Song Review: Black Vultures - Treat Me Like An Animal

Words by Anselm Anderson

The Black Vultures are a new name in the rock world. I am always excited to receive music from a rock act with potential, and these four have plenty of potential. The band hails from South Wales and are set to release their new single "Treat Me Like An Animal" next Friday, November 4th. The track is one of three singles set for release over the next few months before releasing an EP early next year.

"Treat Me Like An Animal", an energetic and upbeat rock anthem, is a light-hearted look at being in a bad relationship. The song was recorded at Unit 13 in Tredegar by local producer Tom Williams and mastered by Chris Peet at North House Studio in Ebbw Vale. The Black Vultures are an amalgamation of the quartet's favourite bands: Black Sabbath and Them Crooked Vultures. The track shares some influences from those bands with a catchy chorus and high-tempo riffs.

"Treat Me Like An Animal" begins with a screeching riff that blends rock' n' roll and blues influences to shake off those cobwebs. Lead singer Huw Williams enters the fray with a confident and relaxed composure, singing softly. The vocals supplement the driving rhythm section of Williams, lead guitarist Aled Owen Jones and bassist Evin Bevis-Knowles. The song builds in motion to an infectious bridge before drummer Brandon Pritchard explodes into action. The foot-stomping chorus will keep the listener humming it long afterwards before a blues-infused solo ends the track.

The Black Vultures have been soaring high this year with some energetic performances across Wales. Overall, "Treat Me Like An Animal" is an enjoyable rock 'n' roll track to put a smile on your face.

The YouTube Video and single for "Treat Me Like An Animal" is available next Friday, November 4th.

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Song Review: Fozzy - "Spotlight"

a blue eye gazes through a yellow triangle.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Rock superstars Fozzy has announced the release of their latest single "Spotlight" released via Maddison Records/The Orchard.

Produced by Three Days Grace and Halestorm Producer Johnny Andrews and mixed by Jacob Hansen, Originally an Ozzy Osbourne covers band, "Spotlight" is a throwback to the metal roots the band built their reputation on. Furthermore, This track reminds me of the earliest Ozzy albums with punchy riffs and an addictive chorus. This is certainly the heaviest Fozzy track since the popular "Judas" graced AEW arenas from around the globe.

A whispered monologue opens this track exclaiming "I am the light of the truth, the one who sees right through. I know your every move. I got my eye on you-Spotlight!". The song segues into a pulsating riff, layered with smooth basslines and well-timed drumming patterns. The song builds to a bridge/chorus with multi-layered vocals. Chris Jericho's distorted vocals juxtapose with his natural screams over a steady rhythm, before a scintillating solo over tinkering keys wraps up this outing for "Le Champion".

The band built their fanbase with support slots to luminaries like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Kiss, but it wasn't until Jericho joined AEW. The band achieved their biggest success with "Judas". The track has amassed over 6o million plays online and was performed at Wembley Stadium at the recent AEW, All-In wrestling event before Jericho faced England's Will Ospreay in a wrestling bout.

Fozzy is led by AEW wrestler Chris Jericho, Guitar wizard Rich Ward, drummer Grant Brooks, bassist PJ Farley, and Billy Grey on lead guitar.

Overall, Fozzy marks an interesting turning point for the band in the evolution to a metal band again.

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Album Review: Peach-Peach

The word Peach in black letters set against a white background.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Peach, a desert rock band, offers a new perspective to listeners. Their music features downtuned guitars, angular melodies, and a bombastic sludgy sound reminiscent of the style made popular by bands such as Kyuss and QOTSA in the 1990s and 2000s. The Quartet released their nine-track self-titled debut album on 30th September.

The band hails from Bristol, England and was formed in 2019. It comprises Ellie Godwin's manic vocals, which wail over the thick, distorted guitars of co-founder 'JP' on lead, Tim Crooke on Baritone Guitar, and the frantic blasts of co-founder Andy Sutor on drums. The band's music blends grunge and punk to create dark and chaotic tones reflecting boundaries, comfort zones, and relationship changes. To capture the raw energy of their original sound, the band recorded their music live in Devon at Middle Farm Studios with renowned producer Peter Miles. They used minimum overdubs to maintain the authenticity of their sound. The band has already been supported by BBC Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter, Noizze, James Scarlett (Arctangent and 2000Trees festivals) and BBC Radio Wales’ Adam Walton. They have been awarded support slots alongside bands such as Mclusky, LIFE, Chiyoda Ku, Crows, Skin Failu, andDRP, and a slot in 2022’s Arctangent Festival.

So without further ado, let's get straight into the review!

The disorderly punk on "Dread" is hysterical and loud. The dirty, fuzzy guitar sound grates against the unhinged cries of Godwin. The hysteria continues on the groove-orientated "Care". The edginess on "Already There" and "Losing Sleep" continues the same loud and abrasive sound experienced on the release. Each track builds in tension creating an unsettling atmosphere.

The members of Peach sat on a sofa. The curtains in the room are open.

The track "Long Mover" provides a moment of respite before the sombre tone of "Bad Touch" and "I'm Scared" return. These songs feature disturbing tones that reflect the unsettling topics covered in the album.

Lead vocalist Ellie Godwin channels an unhinged Courtney Love, utilizing both subtle, melodic vocals and angular, high-tone vocals to convey the uncomfortable aspects of the human condition. Overall, Peach's album delivers raw emotion and candidness. It is bound to resonate with rock fans seeking a new band to add to their playlist, even if the sound may not be conventional pretty.

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Album Review: Molly Karloff- Molly Karloff

An angry face set against a red background.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Rising UK rockers Molly Karloff have released their eagerly awaited self-titled debut via Molly Makes Records. The Oxford-based trio combines punchy riffs, infectious choruses, and salacious grooves that have gained an international fanbase.

The band has won many plaudits from the likes of UK Radio station Planet Rock, as well as music publications like Powerplay, Hard Rock Hell Magazine, and Fireworks Magazine.  Having listened to their singles "You Don't Know My Name" and "Breaking Out" earlier, I was eagerly anticipating reviewing their latest release. The ten-track LP was produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer Matt Exeter, whose previous work includes Cradle of Filth, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath etc.

The song "You Don't Know My Name" starts the album with a powerful riff and foot-tapping rhythms that set the tone for the rest of the release. "In The Night" turns up the volume with intense grooves and a crushing drum beat to keep the steady rock going. The production of the music is clean and unpolished, with each note distinctly audible. This is a credit to the trio for going into the studio and expressing themselves with no restraints. The dark, edgy guitar tone gives the band a distinction from other bands of the same ilk. 

The members of Molly Karloff adorned in band t-shirts against a red backdrop.

"Higher Than The Sun" has a thick, distorted groove that keeps the album flowing smoothly. As the album progresses, the trio transitions into a rockier sound with emphasis on catchy choruses and enough riffs to shake a stick at, such as on "Faceless", "Cult of Personality" and the latest single "Breaking Out". The band even dabbles in grunge with the distorted chords on "Black Flame".

In addition, Molly Karloff brings their famous energy into the studio with an album full of riffs and powerful songs that I fully enjoyed. Finally, "Ain't Gonna' Dance" and "Automatic" are the heavier tracks on here. They provide the band with extra depth and swagger to close this album.

Overall, Molly Karloff delivers a tantalizing dose of rock that will appease the most ardent rock fans.

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You can listen to Molly Karloff via the YouTube Videos below.

You Don't Know My Name

Higher Than the Sun



LP Review: Nervosa- Jailbreak

a skeleton removes a human mask from their skull.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Female-fronted Brazilian Metal band Nervosa's latest release is intense, brutal and aggressive. Jailbreak, the fifth instalment of the band's thirteen-year history was released last Friday via the always reliable Napalm Records.

The follow-up to the breakthrough album 'Perpetual Chaos' carries on from that success with a few lineup changes and a positive attitude. This is the first record with founding member, Prika Amaral as the vociferous frontwoman barking out messages of encouragement over the savage drumming of Michaela Naydenova, bassist Hel Pyre and the twin guitar offence of Helena Kotina and Amaral herself.

Producer Martin Furia rejoins the band to add his expertise to a crisp and raw sound. The crew explores society's lyrical themes and offers messages of hope by commenting about breaking free from conventions and finding your true self. The use of guests like Exodus Guitarist Gary Holt and Death Dealer Union vocalist Lena Scissorhands adds panache to the message accentuated by the thrash element's pure speed. 

The opening of "Endless Ambition" by Amaral is marked by ear-splitting screams, wailing guitars, frantic drums, and raging energy. The tempo of the frenetic track "Suffocare" builds rapidly. Amaral proves to be an adequate frontwoman, conveying frustration and anger through her stomach-inducing vocals. This is especially evident in the turbo-charged "Jailbreak" and "Ungrateful". 

Four female members of the group look menacing.
Photo Credit: Gregory Dourtounis

On the other hand, Nervosa exhibits their exceptional musicianship in "Seed Of Death". The song starts with a captivating intro that gradually builds up to a powerful climax, accompanied by thought-provoking lyrics. The guitarists alternate between slow, melodic harmonies and aggressive, speedy solos, ensuring that the listener remains engaged throughout the performance. In addition, Gary Holt offers his experience on the political "When Truth is A Lie", whilst Lena Scissorhands adds a maniacal edge to "Superstition Failed", a song that questions the role of Religion in society.

As previously mentioned, Amaral and Kotina's double guitar play is immense as they trade blow after blow with each riff growing more impressive than the last. The duo have great chemistry and show that Thrash is not just consigned to the male members of the metal world.

The opening passages of "Elements of Sin" are long and dark, causing goosebumps on one's arms before transitioning into savage riffage accompanied by blood-curdling vocals.

And finally, "Nail The Coffin" closes the album with some scintillating solos and thunderous vocals.

Overall, Nervosa demonstrates its ability to push boundaries with a captivating thrash album that features thought-provoking lyrics, hellish vocals, and impressive guitar work.

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You can watch the video for "Seed of Death" via the YouTube video link below