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The Ten Ton Tinnies are a breath of fresh air to the country scene. The quintet, from Queensland, Australia combine Punk and Country with a mixture of humour added to the mix.

TTTT formed in 2018 by Steve ( Guitars) and Dave ( Bass), before Luke Turley joined earlier this year to lend his vocals to the band. " Bad Gas Travels Fast in a Small Town" is the first single by the band, released on May 15.

The opening riff is fresh and catchy that draws the listener in immediately, The three-chord riff swirls around the earlobes like a whirlpool of countrified music. The uptempo groove supplements The hoarse vocal palette of Turley, who opens up with the lines " Bad gas travels fast in a small town/ Listen up is what they say/ pretty Penny talked to Jenni at the mall now/ everybody says she swings both ways. This style of lyrical observation and humourous encounters underlie the jocular nature of the band. The music itself is energetic, raw and brash with a huge chorus and heavily distorted guitar work that retains its tempo throughout. The band sound like they are enjoying themselves on the record, which conveys to the listener. The ascending guitar solo fits in nicely towards the end. The track is an addictive 3 minutes of another perspective to the usual country music in the charts.

Rambling Man's Reviews had an opportunity to talk to lead singer Luke Turley about the band's inception, Bad Gas Travels Fast in A Small Town, the new album, and the band's aspirations. You can read the full interview below, as well as find a link to the track.

Rambling Man's Interviews TTTT

Music Video Premiere) "Bad Gas Travels Fast In A Small Town" by ...

RMR: Good afternoon, can you begin by introducing yourself to the readers?
G'day Ladies and Gents, my name is Luke Turley and I am the lead vocalist for The Ten Ton Tinnies.

RMR: How did you form the band?
The band was initially formed by Steve (guitarist) and Dave (Bass) back in 2018. Until I joined the band in February 2020, Steve and Dave had been working on a few songs with the intent of forming a band if they could find the right fit. Turns out they liked what they heard on a lazy Sunday afternoon when we were all gathered at the studio and the boys asked me to lay some vocals down on a track they had been working on. Since then I have been the lead vocalist for TTTT and we have most recently added the newest member of the band, Rob (lead guitarist), in the last few days.

RMR: How would you describe the music of The Ten Ton Tinnies to a new fan?
I would describe our music as Country Rock with a punk twist. The interesting and innovative thing about our debut album "Tons of Tins" is that no song is the same as the last. Each song is unique in its own way and I truly believe there will be a song for everyone on this album. From fast-paced country-punk rock bangers to sentimental country ballads, our music can relate to many different audiences.

RMR: What were your inspirations getting into music?
Personally, I have always loved music and had a passion for singing but never really displayed it until now. This is actually the first band I have ever been in and I've never had a singing lesson in my life. I would say my biggest inspiration to get into music would be a combination of love for music and fear of not knowing what could have been if I didn't at least share my voice, and put myself out of my comfort zone.

RMR: How did you come up with the band’s name?
The name of the band was inspired during a drinking session actually. We were all just having a few tins (beers) whilst in the middle of a recording session and Steve just blurted that out and said: "what do you reckon?". We all thought it was pretty cool so we went with that

RMR: You have just released the fun “Bad Gas travels in a Small Town”, The track itself has a catchy chorus, and some interesting observations, what inspired you to write the track?
Bad Gas was a song that Steve had been working on for quite some time before I joined the band. He loves the Canadian TV comedy 'Letterkenny' where the saying "Bad gas travels fast in a small town" comes from. The events we address in Bad Gas were his own interpretation of what crazy things can happen in small towns.

RMR: I have watched the video to the track, it seems a fun animated take on a small town with characters getting up to mischief, whose idea was for this ?
The idea for the animated video clip came from Steve. It made a lot of sense considering the song itself is quite humorous, so we thought animation could be a fun way to amplify the humour. Not to mention we couldn't travel anywhere or gather for long periods of time due to COVID-19 so that was the logical answer.

RMR: Would you say TV shows and social commentary are part of the band’s inspirations when writing songs?
The TV show 'Letterkenny' definitely influenced our debut single but I would say the remainder of our album is influenced by all of our own life experiences, love for country rock and personal imagination/creativity.

RMR: I understand the band spent the majority of 2019 writing for a debut album, could you tell the readers more about that, and what to expect?
During 2019 Steve and Dave were developing 4 or 5 songs. When I joined the band earlier this year they really only needed touching up on lyrics and someone to sing those particular songs which is where I came in. Turning a bad situation into a good one, the COVID 19 pandemic allowed all of us to tap into our creative side and develop the second half of the album in a relatively short amount of time. I think I added a fresh vibe to the band and have been able to have some great input into the remainder of the album. As previously mentioned, everyone can expect this album to be dynamic. It will not be too long until we drop our second single and our tracks will be coming thick and fast. Our music will be able to appeal to many. From Aussie farmers to young rockers to mothers and daughters. I truly believe there is a song for everyone on this album.

RMR: How did you find the recording process?
The recording process has been extremely interesting to me as someone who has never recorded before. Whilst it can be frustrating at times and I can leave the studio with a hoarse voice at the end of the day, I have enjoyed every moment of it! I don't think people actually realise how much work goes into recording a song. It's hard work and I have a much greater appreciation for all artists as a result of this

RMR: How do you find the music scene in your native Australia, is it tough to gain exposure there, or do you feel the scene is flourishing, which helps you?
The music scene in Australia is very diverse. As a regular bloke, I love going out in my local town, Brisbane, and watching gigs of new, upcoming talent. Although we have not been able to that as of late. Personally, in terms of exposure, we are a very young band and seeking to improve on this. I think I speak for all members of TTTT when I say that we need to release more music to gain more attention, and that's exactly what we are going to do. Whilst we are networking on the Australian music scene we know that nothing beats hard work and appealing music.

And finally, what are your aspirations for The Ten Ton Tinnies going forward in the future?
In the short term, I think we would love to break out in the local Brisbane music scene. Getting our music out there is what is most important. A goal for the band is definitely playing at the Gympie Muster in 2021. If we get a good response from the people, the sky is the limit and we will continue to create unique and entertaining country-punk rock music.

Thank you for talking to Rambling Man's Reviews today.

Words by Anselm Anderson




Click on the video below to listen to " Bad gas Leaves In A Small Town by TTTT;



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The review was written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews.

Swedish Garage/ Pop quartet The Plastic Pals return with new single 'Hangin' In the louvre',  released on International Towel day- 25th May today, in honour of the late author Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; which the band named themselves after. The single is the second, following lead single 'Plastic Pals'taken from the upcoming EP It Could Be so Easy Free and Fine ( Click here to read the review).

'Hangin' in the Louvre' continues where the previous track left off. The haunting vocals mixed with twin-guitar harmonies and quirky lyrics. The opening tinkles of piano segue into an uptempo, groovy guitar riff. Hawk's vocals enter with the lines "We are hangin' in the louvre/ And it's quarter to five," A daunting and tender voice, accompanied by a strong rhythm section. Drummer Olov Oqvist is slick and regimented, tapping to every beat as the twin guitars blend with huge pop choruses, and eerie keys to accentuate the sense of feeling alone, yet seeking a form of comfort within.  Bassist Bengt Alim's work is dark and seductive as it slowly glides along to the double guitar phrases that ascend with every line uttered.

The Plastic Pals continue to make new friends with their blend of dark, and sardonic Garage rock and evocative lyrics.

It Could Be So Easy Free and Fine EP is scheduled for release on September 11 2020, as a CD/vinyl/Digital release.

The Plastic Pals are Hakan " Hawk" Soold ( Vocals, Guitars), Anders Sahlin ( Guitars, Backing Vocals), Bengt Alim ( Bass) and drummer Olov Oqvist.

You can discover further details about The Plastic Pals, by clicking on the links below;

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SINGLE OF THE DAY Tarah Who? - Pantomath

Tarah Who? - Home | Facebook

Tarah Who? are a French duo, Vocalist/Guitarist Tara. G. Carpenter and drummer Coralie Herve. The two ladies play an energetic brand of raw punk and rock n roll to relay important messages to the listeners. Pantomath is the la-based duo's latest single, due to be released on 20th May 2020. The single is taken from latest EP 64 women.

Carpenter formed the band as a drummer at the age of 14, originally as a solo project. She soon switched to singing and playing the guitar, before she embarked on a move to LA. It is here she formed the band as a duo. TarahWho? have released 3 EP's and received critical acclaim from notable publications. Pantomath is a dose of explosive, in-your-face punk. The incendiary opening blast of three chords of distorted guitar combines Carpenter's no-nonsense vocals express rage and emotion feels like a band that means business. Herve's drumming is tight and acts as a well-timed Oil machine that drills through every chord struck by Carpenter's intense playing. The straight-up, ballsy rock pulls no punches with its message.

Carpenter explains how a conversation with a disgruntled musician motivated the song ". I wrote this song after a conversation, I was having with another musician who had the constant speech of a "know it all". He was criticizing every musician and their decisions and I was telling him in short that, "thankfully we do not all want the same kind of success." She continued, "then later in the conversation, now talking about success, I was telling him, " there is not one formula to success, otherwise it would be known and there would be no point in having a story and standing out."

Words by Anselm Anderson
You can discover further information about Tarah who? via the socials below;


Click on the video below to listen to the single;



Black Note Grafitti is a hard rock act from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The quintet writes purposeful lyrics, combined with powerful vocals and edgy guitars to convey their message of hope. Black Note Graffiti is set to release new single Inch X Inch on May 22nd.

The band consists of Gabrielle Bryant ( Vocals/Keys), Kris Keller ( Guitars), Kurt Keller ( Drums)
Ricardo Ortiz ( Vocals/Guitars) and Adam Nine ( Bass) The opening crunchy guitar lines build gradually toward Bryant's loud and emotive vocals tell the story of a band attempting to grab the listener's attention. Haunting backing vocals and keys create an uneasy tension that builds to a gradual resolution in the final third with a resounding battle cry slowly accompanied by the faint sounds of a piano.

Bryant explains the meaning behind the music is a call to action, as she explains here "Inch X Inch focuses on the toxicity that steams from relationships we build with those that lead us nowhere. This song is a call to action to take a hold of life in the midst of the storm while enlightening your self-worth."

Inch X Inch is a powerful rock song with harrowing melodies and stark atmospherics that supplement this message for anyone feeling lost.

The track was produced by Grammy- Award-winning producer Chuck Alzakian ( Pop Evil, Soundgarden) at Legendary Pearl Sound Studios.

Black Note Graffiti is set to release two EP's over the summer volume III RISE AND VOLUME III FALL.

words by Anselm Anderson

Click on the link here to listen to the track
Black Note Graffiti- Inch x Inch- video,






ALBUM OF THE WEEK Hillbilly Herald- Live in Hollywood

Hillbilly Herald - Live in Hollywood - KKBOXHillbilly Herald is a Five-piece hard rock outfit, based in Los Angeles, California.  The band plays energetic rock 'n' roll fused with hoarse melodies and guitar-driven hooks. The band were formed by Lead singer Jimmy Herald, on the advice of a certain Guns And Roses guitarist by the name of Slash .

Herald named the band in homage to his family heritage, which originates in West Virginia, before they relocated to Herald's hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. They are influenced by AC/DC Aerosmith and Lynryd Skynryd. and the current lineup consists of  Ryan Snyder and Trevor Bentley joining on guitars, bassist Ronnie "Elvis" James, and drummer Ryan Figarelli.

Hillbilly Herald recently released Live In Hollywood this April in anticipation of their first full-length album, produced by another famous Gun,  guitarist Gilby Clarke. The album will be released via Golden Robot Records, but first comes this celebration of the band's recognized loud, high energy stage shows. I was pleasantly struck by the length of the show, coming in at over 23 mins. The recordings are an insight into what to expect from a band that has been around for over a decade.

Jimmy Herald of Hillbilly Herald | old_skool_metal_head | FlickrOpener Dead On The Money is a no-nonsense, rocker replete with thunderous drumming and a catchy chorus. The guitars synch with harmony to build towards a rapturous standstill. Herald is the charismatic singer with the gritty vocals and tough as nails attitude that leads the crowd into a receptive welcoming.

Wicked City is another fun song that shows the band's penchant for risque lyrics. The track reminds me of Detroit Rock City by Kiss without the gloomy backstory. A hearty singalong chorus with memorable guitar riffs that instantly tell the listener this band enjoy a party.

Eat 'Em and Smile is a crowd-pleaser with the band having fun screaming the chorus with slick rhythm passages that rebound off one another, as the vocals act as a platform for one of those dazzling solos.

The band continue with a sterling rendition of Steppenwolf classic Born to be Wild segues into the Country ballad Pretty Shitty, a parody in what it is like to fall for the wrong person. This was another jocular track that again introduces new fans to their style of having fun, as well as writing good rock songs.

And finally, Yellow Belly completes things with a rousing, foot-stomper. The band's signature dual guitars, unrestrained vocals, and fun-loving persona wraps up an enjoyable twenty-plus. minutes. My only slight is I would like to have heard the set go on longer.

Hillbilly Herald is a band that shows what it is like to not be serious. Live In Hollywood is worth the experience.

You can find out more about the band by clicking on the links below;





Click here to listen to Live In Hollywood


SONG OF THE DAY Superfecta - Mannequin Unplugged

London- based hard rockers' Superfecta return with a revamped edition of an old favourite from the quartet's previous release Disconnect. The band have decided to re-record an acoustic cover of Mannequin ( Electric Version) ( Click here to listen to the original) in commemoration of the lockdown, self-imposed due to COVID- 19 restrictions.

The track is a more stripped back, darker account with the added violins by Miranda Gray Aragaon and engineered by Francisca Curle. The highly charged opening riff is replaced by a more sombre folk-infused guitar passage inspired to feel like the player is taking a long, lonesome road. Negrini's vocal timbre still remains soft, as he stretches his voice over the percussive beats. The vocals sound stark and hollow throughout, as subtle tones of violins play in the background. Aragoan takes centre stage with an instrumental in the middle section to accompany the mid-tempo rhythm throughout.

I feel this is a touching tribute to those feeling lost and unattached during this period. Superfecta are expected to announce a follow-up EP during the summer.

Superfecta is a band this blog previously reviewed in 2018( Click below to read the article)
https://anselmanderson.blogspot.com/2018/03/superfecta-abyss-single-review.html. The rockers play pulsating guitar-driven- rock, combined with melodic vocals and thunderous drum fills. They consist of Rob Negrini ( Vocals), Danun Todd ( Guitars), Matt Vella ( drums) and bassist Carl " Costa" Highman.

Words by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

Click on the links below to discover further information about the band.


Click on the video below to listen to Mannequin ( Unplugged)


SONG OF THE DAY King's County- Bleed These Tears

Words by Anselm Anderson 

King's County is a hard rock act from  Orlando, Florida. The quartet play hard-hitting rock with pulsating riffs and soaring melodies. They combine a 90's sound with a more modern edge, full of catchy choruses and memorable hooks. The band consists of Rob Dexter ( Vocals, Bass), Steve Bell ( Guitars), Rob Kania ( Guitars) and Joe Lopez ( Drums).

Bleed These Tears is the follow up to 7 reasons ( Click here to listen) is due out on May 15th. The track was produced by Grammy- award-winning producer Chuck Alkazian and features  Ted Nugent drummer Jason Hartless and Ratt guitarist Jordan Ziff on solo.

The track opens with a distorted, frenetic riff that seems to spur Dexter into life with cries of ooohh, ooohh over thumping drums and an infectious groove that grows with intensity throughout. Dexter's melodic vocals are suited to this modern rock track that would benefit any commercial radio station. The energetic guitar play helps elevate the vocal timbre to a softening roar capped by a thunderous solo by the aforementioned Ziff.

Dexter explains the personal meaning behind the song “Bleed These Tears” was written about a close friend of the bands. It’s a sobering look into the effects of self-mutilation and the physical and emotional scars it leaves behind

If you'd like to hear the track or discover further music by King's County. Please visit https://www.kingscountyofficial.com/ for more information.