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SONG OF THE DAY Ascendo - Angelina

Ascendo is an indie rock band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.  The four-piece have been likened to 90's indie rock icons Oasis and Arctic Monkeys.  The band's nostalgic nod to bands of that ilk is blended with a modern edge. They were formed in 2019 by brothers Charlie Williams  ( Songwriter and Frontman) and Joe Doody ( Lead Guitar) were later joined by drummer Ethan Swales and bassist Matt Freeman. The band gained national and international attention via radio appearances in the US and UK. Their debut album  Something Sweeter  attributed to this early success with hits  Pink Gin and Lemonade being pivotal figures on regional radio stations such as Trax FM. Angelina is the band's follow up to first single  Bonafide.  A blast of raw punk, intent vocals and social commentary about a young woman with dangerous tendencies. The opening riff pummels the eardrums with its three-chord assault, Williams' snarls " Angelina won't you take me /where I&

The Ten Ton Tinnies-Bad Gas Travels Fast in a Small Town ( Music Review & Interview

The Ten Ton Tinnies are a breath of fresh air to the country scene. The quintet, from Queensland, Australia combine Punk and Country with a mixture of humour added to the mix. TTTT formed in 2018 by Steve ( Guitars) and Dave ( Bass), before Luke Turley joined earlier this year to lend his vocals to the band. " Bad Gas Travels Fast in a Small Town" is the first single by the band, released on May 15. The opening riff is fresh and catchy that draws the listener in immediately, The three-chord riff swirls around the earlobes like a whirlpool of countrified music. The uptempo groove supplements The hoarse vocal palette of Turley, who opens up with the lines " Bad gas travels fast in a small town/ Listen up is what they say/ pretty Penny talked to Jenni at the mall now/ everybody says she swings both ways. This style of lyrical observation and humourous encounters underlie the jocular nature of the band.  The music itself is energetic, raw and brash with a huge chorus a


Swedish Garage/ Pop quartet The Plastic Pals return with new single Hangin' In the louvre,   released on International Towel day- 25th May today, in honour of the late author Douglas Adams , who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ; which the band named themselves after. The single is the second, following lead single P lastic Pals., taken from upcoming EP It Could Be so Easy Free and  F ine ( Click here to read the review). . Hangin in the Louvre continues where the previous track left off. The haunting vocals mixed with twin- guitar harmonies and quirky lyrics. The opening tinkles of piano segues into an uptempo, groovy guitar riff. Hawk's vocals enter with the lines "We are hangin' in the louvre/ And it's quarter to five," A daunting and tender voice, accompanied by a strong rhythm section. Drummer Olov Oqvist is slick and regimented, tapping to ev

SINGLE OF THE DAY Tarah Who? - Pantomath

Tarah Who? are a french duo, Vocalist/Guitarist Tara. G. Carpenter and drummer Coralie Herve. The two ladies play an energetic brand of raw punk and rock n roll to relay important messages to the listeners. Pantomath is the la-based duo's latest single, due to be released on 20th May 2020. The single is taken from latest EP  64 women. Carpenter formed the band as a drummer at the age of 14, originally as a solo project. She soon switched to singing and playing the guitar, before she embarked on a move to LA. It is here she formed the band as a duo.TarahWho? have released 3 EP's and received critical acclaim from notable publications. Pantomath is a dose of explosive, in-your-face punk. The incendiary opening blast of three chords of distorted guitar combines Carpenter's no-nonsense vocals express rage and emotion feels like a band that means business. Herve's drumming is tight and acts as a well-timed Oil machine that drills through every chord struck by Carp


Black Note Grafitti  is a hard rock act from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The quintet writes purposeful lyrics, combined with powerful vocals and edgy guitars to convey their message of hope. Black Note Graffiti is set to release new single Inch X Inch on May 22nd.  The band consists of Gabrielle Bryant ( Vocals/Keys), Kris Keller ( Guitars), Kurt Keller ( Drums) Ricardo Ortiz ( Vocals/Guitars) and Adam Nine ( Bass) The opening crunchy guitar lines build gradually toward Bryant's loud and emotive vocals tell the story of a band attempting to grab the listener's attention. Haunting backing vocals and keys create an uneasy tension that builds to a gradual resolution in the final third with a resounding battle cry slowly accompanied by the faint sounds of a piano. Bryant explains the meaning behind the music is a call to action, as she explains here "Inch X Inch focuses on the toxicity that steams from relationships we build with those that lead us nowhere. This song is a call

ALBUM OF THE WEEK Hillbilly Herald- Live in Hollywood

Hillbilly Herald is a Five-piece hard rock outfit, based in Los Angeles, California.  The band plays energetic rock 'n' roll fused with hoarse melodies and guitar-driven hooks. The band were formed by Lead singer Jimmy Herald, on the advice of a certain Guns And Roses guitarist by the name of  Slash  . Herald named the band in homage to his family heritage, which originates in West Virginia, before they relocated to Herald's hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. They are influenced by AC/DC Aerosmit h and Lynryd Skynryd . and the current lineup consists of  Ryan Snyder and Trevor Bentley joining on guitars, bassist Ronnie "Elvis" James, and drummer Ryan Figarelli. Hillbilly Herald recently released Live In Hollywood this April in anticipation of their first full-length album, produced by another famous Gun,  guitarist Gilby Clarke . The album will be released via Golden Robot Records, but first comes this celebration of the band's recognized loud, high energy