Alt- rockers' Trash Heads have released their latest single "Set It Right", taken from the upcoming new album Vandalism.

The four-piece formed in 2014 in Kent. They were created by three school friends, who went to the same school as Mick Jagger. They have been busy writing and recording their follow up to the 2015 debut effort Skyscraper.

"Set It Right" is an upbeat track about finding light at the end of a dark tunnel, which relates to our current circumstances with Covid. The opening grungy riff builds to melodic pop vocals, heavy guitars and pounding drums. The song's overall message conveyed through a juxtaposition of dreamy guitar breaks in contrast to thick, distorted riffs.

The band says of  the track;
"The song was written around the main guitar riff which starts the song - we thought it had a Nirvana vibe to it and is quite dark,so the lyrics and vocal melody reflected that. However, the chorus that sprang out from there is very happy/positive, it became an anthem for looking forward to a bright future out of the darkness we currently find ourselves. It was written pre-Covid, but has definitely taken on new meaning since! We don't like to write our songs/lyrics to be too on-the-nose so leave a lot to people's imagination or interpretation."
Words by Anselm Anderson




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Billboard Award-winning songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his latest single "The Devil's In New Orleans", ahead of the musician's album Hudson Delta, set for release on August 25th,2021

The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, following a tough year that saw the collapse of his 2019 debut, which gained much-needed radio airplay. The New York-based rock musician has been hailed as "one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America". "The Devil's In New Orleans" was once dubbed unsuitable for radio. Tuohy looks into the turmoil of modern society.

The track sees soulful vocals spread over soft jazz piano keys. Jeff Tuohy sounds like the cunning wordsmith. as he talks over multi-layered horns and keys accompaniment. The track has dark undertones to a sneering vocalist that bursts into melody on the chorus.

Overall, this is a track that will leave you pleasantly surprised, whilst looking over your shoulder.

Words by Anselm Anderson


Jeff Tuohy | Facebook

Jeff Tuohy (@thejefftuohy) • Instagram

Jeff Tuohy | Band-website

Jeff Tuohy (@thejefftuohy) / Twitter




English-born singer/songwriter Lives aka Peter Chisholm has released the latest single "Sick" via his independent record label Unicorn Records.

The musician has received widespread radio play, appearing on tv, including Channel 5, BBC, ESPN etc. Lives have also worked with James Morrison, Bob Geldof and Sony BMG in a short, illustrious career.

"Sick" has been described as, unforgettably unique, combining striking lyrics with an addictive tune and instrumentals. This is a fair description with a carefully structured, infectious song destined to remember for any summer playlists.  Lives' slick vocals transition between sharp rapping, piercing melodies, and reflective tones. as the singer expresses his disapproval of what annoys him. The track begins with subtle string arrangements that segue into an upbeat, funky guitar riff. Lives' melodies change the tone in the bridge, as his frustrations convey over tinkering keyboards to wrap up the track.

No doubt, Lives' will leave you feeling anything other than sick with this memorable track.

Words by Anselm Anderson


(LiVES | Facebook


LiVES – Singer Songwriter Official Website (livesliveslives.com)




Canadian Modern Metal act Living Dead Girl finally released their much-anticipated debut Exorcism, this past Friday (June 11th). The album was produced by critically-acclaimed producer Mitchell Marlow (In This Moment) and mastered by Howie Weinberg ( Metallica, Nirvana)

Living Dead Girl was formed in 2017 by lead singer Molly Rennick, who blends the pop accessibility of Avril Lavigne with the dark, gothic undertones and in-your-face metal of In this Moment. This 11- track introduction contains elements of these influences with groove-orientated breakdown, harrowing lyrics, and a mixture of sweet melodies and terrifying howls.

Opener "Alive" will certainly make one feel so after listening to the alluring pop vocals and staccato rhythms to make this accessible to a mainstream audience. The menacing "Beautiful" is a tale of how having plastic surgery and generic looks seems to be the acceptance in society with an unstable Rennick emerging from her shell. The frontwoman's fragile timbre transitions into a barking growl to reflect her views on this topic. Molly Rennick's multi-layered vocals act as a conduit for her inner feelings over sardonic electronics and thunderous guitar breaks. The Lp continues to explore subjects of depression, deceit etc in this manner.

"Exorcism" looks at the metaphor of how "A good metal girl" has been corrupted in a tumultuous relationship. Rennick proceeds to let her emotions pave the way, as she screams over knuckle-busting riffs like a woman possessed. There are times when this album, like so many, can blend into one another. yet, "Poltergeist" aims to take things in another direction with its haunting dynamics to send shivers down your spine. "Escape" is a call to arms with a dire message to anyone desperate to get away from an unhappy situation. the piano-laden intro builds to sonic blast drums, unnerving electronics and Rennick's stark warning "You are gonna' wash up and drown". "Worship Me" sounds like a rabid Avril Lavigne arguing with a sedated Maria Brink.


Rennick's vocals are produced to the extent it allows the listener to explore her transformation from a "pop princess" to an "angry gothic metal girl". This is helped with the assistance of a backing band of savage guitar rhythms, terrifying basslines and mortifying drum fills.

Overall, Living Dead Girl is very much alive with this fresh breath of air. Exorcism shows the band are in possession of a brand of metal that appeals to a new generation of metalheads. Words by Anselm Anderson

 Exorcism is available at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/livingdeadgirl1/exorcism-2. Additional bundles, including physical CDs, vinyl and exclusive merchandise are available at www.livingdeadgirl.ca/. Also, it is available through all major streaming platforms









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Singer/songwriter Erin Coburn released her latest single"Flip" last Month. The Kentucky- Native combines Trap music with 90's rock to create a sensual song with slick production values and edgy sound.

The talented young musician has been writing songs since she was 12, and alongside her backing band,  has performed at some iconic venues across the States, including Buddy Guy’s Legends, Summerfest, Blissfest, King Biscuit, Kalamazoo State Theatre and many more. The multi-instrumentalist has released three studio albums to date with a typical lyrical theme of not fitting in."Flip" is a no-nonsense rock track with pop sensibilities. Coburn purrs over a slow tempo that builds into a thick guitar sound during the bridge. Coburn bursts into a powerful and catchy chorus that returns to the sultry vocal timbre and funky guitar beats. Erin Coburn will no doubt make readers flip with this latest release. Words by Anselm Anderson . "Flip" is available now via all major streaming platforms

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Lo-Fi singer/songwriter Andrew Neil returns with his fifth album, Sunny Side Up, a follow up to the 2019 release, Freak. Sunny-Side Up sees the Charlottesville native going back to his "Outsider" roots, a movement inspired by such artists as the late Daniel Johnston. Andrew recorded the album live in his living room, using his chosen nylon string Ovation Classical Guitar.

The ten-track LP delivers a semi-biographical perspective on the singer's thoughts and life. The evocative imagery, upbeat tone, and heartfelt muses naturally come from a creative mind. The opener "Gamblin Man" is a bluesy number with a cool vibe. Andrew's nonchalant approach sung over strong percussive beats instantly make this a pleasant start."Sunny Side" is a wonderful and powerful song that teaches us not to take life for advantage. 

Andrew Neil continues to write vibrant music that doesn't rely on studio wizardry or proto tools to make this a good listen. He manages to always write honestly and openly, whilst remaining basic. This allows the listener to enjoy without any complications. "Lemonade" is such an example that sees Neil use the metaphor of making lemonade to unite a sometimes divided and corrupt world. His vocal timbre is precocious and warm as hazy keyboard lines accompany him. The album's overall feeling of the singer playing live in front of you makes it easier to relate to the lyrics and music. "It Kinda Turns Me On" is a beautiful ballad about true love, as the album wraps up with "Thank The Lord", a personal song about dealing with mental health through music. The slick guitar riff and steady rhythmic strumming patterns leave this easy on the ear. 

Overall, Sunny Side Up is another enjoyable listen from Andrew Neil. Neil remains a remarkable talent, who shares his thoughts through appealing storytelling. The listener will be sure to feel happier after this worthwhile release. Words By Anselm Anderson

Sunny-Side Up is available to stream/download tomorrow via all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon Music. Click Here to pre-order/save the album for your good listening The album will be available for purchase in October through 1oo limited Press pieces of vinyl.



Andrew Neil (facebook.com)

Andrew Neil (@oneloveoneglobe) / Twitter

Andrew Neil (@andrewneilmusic) • Instagram 

"It Kinda Turns Me On"

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Glam Rock Act Velvet Insane released their latest single " Sound of Sirens" this past Friday (June 11th). The follow up to "Backstreet Liberace" is the second single to be taken from the upcoming album Rock'n'Roll Glitter Suit, due out on July 16th. The track was written by producer Sulo Karlsson of The Diamond Dogs.

"Sounds of Sirens" is a throwback to the 60's jangly pop scene with soaring melodies in reflection. The introspective vocals take the listeners to a time of peace and harmony.

Rambling Man had the opportunity to speak with guitarist and founder of Velvet Insane, Jesper Lindgren about the track, Velvet Insane, and their upcoming studio release.


Hello, Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

HI! My name is Jesper and I’m the guitar player in the glam rock 'n' roll group Velvet Insane from Sweden. We are gonna release an album very soon and a few other projects.

How was Velvet Insane formed?

Velvet Insane was formed in the fall of 2013 because I needed a band to play with at a charity concert I did. I actually just ran into Jonas at a local club in our hometown Östersund and the rest is history.

How would you describe your sound?

We are a glam-rock band mostly influenced by the 70s: Slade, David Bowie, KISS, The New York Dolls etc. Lots of guitars, piano, horns and a big chorus.

Your latest single “Sounds Of Sirens” is out this Friday (June 11th), What can you tell listeners about the song?
It´s a song that shows a different side of Velvet Insane, our 60s pop nerve, like the Beatles, The Kinks etc.

This is the follow up to “Backstreet Liberace”, That track featured some special guests in Nicke Andersson and Dregen from The Hellacoptors, what could you tell me about that experience, and what they brought to the band’s sound?

Me and Dregen have known each other for a while because we are doing a beer together called RIFF. We have also played some shows together. I showed him the song and he liked it and lay down some vocals to it. Nicke got to hear the song and also like it and played the guitar solo together with me, great fun. They brought a lot of energy to the table and they also sang and played fantastic, as always.

You have a new album out on July 16th entitled “Rock and Roll Glitter Suit”, What can you tell me about it, and what can listeners expect to hear
100% glam rock n roll, with a lot of swaggers, a lot of boogie and a lot of strutting.
it's A ”Wam Bam Thank you Mam" Album.

Will there be any other additional guest appearances?

Nope, just Dregen and Nicke on this one.

The album was produced by Sulo Karlson of The Diamond Dongs, What was it like to work with him, and what did he bring to the recordings?

Working with Sulo is always a fantastic experience, a 100% pro. He was the one who sat us down and said ”what do you want to?”. He brought a lot of stuff, I'm a big Sulo fan.

What was the recording process like?
We went in to the studio and lay most of the stuff down in one week. Then Dregen recorded his parts a few weeks after at Sweet Studios (Martin Sweet from Crashdiet's studio) and we lay down some horns and vocals in London.

What inspires you to write the songs on the record?

Actually, we have written most of the stuff with Sulo, Sulo brought a few songs to the table and we did too. Sulo is an excellent songwriter, we learned a lot from him.

I have read you have started a charity project SAVE THE NOIZE, which features a host of renowned musicians from Thundermother, Iron Maiden, Accept etc. What can you tell me about this project?

It´s a charity project in benefit of the Musikerförbundets Crisis foundation, we have released the first song and the second one will be out in August. A fun and creative project.

And finally, What is next for Velvet Insane?

The release of the album and hopefully tour and play a lot.

Thank you Jesper for talking to Rambling Man's Reviews

Words By Anselm Anderson

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A young woman kneeling on a bed

Words by Anselm Anderson

Pop sensation Dani Ivory released her latest single "Pink Lightning" on May 21st. The singer has grounded her own singing style through a range of influences from Janet Jackson and The Beatles.

DaniIvory has built her fanbase through her onstage appearances such as touring with Beyonce Knowles during the 2013 SuperBowl Halftime show and the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, as well as additional performances with Cee-Lo Green, Rhye, Imagine Dragons, Bridgit Mendler, and K-Pop group 2NEI.

"Pink Lightning" showcases the powerful vocal range Daniivory has, as her dreamy timbre floats over hypnotic instrumentation and impressive production. The singer's mesmerising voice encourages the listener to not only relate but to join her in the chorus.

"Pink Lightning" is available now to stream or download via all major streaming platforms.






Northern Ireland's Ash celebrated 25 years of their debut album 1977, this past Saturday (June 5th). A global live stream transmission was streamed, exclusively via Stabal.

The band formed in the late 1980s in Downpatrick by original members Tim Wheeler (Vocals), bassist Mark Hamilton and drummer Rick McMurray with plans on becoming a punk band. It wasn't until a change in the music schism, the band changed their own direction to release 1996 debut 1977. This was an opportunity for fans to gather around and enjoy the album played in its entirety via the internet.

Ash kicks off with the infectious "Lose Control", a teenage favourite that hasn't missed a beat. Tim Wheeler takes the microphone to thank all for tuning in under the bright lights of the studio. They soon break into another one of their hits, the melodic "Goldfinger", which segues into "Girl from Mars", a track that still feels relevant now, than it did for the twenty-somethings during the mid-nineties. The band don't take much breaks as they glide from one song to another. They like to play the rockier songs loud, whilst the sweet melodies sound crisp through maturity.
The heavy-hitting "Kung Fu" lifts spirits after a few poppier ballads with its exuberance and youthfulness still feeling relatable now. "Oh Yeah" follows, as the trio really look like they are enjoying themselves. Hamilton plays his low slung bass with enthusiasm and intent, whilst McMurray confidently bangs the drums with impeccable timing. It's easy to forget how clever Ash was at composing simple songs with complex chord structures.  Other highlights for this memorable night are the extensive instrumental "Freak out" on "Innocent Smile", the doo-wap-infused "Angel Interceptor" and the blistering "Lost In You" to finish a welcome return for the band. 

Words by Anselm Anderson

"Girl From Mars"

"Oh Yeah"




Brooklyn's own self-styled "DIY" band, Somnuri released their sophomore album Nefarious Wave this past Friday (June 4th), via Blue Funeral Recordings. The trio consists of lead vocalist Justin Sherell, drummer Phil Sangiacomo and bassist Phillipe Arman. The band formed in 2017 with the release of their critically-acclaimed self-titled debut EP. They combine raw, infectious grooves with polyrhythmic rhythms and intense vocals. The album was mixed by Phil Sangiacomo, and mastered by Jason Mantooth at Westend Recording studios KC.

The crushing "Tooth and Nail" is a sonic blast of complexity and harrowing vocals, that resonate with the listener's nerves. Vocalist Sherell sounds like an enraged man, barking over menacing drumbeats to set this LP in motion. The haunting "Desired Lines" follows with slow, distorted guitars, matched by anguished atmospherics, and a hollow vocal timbre. The LP continues to experiment with various tempos and styles that deliver music, which is as unsettling, as it is mesmerising.

"In The Grey" is an outpouring of desolation and anger, conveyed through dissonant chords, crushing basslines, juxtaposed with mellow vocals and harsher ones. This feels like a plea against suffering.

And finally the self-titled track "Nefarious Wave" signals the end through downturned guitars, jagged harmonies and instrumental breakdowns.

Overall, Nefarious Wave has obvious influences but produces a concept about mankind many relate to through our destitute times. Somnuri is a band that deliver fragmented pieces of the human condition, only fans of progressive rock and heavy metal can relate to, and appreciate.

Nefarious Wave is available now to stream and download via all major platforms.


Justin Sherrell — guitars/vocals (also bass on the album)
Philippe Arman — bass
Phil SanGiacomo — drums


1. Tied To Stone
2. Tooth & Nail
3. Desire Lines
4. Beyond Your Last Breath
5. Watch The Lights Go Out
6. In The Grey
7. Nefarious Wave





Uk Hair Metal act Midnite City are set to release their latest album Itch You Can't Scratch this Friday (June 11th). On top of that, the band have announced a six-date UK tour, which starts on August 6th in Stoke. 2021 is turning out to be a productive year for the band. Rambling Man spoke to lead singer Rob Wylde about the new album, touring, and their success in Japan.

Hello Midnite City, How are you?

I'm doing great. Thanks.

You have a new album out on June 11th called Itch You Can’t Scratch. I have had the pleasure to listen to it, and it has an 80’s hair metal vibe to it. What can you tell me about the release, and what fans can expect?

Well, if you loved the first two albums, you're going to go crazy for this one. Goes without saying that this is our best album to date and we are all extremely proud of it. It has all the elements of a classic late '80s/ early 90's Hair Metal album from all those million-selling bands from back in the day, but also has a few twists and turns not found on our previous two albums. Simply put, it's the ultimate Midnite City album!

It wouldn’t be an interview in 2021 if I didn’t ask how the pandemic affected the recordings? What was the recording process like?

We actually started recording the album at the start of 2020. We went out to play shows in Australia in March, then when we returned to the UK everything went crazy and we went into lockdown, which put us out of action for a few months. When it became apparent that the Covid situation wasn't going to get resolved any time soon, we forged ahead regardless. As we couldn't physically get together, the album was recorded in five separate studios around the UK and we didn't get together once, so it was a lot of Zoom calls and Face timing to get the album done.

I shall follow that question with one about your writing process?

The way I write literally hasn't changed since I started writing songs at the age of 11. I write everything on an acoustic guitar, as I feel that's always a good gauge as to whether the song is any good or not. You can write a really crappy song and make it sound great in the studio with a big production. But a crappy song will always be a crappy song. If a song works well with just one guy and an acoustic guitar, then that's the real measure that you have something great. From there you can make it sound huge but when stripped back, it has to be able to stand up on its own as a good song. Everything great is built on a good foundation.

Were there any musical influences on you when planning the album?

I don't think we ever think too much about that. We just do what comes naturally to us at the time. That's what we did on the first two albums and that's what we did on the new one. When you listen to our music it's obvious who our influences are really. As a band, I think all you ever want to do is better your previous album and we feel we've done that.

You have just released a Mini-Movie for your latest single “They Only Come Out At Night”, Could you tell me the reasons why you decided to do this, and how it reflects the album?

'They Only Come Out At Night' sounds like nothing we have ever done before and takes things in a totally new direction for us. The song was inspired by watching the classic 80's movie Lost Boys. I was sat there watching it with my girlfriend one night and was reminded of how amazing the soundtrack to that movie is. I'd had the song title for a while, so the next day I started to write the song, almost in the mindset that I was writing it for a movie soundtrack which is something I've never done before. That's why it sounds so different for us. 

As soon as we recorded it, we knew it had to be one of the singles, and if we were ever to go to town on a video, this would be the one. Our keyboard player Shawn had the idea to make it more of a mini-movie rather than just another four-minute music video. He wrote the script for the video, hired the actors, directed it and put the whole thing together and he did an incredible job. We shot the video at Kelham Hall in Newark, a huge, haunted Victorian hall and had the run of the place from 1pm – 1am. It got pretty creepy there late at night! We are extremely proud of that video. It's by far our best video and I honestly don't know how we will ever top that one!

Another video I have seen is “Atomic”, It looks like a fun one with the band in the recording studio, whilst various people are bombarded with images of the band on TV and phones. What can you tell me about the track, and the video as a whole?

The song is about having a great time and enjoying life to the full. You only get one ride around the track, so make the most of it! For the video, we wanted to bring that good time, fun, type of vibe and I think we really nailed it. As with 'They Only Come Out At Night', Shawn scripted and directed the 'Atomic' video and he once again did a great job of putting it all together. It was loosely based on the 90's movie Airheads, where a band hijacks a radio station and takes people hostage in order to play their own songs on air.

We shot the video at Old Smithy Recording Studio in Worcester, a classic old school recording studio that's been around since the mid-'70s. Judas Priest recorded albums there. Also, the theme from the TV show Gladiators was recorded there and there was a gold disc of it hanging on the wall which we all thought was great. We got a few friends and girlfriends involved and just had a total blast!

This is your third album, and first with Roulette Media. How is Itch You Can’t Scratch different, and how has the new deal shaped your sound?

I think we took what we did on the first two albums and just took it up a hundred notches in every way. From the songwriting to the performances, to the production. Everything is OTT and cranked to 10! It's a slightly tougher sounding album than the previous two, and we certainly experimented a lot more and pushed the boundaries of what we do, but it still has all the elements of a classic Midnite City album.
Working with Roulette has also been great so far. It's nice to have a label and team of people behind you who believe in the band as much as we do. Like one big team!

Your sophomore album  There Goes The Neighbourhood made the Best albums in the past 35 years in Japan’s Burrn! Magazine. That is an incredible achievement. How did Midnite City take this accomplishment, and what role has it played on the band’s mindset?

We were blown away when we heard about that. We have a big fan base in Japan but to achieve something like that was just remarkable, especially when you look at some of the albums we were up against over the past 35 years. It was also voted as one of the top albums between 2010 -2020 in BURRN magazine also, so both were huge achievements, of which we are incredibly proud. Moments like these just make us strive to become better and better.

I noticed you have headlined two consecutive tours in the UK, plus sold out a further two in Japan. Could you tell me about that, and how it has helped gain exposure and built a fanbase for Midnite City?

We've actually done three tours of the UK. Two as headliners and one as an opening band. We've also played all over Europe, Australia and Japan. For a band like us, it's really important to be out on the road as much as possible, as we bring a full-on 80's Hair Metal show to every city we play in and it seems like people have really missed seeing bands like us. Although there are a million bands out there nowadays, I don't think any sound like Midnite City or put on the type of show we do. We are the ultimate feel-good party rock band! As cool as the albums are, for us, it's all about the live show and the more we play, the more we get seen and the more fans get turned on to our music and buy our albums. You can't expect things to happen, you have the make them happen.

You have announced a UK tour starting on August 6th in Stoke, what can you tell me about the tour, and what new fans hoping to see you can expect from your shows?

It's going to be incredible to finally get on stage again after 18 months away due to Covid so we intend to bring the biggest party to every city we play in. I think now, more than ever, people need escapism and some fun, especially after been locked up in a miserable existence for so long. We will be playing lots of songs from the new album, plus favourites from the first two and it's just going to be the best time!

And Finally, what is the future aspirations for Midnite City?

The main thing for us right now is getting back out on the road and playing shows to promote the new album. That's really important. We play Call Of The Wild festival in Lincoln on July 11th which will be our first show back. Then we have the UK tour mentioned above. We also headline Gravity festival in Cannock on October 15th and have a headline show at the Robin 2 in Bilston on November 26th . Following on from that, we have another 6 date UK tour booked for February of next year which we will be announcing over the next few months, then we play further festival shows in the UK and Europe. There are also plans for us to return to Japan next year also.

Thank you for talking to Rambling Man's Reviews.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Midnite City's latest album Itch You Can't Scratch will out on June 11th via Roulette Media Records

Buy/stream the single here: https://smarturl.it/midnitecityatomic
Pre-order the album here: https://roulettemedia.co.uk

Midnite City is;

Rob Wylde – Lead Vocals
Miles Meakin – Lead Guitar
Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams – Bass Guitar
Shawn Charvette – Keyboards
Pete Newdeck - Drums

Itch You Cant Scratch Tour:

Aug 6 - Eleven, Stoke
Aug 7 - Nigtrain, Bradford
Aug 14 - Arches, Coventry
Aug 28 - HRH Sleaze, Sheffield
Aug 29 - Rockwich, Cheshire

Nov 26 - Robin 2, Bilston


"Crawlin' In The Dirt"


                                                           "They Only Come Out At Night"



Italian Progressive rock act Wine Guardian has released their third studio album Timescape via Logic II Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group. The seven-track LP was recorded and mixed by Andrea Seveso at the renowned Ivory Tears Music Works studio in Somma Lombo in Italy. Davide "Dave Rox" Barbiero assisted in recording the vocals.

The trio formed in 2008 with the sole intentions of becoming a metal act in the guise of such heavyweights as Queensryche by vocalist Lorenzo Parigi. bassist Stefano Capitani and drummer Davide Sgarbi. The band soon debuted in 2014 with Fool's Paradise, before changing artistic direction with a more progressive sound. Timescape aims to capture that essence with beautiful melodies, tantalising harmonic passages and instrumentation.

"Chemical Indulgence" hopes to attract the listener early with a juxtaposition between dark and light. Parigi's calm and reassured timbre accompanies acoustic instrumentals in contrast to harsh vocals and distorted heavy metal guitars. "Little Boy" follows with a similar vocal display that powers over counterproductive melodies and harmonising guitar solos. Wine Guardian takes their time and patience to write meaningful music with each track well-structured to build gradually towards its climax.

Each track times in on average of six minutes, which is useful for an LP that clocks in under 60 minutes. The twelve-minute "The Astounding Journey" is an example of this test. The band combine tempos and odd time signatures to emulate a strenuous trip through music to deliver an enchanting track. Other Highlights include the painful "Digital Dharma" and a bonus track "1935"

Overall, Wine Guardian pay homage to their influences through an emotional Timescape. The band's dynamic sound creates an array of emotions that range between sorrow, happiness, pain and elation. This is a welcome addition to any progressive rock catalogue. Words By Anselm Anderson

Timescape is available to purchase via the Outward Styles shop, or via major streaming platforms

01. Chemical Indulgence
02. Little Boy
03. Magus
04. Digital Dharma
05. The Luminous Whale
06. The Astounding Journey
07. 1935


Lorenzo Parigi: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Stefano Capitani: Bass & Backing Vocals
Davide Sgarbi: Drums & Backing Vocals



"Little Boy (Single Edit)"