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Artist Of The Week- Anthropoid- Dualism ( Single Review)

Words Were Written by Anselm Ander s on for Rambling Man's Reviews Anthropoid AKA David Kuchar hails from The Czech Republic. The Dubstep/ EDM producer/ Musician has been trying to forge a voice for himself through the music he creates from an early age. He began in a rock band with his elder brother, rehearsing and performing music until he moved to Florida when he was 17. Ku char experimented with various styles of music until a move to LA changed things for him.  It was here that he started to produce his own songs, before finally residing in England to continue his musical journey.  The London- Based singer has now released his latest single " Dualism", a song he explains is " a bout the observation that people are capable of producing complete mayhem. The song is about acknowledging that these two forces are very much present in my life as well" Dualism is a mix of EDM and Dubstep combined with Funk and rock create an organic and fresh sound

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : Graylinglake- Runaway ( Single Review)

Words Written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews Graylinglake is an Indie/Alternative rock band from Malmo, Sweden. They consist of former True Lies  member  Michael Harrsjo  ( Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards) and drummer Conny Stade. Graylinglake have been making inroads within the music scene in their native Sweden, and have recently released a new album The Impossible Possible.    Runaway is the band's latest single; a pop-orientated bundle of feelgood music and a catchy chorus that will whisk the listener away. The opening bars follow a basic chord progression that lets the rhythm bounce along uninterrupted. The upbeat tempo is soft and melodic which engages the listener before the vocals enter. Harrsjo's voice is warm, as to sound easier over the harmonic guitar lines and gentle drumming. This allows the singer to sound soothing without intimidating the listener.  The lyrics are well balanced to match the optimistic tone. I feel the song is more apt f