Uk Psychedelic rockers Deepshade recently released their latest third EP, Gloaming. Formed in Wigan, England in 2013, the trio combine desert rock with progressive elements and heavy rock to create a diverse and promising release. Deepshade has gradually built an ardent fan base across their northern quarters. Receiving much-coveted airplay on Kerrang! Planet Rock and Total Rock, This five-track EP marks "a more experimental approach to our catchy, heavy sound", according to lead singer/guitarist David Rybka.

The opening track 'Eat My Dust' offers listeners an insight into this claim. A stoner rock track with an edgy, distorted riff. The band's catchy chorus and solid guitar work kick things off like a desert storm ready to sweep one away. The tight drumming and infectious tunes are capped off with a sax outro that sounds like a jam session.
Next up is the equally hazy 'Mountain', a nine-minute track with psychedelic melodies and synth/sax elements added to the urgency of the crunchy guitars. Lead vocalist David Rybka's vocals are soft and hypnotic. The pop elements add a sense of nebulous wonder.

Deepshade produces an expansive album that mixes distinctive styles through strong songwriting, relatable lyrics, and hook-laden riffs. The band have gone all out to appeal to the listener's senses the seven-minute 'Life is Beauty' is one of the singles the blog has previously covered. The south Asian influences are mixed with punchy beats and continue with the album's diverse approach. The song follows an unexpected turn towards the end with a menacing breakdown that juxtaposes with those South Asian influences.

'The Wolf' is instantly my standout track with the closest to the heaviest track on the EP. The mid-tempo rhythm does not skip a beat against the backdrop of a thunderous riff, pounding drums and entrancing vocals.

And finally, the progressive 'Gloaming' is the second-longest track on the Ep, clocking in at over eight minutes. The band combine some beautiful melodies with the saxophone making one final hurrah. Deepshade knows how to typically create atmospheric tracks that powerfully build to a climax. They make use of their guitar pedal effects to accurately reflect those stoner influences.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Song Review: RoadKiller- Night Rider


Female-fronted hard rock act Roadkiller is set to release their debut album Pick of The Litter this Wednesday, May 26th. In anticipation of this release, the band have unveiled a new single entitled 'Night Rider'. The Pennsylvania-based outfit has included some special guests on this release like Bam Margera (CKY). Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro) and Donald Tardy (Obituary) to name but a few.

'Night Rider' has all the energy and no-holds attitude of punk music, riffs of metal, and pure speed of thrash to welcome the world to a new taste of femme-driven rock. The song begins with the '80s influenced high-tempo riff, incorporating power and tenacity, to build to the lung-busting screams of lead singer Phillipa Tank. Tank sings over surging guitar leads and screeching solos to produce a track that takes this kind of rock back to the heydays of Girlschool and The Runways.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Album of The Week- Last Temptation- Fuel for My Soul plus Last Temptation Co-Founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer interview

Upcoming European heavyweights Last Temptation released their sophomore effort Fuel for My Soul today (Friday 20th May) via Crusader Records.

The album marks a change in direction for the band with a more eclectic approach to their musical sound. The eleven- hard-hitting songs incorporate 70's songwriting, 80's metal and 90's grunge that leaves no stone unturned. The album took a week to record as all parts were recorded live in the studio with no pro tools, or fancy production attached. You can find out more about the making of the album in my interview with co-founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer below. He is joined in the band by the charismatic vocalist Butcho Vukovic, the exemplary bassist Julien Rimaire and newly appointed drummer Farid Medjane, a replacement for Victor Bisatch. Medjane joined after the recordings, and Bisatch appears on the album.

The album opens with the fiery Ashes and Fire, an example of the band's eighties influences combined with those grunge undertones. Vukovic croons over distorted guitars and rumbling basslines. The vocals are smooth and suitable for this kind of accessible rock. Scheithauer displays his guitar influences with a roaring solo.

Next up is the radio-friendly I Believe. Vukovic's smooth melodies are accompanied by a gritty guitar sound, combined with some nice melodic passages. The drumming remains precise throughout, whilst Rimaire provides a good platform for the scintillating riffs.

I was left impressed with how solid the sound is on the album. The choice to record live gives the listener insight into how well the band perform together. Each instrument is clear, which I believe has contributed to the excellent quality here. The blend of contrasting styles makes a pleasant listen because it gives Last Temptation to play to their abilities.

Vukovic is a good pick to front the band because of his diverse range. On I Don't Wanna be Your God, He sounds like a contemporary Chris Cornell, rich in emotion. The catchy chorus and heavy, down-tuned guitars mark this out as a key track for me. Another pick is the title track Fuel for My Soul with the delightful chorus Nothing but music/can fuel for my soul. The band write good songs with a powerful message behind them, along with some killer riffs and a good rhythm section.

Other highlights include the anthemic Main Attraction with its hook-laden cries of Woah yeah/we're the main attraction, pounding drums and ear-splitting solos. The grooves of The Answer feature a lung-busting performance by Vukovic. And finally, the dark Going Crazy completes this great outing for Last Temptation.

Overall, the band proves this is a temptation for rock purists, eager to find something new and adventurous in their rock collections.

Rating: 8.5/10

Words by Anselm Anderson

Musician Interview- Peter Scheithauer- Last Temptation guitarist

I caught up with Last Temptation co-founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer to speak via Zoom about the new album, touring, and who he would like to guest on his album.

Click below to watch the full interview:

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'Ashes and Fire'

'Fuel for My Soul'




Australian Country rock act The Ten Ton Tinnies are back with a brand-new single,' Country Bars'.
The track was recorded at the Tinies' private studio in Brisbane, mixed by DW Norton at Black Mountain Music and mastered by Sam Striker in Austin, Texas.
'Country Bars' marks a development in the band's sound with an anthemic edge. The track is a fun-fuelled three minutes of rustic rock guitars and assessable vocals. The song begins with a screeching guitar riff over subtle drumbeats. The song is a celebration of all things country life with a singalong chorus, infectious hooks and some nice guitar leads to leaving this an enjoyable return for the boys from down under.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Photo Credit: Press
  The Rambling Man got an opportunity to interview influential singer/songwriter Cory Singer about his latest single 'Break of Dawn', his rise to fame and his advocacy work for Autism. Scroll down to read the full interview.

Good morning, how are you?

I’m doing well, thank you! 

Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Cory Singer. I am a singer/songwriter, social media influencer, and autism advocate. I create music to be able to inspire others with my experiences and insights of having autism myself.

How did you start your musical journey?

I grew up listening to music. I always heard my parents playing artists such as Stevie Wonder, Journey, Melissa Etheridge, etc. I began playing the trumpet in the third grade and started doing theatre in the fourth grade, which I still continue to do. When I was eighteen, I participated in Bravo TV’s singing competition “The Kandi Factory.” After winning my episode, I was able to work with Kandi Burruss and release a single and music video for “I Can Do Anything.” I have been writing and growing in my musical career ever since.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as Indie with a bit of Theatre. I like that my style never feels limited, and I’m able to pull inspiration from many genres.

What can you tell me about your new single ‘Break of Dawn'?

“Break of Dawn” is about finding that special someone in your life. While already having the melody, I wrote the lyrics to this song with a woman in England via facetime. 

What inspires you to write music?

I’ve always been a very creative person and pull inspiration from everything around me; good or bad. I love creating art with meaning and sharing it with the world. I have been writing music for 9 years, and plan to continue to share more music with the world.

You are an Autism Advocate, what can you tell me about the campaigns you do to help raise awareness of the disorder?

Photo Credit: Press
 I’m on the board of advisors for the “I Am Able” foundation, which is a growing movement that aims to share the message that any individual diagnosed with neurodivergent challenges can obtain an easy diagnosis and achieve their goals despite any obstacles. I’m also an ambassador for The Sound Mind Network, which is an organization that aims to inspire those struggling with addiction, mental health, and trauma to use their personal passions as a creative-based recovery alternative.

And do you have any plans to celebrate World Autism Acceptance Month?

I plan to keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is spreading the CORRECT information about autism. As I think it’s important to have a World Autism Acceptance month, I believe it’s just as important to learn and listen to those with autism all days of the year.

How important is it to raise awareness of Autism in the music industry?

It’s extremely important for me and other autistic creators because without autistic individuals having a voice, there is no way to listen to our message. This is the same in all areas of art, music included.

I have been looking at some of your accomplishments. You won Bravo TV’s grand prize in' The Kandi Factory' competition, a nomination for 'The Last Romance 'on Broadway etc. What impact do these achievements have on a budding career like yours? Do you feel it helps motivate you to do what you do?

It’s very humbling to have all these accomplishments. These accomplishments push me to constantly want to grow as an artist and be better than I was the day before.

And finally, what is next for Cory Singer?

More music and more advocacy!

Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson

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Album Of the Week- Ophelia's Eye- Hopeless World


Swiss modern metal heavyweights Ophelia's Eye has returned with the mini-album Hopeless World, a follow up to last year's widely received three-track EP Fight for Us.

I reviewed the EP for these pages last year and remember being impressed with their energy, harsh vocals, and stellar guitar play so was excited to see they have this new album out. I felt like the band could go on to massive things.  (You can find a link to the review below). The five-piece has earned rave reviews from reputable magazines such as The Razor's Edge and Moshville Times. 'Hopeless World' brings the same rage, intensity, and thunderous riffs as 'Fight for Us' with three extra tracks added. The LP touches on similar social and personal issues as the last Ep with topics ranging from suicide to divisiveness to greed and envy.

The LP picks up with the soaring double harmonies of ' My Honor' from Rhythm guitarist Corinne Ryter and lead guitarist Remo Lemp. The duo has great chemistry as they trade riffs with one another with their timing and dexterity. Lead vocalist Michel Egloff Sieber returns with death growls that have added poignancy to the last time out.

Next up is the melodic metal of 'Fuck My Trust'. The song opens with extensive guitar melodies that pick up in intensity to unleash aggressive vocals and finger splitting drum blasts. The band have matured in sound with melancholic passages spliced with intense songs of real emotion and pain experienced throughout this release. 

An example can be heard in the seven-minute title track 'Hopeless World' with progressive elements that bestow the true technical prowess of Ryter, Lemp, and bassist Sandro Suter. The band write structured riffs, rich in tone and emotion, as well as songs that appeal to the hardcore headbangers in attendance. The maniacal cries of 'Human Abyss' is next up with another raging slab of hollow death howls, blistering riffs and intensified drumming that sounds like a band on edge. Other highlights match that raw power is on display in the adrenaline-fuelled 'I'm Explosive', a song that ups the tempo to breakneck speed. And finally, 'Pain and Sorrow' completes the album with a slice of modern metal mixed with catchy guitar leads and harsh vocals.

Overall, Ophelia's Eye tops the last release with the decibel levels turning up to ten. The band know how to structure songs around their emotions to bring the best out of themselves.

Rating 4/5

Words by Anselm Anderson

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Click below to listen to 'Hopeless World'