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Billboard Award-winning songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his latest single "The Devil's In New Orleans", ahead of the musician's album Hudson Delta, set for release on August 25th,2021 The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, following a tough year that saw the collapse of his 2019 debut, which gained much-needed radio airplay. The New York-based rock musician has been hailed as "one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America". "The Devil's In New Orleans" was once dubbed unsuitable for radio. Tuohy looks into the turmoil of modern society. The track sees soulful vocals spread over soft jazz piano keys. Jeff Tuohy sounds like the cunning wordsmith. as he talks over multi-layered horns and keys accompaniment. The track has dark undertones to a sneering vocalist that bursts into melody on the chorus. Overall, this is a track that will leave you pleasantly surprised, whilst looking over your shoulder. Words by Anselm Anderson SO

Backfoot Memory ( Single review)

Backfoot originally formed after meeting through a Queens covers band. Irish drummer Damien Dockery and Armenian vocalist David Zalinian soon began to write their own original material; along with a little help from Hungarian musicians. The outcome is their debut album Running Behind Time. The result of this is through the latest single "Memory", a combination of funk beats, pop choruses and latin flair. The delicate timbre of the vocal lines creates a hazy resonance with the listener's attentive listening. The songwriting is a key to how this track works. The simple rhythmic patterns captivate from the start with a steady tempo of electric guitar and piano that repeat phrases to produce a feeling like one is going down an old memory lane. I feel the strengths are from talented musicianship and a rhythm section. The track reaches its climax through a combination of bass, guitar and piano jam session. the funky guitar riff retains its composure over the harmonio

Joshua KYEOT S- Blocks ( Single Review)

Joshua KYEOT is a soulful singer/songwriter originally from Accra, Ghana and raised in Croydon, London. KYEOT has a background rich in musical experience. Albeit, as a leading tenor in high school, or cutting vocals at university halls, Kyeot taught himself to play instruments and sing. He is now on something of a crescendo wave on the back of a  memorable year that has seen the young musician release his own two-track project " She Loves Me ",  alongside a sold-out appearance at Servants Jazz Quarters, and BBC introducing. He now releases new single " S-Blocks " off upcoming EP " She Loves Me". And what transpires is a beautiful woven pattern of different genres that combine to create a momentary rainbow of harmonious textures that would be beneficial for a regular radio release. "S- Blocks " takes a trip through soul, afro-beats, hard rock and pop with heartfelt lyrics that will keep plenty bating more. The track starts off with a

Freya Alley- Another Man ( Single Review)

Freya Alley is an accomplished and adaptable singer!! That is not a bad statement to start a review on a young star that oozes the ability to appeal to one's emotions. Many readers of this blog will recognise the name of a singer I reviewed back in July. Alley moved to London from her native Lithuania several years back to pursue a musical career. She soon teamed up with Songwriter Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Studios, which have found success with notable names like Pixie Lott and Sam Smith. Frey Alley now treats us to her new single Another Man , a track about the complexities of love that leads to breaking up in a relationship. I feel this has a slightly darker tone to Come Back , which was released in July. The subtle electronic beats create an eerie atmospheric, that truly symbolises the pain one can feel in this situation. The most striking attribute of Alley I like is her songwriting, as she writes heartfelt poetry. This speciality allows the listener to empathise