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Psychedelic rockers Honeyburst are the latest act to explode from Sweden. The four-piece formed in Halmstad a few years back have recently released their first single "Revelation" from their upcoming sophomore album, The band combine groove-laden riffs with a sonic edge harking back to the days of a certain Prince of Darkness.

Revelation is a hazy trip through time, as vocalist Noah Soderberg Stenman's rich voice hovers above highly- charged guitar lines. The track's tempo builds with each imaginative entrance capturing the listener's ears as Hammond keys screech along. The finale is a whirlpool of said instrument and blazing solos that combust like cosmic dust.

Honey burst explain the meaning behind " revelation",

"The song is about a person's revelation and awakening. When the frameworks and regulations one has become accustomed to fail or break, people are often inclined to think that what they now see as unstructured chaos is frightening and uncertain. But with the help of someone who rises from the chaos and chooses a role as a leader, there is an assurance of security. "

Honeyburst are;

Noah Soderberg Stenman- Vocals/Guitars

Jonas Snackmark- Bass/ Vocals

Zacharias Almquist- Drums/ Vocals

Gabriel Glamheden- Hammond/ Keys



Secondhand Habit is another prospective talent, emanating from Canada. Contact High is the name of their latest release, a collection of 7 singles the band has recorded over the past year. The quintet combines combustible rock 'n' roll with synergetic guitar riffs and pummeling drum beats.

They have spent the past few years touring Canada, opening for Electric Six, Nashville Pussy & Daniel Wesley to name but a few. This has now brought the band much-needed admiration, following the success of its predecessor "From the Ashes",  including me. I noticed an email from the band, asking for coverage. I was intrigued when I read a list of comparisons, which namechecked Nirvana, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, and Faith No More. The result is a pinch of these influences that piqued my interest.

Opener Hey is an explosive number to get things started. Groove-laden riffs, solid drumming, and a lyrical nature that reflects the songwriter's free-spirited demeanour.

Get Back looks at the breakdown of a relationship, exemplified through blistering solos, a catchy chorus, and full-throttle rock to move on with.

Soundwaves is the standout track for me, with an obvious A.I.C. influence. Turner's vocal register is confident and smooth, steeped in emotion. The dissonant chords, chug along with drummer Skylar Wilson's timely strikes and bassist Levi Megnibir's skilful basslines. The lyrics feel like a message to themselves not to give up. I enjoy how they write motivational songs like this with strong songwriting and enjoyable riffs.

Finally, the dark and broody Shapeshift closes things up like a rabid rottweiler, baying for blood. The echoes of highly charged guitars resonate around the eardrums with a serious purpose to educate about, what I guess, is about mental health. Turner ruminates, as the eeriness of drums circulates his
worrisome tone

Second-Hand Habit is;

Jesse Turner- Vocals/Guitar

Jon Yellowless- Guitar

Levi Meginbir- Bass

Skyler Wilson- Drums

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Words by Anselm Anderson

German Symphonic Metallers' Leave's Eyes return with their eighth studio effort The Last Viking, due out on Oct 23rd via AFM Records.

The band's love of Viking sagas and medieval instruments combine to tell the tale of the last battle of  Norway's King Harald III. The concept album chronicles his remaining thoughts, as he lays dying at Stamford Bridge in 1066. The Last Viking finalises a lasting story, made famous in cult albums Vinland (2005) & King of Kings ( 2015).

Leave's Eyes presents 14 songs of intelligent lyrics, bombastic musical passages and lung-busting singing to take you on this history lesson.

Death of Kings is a requiem to the fallen Haraldara ( King Harald), led by the sorrowful Elina Sirala, whilst tribal drums thud  to the lament of husky vocalist Alexander Krull in this beginning to an epic saga,

Chain Of the  Golden Horn is a pulsating Pagan Hymn. This reminds me of early 2000 Nightwish with more pomp. Sirala is the elegant songstress singing with range and melody, accompanied by chugging guitars, violins and Krull's growling timbre joining in on the bridge.

The opus Dark Love Emperess,  an enchanting composition tells the tale of the Viking hero, imprisoned in a Byzantium prison for his refusal to be the lover of the vengeful Zoe. The songwriting improves as the tracks go on. Melodic passages blended with heavy guitars and soprano- like singing delights in a structure to build these stories to a climax. 
The album aims to create something different through complex time signatures, intense dynamism, and intricate instrumentation to tell a story not out of place at the local theatre.

War of Kings adds intensity to the music with pulsating rhythm parts, thunderous drums, and aggressive guitar parts, structured around the two vocalists ability to interplay off one another.

For Victory carries on this direction with a Celtic folk flavour, adding spice and variation to the differing styles of the musicians involved. The opening nyckelharpa salvo feels like a jubilant display of triumph, as the tempo dictates from mid-tempo to breakneck speed. Krull's grunts and Sirala's evolving vocals make this feel like a medieval joust 

The Last Viking is a ten-minute epic that mixes the menacing signatures of heavy metal, with dark atmospherics and the impending end to this saga. The medieval instruments add an ominous sense of doom, which left me with goosebumps. 

The Last Viking is an intriguing journey through, drama, style, and incredible compositions to leave listeners aghast.

Leave's Eyes The Last Viking will be released via AFM Records on October 23rd

Produced by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studios

1. Death of a King
2.Chain of the Golden Horn
3. Dark Love Empress
4.Serpents and Dragons
5. Black Butterfly Ft Clementine Delauney *
6. War Of Kings
07. For Victory
08. Two Kings One Realm
09. Flames In The Sky
10. Serkland*
11. Varangians
12. Night Of The Ravens*
13. The Last Viking
14. Break Into The Sky Of Aeon

* Album Version

Leave's Eyes are;

Elina Sirala- Vocals

Alexander Krull (Vocals),

Thorsten Bauer (Guitar, Bass),

Micki Richter (Guitar),

Joris Nijenhuis (Drums)

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Video to " Chain of a Golden Horn"

Video to " Dark Love Empress"


SONG OF THE DAY Cousin Betty - Drone

Words by Anselm Anderson

Cousin Betty presents a common favourite of this writer: A slab of distorted, psychedelic riffs and fervent grunge I cannot ever get tired of. Drone,  is the band's debut single taken from upcoming EP Left. via Golden Robot Records. 

The band is the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Damien Stoftka, a man responsible for writing many a riff for Molten Universe, Death Mattel etc in his 15-year career. Inspired by the Desert Sessions, Stoftka decided on a project that would centre around guest musicians and performers contributing music live. Stoftka was able to form his band through "Micro-bands" he supported to end up with a core line up of Matt Downey ( Vocals), and a rhythm section of Pat Walker (OHMS), Tom Bambachi, 
( Lime Spiders, Aberration,) Ged and Tom Corben ( Lime Spiders) and Chris Drane ( Cherrywood).

Drone begins with a fuzz- filled riff that builds in tension, as the vocals interject. Downey's lyrics reflect the anger he feels, as the rhythm section and drums retain the mid-tempo throughout. The chorus includes gospel backing singers, adding resentment to Downey's initial disgust. The song finishes with an energetic guitar solo, full of frenzy and attitude. I feel this is a good beginning for Cousin Betty with a message about the negative side of social media. Drone is a riff- heavy taster of what to expect from their new EP.

Matt Downey explains how the song came about,
Damien played me a riff he'd been working on; it was immediately infectious, but I wasn't in the mood. I was upset about some Facebook "friend" just regurgitating some stuff - obvious garbage they'd heard on in the media and seemingly verbatim. As I scrolled down their page I realised that their politics, faux ideals and very life's philosophy seemed the be simply illustrated through bad memes; some in direct contradiction to the one prior.
He adds , "While I'm an advocate of independent thought and am pleased that we don't all think the same, this hollow person represented to me that type of fool with no fixed opinion about ANYTHING, opposition for the sake of opposition and a seemingly wilful ignorance. Not a problem in itself per se, but this dim prole was also a Dad...a mentor to a developing mind, ensuring further generations of the same. The lyrics spilled out and the entire song, complete with multiple takes and backing vocals was finished in about 40 minutes. On re-listens I think I was pretty harsh but it's just what I was feeling at the time. This was our first real collaborative effort too. I loved it the second he showed me the opening riff."

Drone is now available on all good music platforms. Left will be available late 2020/ early 2021 via Golden Robot Records

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You can watch the viseo for " Drone" Below;




Words by Anselm Anderson

Guitar protege Shaw Davis is a precocious talent, hailing from Florida. Davis and his band, The Black Ties released a second studio album, Tales From The West to much critical acclaim a couple of years back. The album reappears in anticipation of the new album, due out next year. The musician combines roots rock, with psychedelia, blues and a hard rock edge to the glee of this writer.

The power trio, including drummer Bobby Van Stone and bassist Patrick Stevenson, formed in the summer of 2016 in Pompano Beach. They have gone on to forge quite the path for themselves with support slots alongside established acts like Foghat, Blackberry Smoke, Samantha Fish and Walter Trout. The album features nine tracks of sizzling guitar play, powerful vocals and soul-bearing lyrical content.

The Psychedelic charms of Atomic Groove has a Jimi Hendrix feel to it with dynamism, flair, and meaty riffs to whet the appetite of new listeners interested in what is to come. Davis' ability to explore the fretboard and change tempos throughout show an artist comfortable with his instrument.  

Fire Inside follows with a cutting edge addition to their sound. Davis charges through heavy riffage like a motorcyclist trying out a Harley. The guitars are swift, energetic and stuffed full of variation. The bass and drums alternate between each musical phase like a band born to rock. the vocals are crisp and exude confidence.
Momma Told Me is a soulful track with the singer talking about leaving home. Davis' voice is warm and heartfelt, accompanied by his ever trusted rhythm marshals, The guitarist conducts tempo again with carefully structured phases and patterns that convey his raw emotions.

The self- titled track is a roots-based number that reminds me of Joe Bonamassa. The tight structures,  soft timbre, and buoyant musicianship excel in a personal tale of self- discovery.

And Finally, The Frank Zappa classic Willie The Pimp. Davis adds his own swagger to this fun rendition with a dirty guitar sound and edgy vocals. this was certainly the right choice to finish a 
welcome introduction to one of rock's rising stars.

Shaw Davis and The Black Ties- Tales From the West is available via Amazon, Spotify and all good music platforms

1.Take My Hand
2. Willie The Pimp
3.Tales From the West
4.Momma Told Me
5. Fire Inside
6. Know Where You been
7.Atomic Groove
8.I Gotta Try Girl
9. My Friend

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Blog faves The Plastic Pals return with their third single, More Than an Icon, taken from much anticipated new EP It Could Be So Easy Free and Fine, due on November 6 via Polythene records. 

The Swedish band, fronted by the delightful vocals of Haikan "Hawk"Soold, combine soaring power-pop choruses with a retro garage rock flavour to enlighten listeners of said genres. More Than An Icon is a change in direction to the band's usual combination of energetic rock and facetious lyrics with more poignancy to the music.

. The opening strums of a melodic riff segue into Hawk's reflective mood as he ponders about the aforementioned person, You are more than an image of sin-cursed, suffering and grief". in this song about Jesus.His voice remains intimate and neutral before the bridge picks up the tempo with backing vocals from Jenny Roos. The chorus is wistful and mellow, which adds to the personal aspect. The song finishes with another sample of the excellent double - harmonies come to expect from the band. The solo's gradual build to a climax like a psychedelic cloud hovering overhead.

The Plastic Pals continue to deliver music is as much pleasing. as it is meaningful with in-depth lyrics and inspiring songwriting.

More Than An Icon is available now via all good music platforms. 

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You can hear the track below in the player;


SONG OF THE DAY- ONSLAUGHT - Strike Fast Strike Hard

1980'S thrash Metallers' Onslaught releases a new Lyric video for the brutal single Strike Fast Strike Hard, taken from the critically acclaimed Generation Antichrist available now on via AFM Records.

The band were formed in Bristol in 1983 by guitarist Nige Rockett and bassist Paul Hill, amidst a change in the evolution of metal music. They were seen as early pioneers of the British Thrash Metal scene,drawing influence from American and National hardcore punk bands like The Exploited, before searching inspiration from acts like Motorhead in a quest to define a more Metallic thrash sound.

Strike Fast Strike Hard cuts straight to the gullet with this unadulterated assault of menacing blast beats and skull shattering riffage. One would feel a suitable video would fit right in with this song about war. The song begins with the ferocious interplay between intense riffs and pounding drums to differing images of war juxtaposed with soldiers' families and submarines, contrasted with metaphorical pictrues of tigers and hawks. Dave Garnett debuts on vocals and wastes no time fitting in to the role as a venomous antagonist.
The video speeds up with various images of conflict, war, nature and chess. This feels like it conveys the anger and disidain the band vent against the world. Garnett shines through passion and bile in the bridge; gonna fight for the colours until the day i die/gonna fight for my brothers my brother till the day i die/ gonna fight all the others until the day i die.

The song breaks down at a mid tempo that builds gradually into a finger splittering solo to leave you needing a lie down afterwards.

Onslaught are on a new path to strike a statement to the metal world.

Onslaught Generation Antichrist is out now via AFM Records

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Click on the link below to watch the lyric video for Strike Fast Strike Hard



French retro rockers Dynamite Pye explode onto the music scene with their self-titled debut album. They decided to form with a group of fellow musicians and songwriters to create a rare experience in the studio. This was achieved by recording a live rendition at Kerwax studios in Brittany, France through the old analogue technologies of the 50's 60's and 70's. The band's brand of funk/pop/ rock and R'n'B exhibits a new perspective on the approach to music.

We're Gon' Have A Party kicks things off with this entrancing trip to 50's love of garage rock and boogie numbers. Lead singer Lari Lucien delivers a joyful track over vibrato guitar licks and cries of the contagious chorusWe're gon' have a party/we are gon' have a ball/we're going to boogie until the break of dawn/play that rock 'n' roll.

The soulful love ballad Rosy is next. The piano-driven track is about the one that got away. An emotional atmosphere created by bass, drums, and bluesy guitar breaks. Lucien sounds like a lost soul through emotive outpourings that add a sprinkle of reminiscent charm towards the end.

Fuel For Love is a folk song I believe is about a secret rendezvous, shall we say. Lucien once again writes an engaging song with humorous lyrics. His sorrowful tones are equally matched by simply strummed chordal patterns.

The Perry Leopard -written Somethings Depend on a Glance is a love ballad that isn't difficult to pull on the heartstrings. The string arrangement adds that depth of yearning to this beautiful track. 

She Doesn't Give  A F#@k  is a lighthearted track that shares a similar sound to Eric Burdon in a reflective mood. The dynamic changes drastically from a slow and sombre blues song to an uptempo, energetic rock 'n ' roller.

And Finally, Melissa Cox completes the album for Dynamite Pye with the enchanting Tend Me Like A Fire. Cox's attentive vocals soar over the mellow piano keys to wrap up an entertaining outing for the band.

Dynamite Pye will take you through a wondrous journey of forgotten sounds and original songs to leave listeners feeling enlightened.

Dynamite Pye's self- titled debut is available now on all good musical platforms;

Dynamite Pye are;

Lari Lucien (songwriter, guitars, vocals), 

Perry Leopard, (songwriter, guitars, vocals) 

Claudie Decultis (songwriter, vocals), 

Melissa Cox (violin, piano, vocals) 

Zox (bass, guitar, mandolin) 

Patrick Lemarchand (drums, percussions), 

Franck Goldwasser (electric guitar, slide guitar, lapsteel) 

Juko (piano, keyboards)

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You can listen to the tracks below;



Words by Anselm Anderson

Last month I wrote about an emerging talent named Storm, originally from Germany. The dual nationality German/South African singer, songwriter and actress arrived onto the scene with hard-hitting single Sinnerville, based on the subject of self-harm. You can find the full article in the link below. Click Here to read.  

Storm now returns with follow up single Gypsy, due for release on Thursday, October 1st. This song indicates a change in direction to her predecessor into a country blues one about a free-spirited person. Another subject I think we could all gravitate towards sometime in our lives.

The song kicks in with a slide guitar intro segues into rhythmic guitar play by the lady herself. A mid-tempo gradually builds to the bridge, before lead guitarist Mark Dreyer intercepts with fierce riffs. Storm's soulful vocals engage the listener with her passion and energy. The funky rhythm guitar maintains that composure throughout, leaving a feeling of leading anywhere. I felt this supplemented the message behind Gypsy that life is unexpecting. The song forms resolution with a scintillating solo that builds into a dual-guitar jam session to complete another successful outing for this up and comer.

Gypsy represents another worthy example of strong songwriting, relatable lyrics, and crafted musicianship sure to win over a few more fans.

Gypsy is released on October 1st via all good music platforms