instead. He will release 11 singles and music videos in consecutive months between January and November 2018: This will be the singer’s third release.

This is a warm and effective tearjerker about lost love. Jacko’s influences are Bryan Adams and The Goo Goo Dolls, and it is not hard to hear the comparisons. Jacko’s delivers an evocative and powerful song through impressive vocal qualities and telling Lyrical content. Ali Jacko’s voice is measured and strong enough for rock combined with a talented backup band. The combination of piano and a catchy hook in the chorus create attentive textures that are reminiscent of Guns ‘N’ Roses Ballads. It is this form of songwriting that targets the heartstrings and would impress a certain Bryan Adams.

Keep an eye out for Jacko’s next single “ Think It Over”, released this month.

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Days Indoors-Heaven can Wait ( Single Review)

DAYS INDOORS is a British Rock band formed in 2015 that consists of Joe Killington on vocals, Jean-Marc Valat on drums, Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars and Mathew D. Seal on bass. The quartet cites bands as diverse as Foo Fighters, The Killers, Radiohead and Stereophonics as influences. They take inspiration from “the unexpected beauty that everyday experience sometimes brings”.

 Heaven Can Wait is the group’s fourth single from their upcoming album Two Feet Under, due out this summer. This latest release is over Three minutes of energetic, pop- hook-laden rock that has the antidotes for a summer classic.

Heaven Can Wait starts a purge of power chords that takes the listener on an impending trip through Killington’s sweet and telling vocals. The lyrics are evocative and the music is bright and tender. Charneca’s guitar sound is crisp and up-tempo that supplement Seal’s pounding bass line that doesn’t miss a beat in tandem with Valat’s neat drumming.

The song reaches its climax with a nice breakdown passage that builds slowly to its finale. Chillington’s vocal timbre is delicate and enchanting that suits the tone.  Heaven Can Wait is a beautiful and melodic musical piece that would be suitable for long drives, as well as a future Festival fave.
New album Two Feet Under will be out June 2018.

You can listen to the track below;


Song Review: Halo Tora- Always the Last to Know

Halo Tora is a five-piece Progressive Rock band from Glasgow that has formed a bond through years of writing and performing Live shows supporting Jamie Lenman, Tremonti and My Vitriol, as well as embarking on their own UK and European tours. The band have appeared at several festivals including the UK’s ArcTanGent. Halo Tora are Chris Alexander (Guitars/Vocals) Ian McCall (Guitars/Vocal), Mark Young (Bass), Chris McKeown (Drums), and Ryan Connery (Keyboards).

'Always The Last to Know' is the latest release from the band’s album Man of Stone: First Chapter, which is available via Spotify, Itunes and Deezer.  The track itself is a multi-layered and melodic path of Alt and Prog rock that is sure to appease fans of Coheed and Cambria and Karnivool.

The intro is a structured beautiful and intricate timbre that attacks the listener’s ear in juxtaposition with the opening lines of Alexander’s vocals. This paves the way for an expressive track that features a keyboard section that adds depth and mood. The vocal melody qualities are to the point and combine with stirring guitar lines that build to a climax that exposes the band’s raw emotions. The swirling mix of textures creates an eloquent and tender track that would appear to any sensitive rock fan.



Superfecta- The Abyss ( Single Review)

London based hard rockers Superfecta returned in last year with a new line – up that now consists of Danun Todd ( guitars) Rob Negrini (vocals), Matt Vella ( drums) and Carl "Costa" Highman ( Bass) are creating a reputation amongst international stations. The group introduce an alternative take on grunge rock with thunderous drums, intricate songwriting and addictive riffs that will stay long in your ears afterwards.

Superfecta is a force to be reckoned with.They spent the remainder of last year gigging, recording, songwriting around the spotlights of London The band’s latest single The Abyss has commercial value that with the combination of Negrini’s powerful vocals and Todd’s Guitar breaks produce a hook-laden chorus that would appease fans of Ian Astbury and Scott Weiland. The track is instantly trapping the listener with its track explodes with a high octane riff that will leave listeners catching their breaths, before the introduction of Negrini. His voice is rich with emotion, as he screams “ Forgive me”.

The lyrics about unrequited love are as haunting as the breakdowns towards the end. Highman’s bass and Vella’s drumming create a focused rhythm section that is a testament to the band’s ability to compose a decent song that will attract them a new fanbase. This could very well be the track that proves a hit with them!

The band are currently working on their debut album due for release in June.
Also, Look out for the band, who will next be appearing at The Scream Lounge in London on May 19th. For fans of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult

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Album Review: The Cubes- Fall Out EP

The Cubes are an Indie rock trio based in Liverpool from the brainchild of frontman Jacob Solarek, as part of several projects he has written and performed on his own.

Solarek forged The Cubes out of a jamming session between friends back in 2012. After several line-up changes. He is joined in the group by current members Chris Jones (Bass) and Danny Kirkham (Drums.) The trio has appeared at such notable venues in the City as The Cavern, Zanzibar, The Lantern Theatre and the Scoop event in the City of Liverpool College.
Fall out is the Five- track debut EP from the band that was recorded at Crosstown studios in Liverpool, and is expected to be released soon.  The EP shows promises of an exciting prospect emerging from a city enriched in musical history. The listener is treated to a half-hour mix of poetic lyrics and a well-honed rhythm section that combines Blues, Pop, Funk and Acoustic fused with Solareks raw outpourings through every syllable that is sung. In the opener Can you This is no more evident in Solarek's stuttering sneer combined with a hypnotic riff reflects the theme of forgiveness that climaxes with an exquisite solo that underlies his talents on vocals and guitar.

Next is the reminiscent About you, A Bob Dylan- esque  Acoustic track that evokes an image of somebody singing it on a beach. This gentle song will leave you drifting away with the waves. The upbeat chords of Too Bad see Solarek contemplate the woes of a past lover that resonates with a tasty slide guitar that feels like a farewell.

On the standout track, Ron’s blow the talented Jones and Kirkham showcase their versatility with a collective texture of thick bass and steady drumming that initiates building to a big finish with stark imagery that resolves with a dual bass/guitar solo that dazzles. The final track, Funky is four -minutes of what the title suggests converged with Solarek's pleas on vocals.  The great pedal effects add definition to the young band’s arsenal of talents. This wraps up an enjoyable first outing for the band that can only grow going forward packed with the volume of lyrical content, polished production and musical craftsmanship that serves as a precursor for a promising future.

For fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, RHCP

Words by Anselm Anderson


The NaveBlues- Self- Titled Release

The Nave Blues hail from Bergen, Norway and are fronted by the multi-talented vocalist/harmonica player Nave Pudnik. a man that aims "intention of becoming the blues you will come to know; Something different, yet familiar " a brand of modern blues combined with Alternative rock. Pudnik promises to make music an “oasis for the masses”. The brand of Blues he aims to create does not disappoint on this half-hour, 7 track debut with a solid display of soulful crooning, tasty guitar licks, and sonic harmonica play. This EP is a delightful insight into the crossover of classic ebbing towards modern blues. 

The opener Sexy Kiss is accompanied by an audiovisual to legendary harmonica player Little Walter, an inspiration to the lead vocalist, and who was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2008. A blazing roar of that favoured instrument signals the intent with the juxtaposition of sultry vocals that interact between Pudnik and his female counterpart that oozes the bravado of a delta blues track. The combination of modern rock with classic blues is a strong dynamic that works with the music here. It is the mercurial abilities of Pudnik on the harmonica that captures the essence. He controls the instrument like it was his voice with the ability to alter his emotion through that acts as a purveyor throughout the remaining tracks.

 This is evident in the follow-up track Say My Name. A slow burner that feels reflective in the mood of the track and a beautiful multi-layered track that leaves you drifting through the clouds above. In a Quiet Place, A piano-soaked song has Pudnik and his counterpart reflecting on their thoughts that would not be out of place in a smoke-filled jazz lounge, Early in the morning is the standout track of separation has the frontman in a sonic mode with his harmonica playing centre stage in tandem with a slick guitar solo that whips into a frenzy that underlies the overall nature of the album. Thank you is a Led Zeppelin cover rich in melody and tenderness,

The album closes with The Ghost Collector , a rowdy 4-min jam session of frenzied blues, lung-busting harmonica of harmonica play and power chords that rouse the listener into a manic foot-stomping spell Tender Rose is a sweet and touching song finale with all the raw emotion and soul that wraps up an enjoyable half-hour lesson in the evolution of a new blues movement.

Words by Anselm Anderson