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Nashville singer-songwriter Brenda Cay releases her first single of 2021 "Alone With You", released last month. The track was recorded at Arch Audio Recording Studio in Chattanooga, TN, and produced by Brenda herself, with the assistance of bassist Brian Brewer.

The much-acclaimed Cay writes relatable songs about escaping the stresses of everyday life and having fun as well as tackling more serious subjects. Her country music style storytelling has gained her reputation as an influential writer, as well as a musician in the States.

" Alone With You" is no exception with a touching tale of trying to move on. Cay's soft vocals croon over subtle keys. The smoothness of Cay's emotions resonates with the listener to the accompaniment of well-timed drum fills and a solo towards the end. It is the perfect song to play when driving home from a demanding day at work.

Brenda Cay released her previous EP Fragile Like A Bomb in November to a  whopping 1,446,779 streams. It’s been steadily attracting new listeners, logging nearly half a million of those streams after its first week. With the support of more than 10,000 dedicated followers and 31,000 monthly listeners, Brenda is currently averaging around 43,000 streams per week.

"Alone With You" is available now on all major streaming platforms.




 Orange County Hardcore outfit Gizmachi return with a new album, Omega Kaleid, released last Friday. The album was produced and engineered by guitarist Jay Hannon and mixed by Martin Lewis.

The five-piece have re-emerged following a 16-year hiatus with anew vocalist in tow and a ton of intensity to match. Soilwork vocalist Bjorn Strid kindly agreed to take the reigns after a tumultuous Kickstarter campaign in 2012, which saw many setbacks along the way. including budget constraints. Gizmachi first formed in 2006 and were quickly spotted by Slipknot resident "Clown", Shawn Crahan, who promptly signed them to his record label, Big Orange Clown Label. They released the much received The Imbuing.

Omega Kalied is the hotly-anticipated 11 track follow-up full of blazing solos, brutal instrumental breaks, and strong vocal melodies. The opener "Winter" is a stark reminder of things to come, much like an episode of Game Of Thrones, the subdued beginning leads to a brutal onslaught. Next up is "Paradox" is a blend of crushing intros,  harsh and clean vocal exchanges, odd time signatures that sees the band finding their feet. The addition of Strid as a vocalist has brought a rawness and tenacity to Gizmachi that appeals to a mainstream audience. The pummeling "Sky" is an example of these benefits with the interest of dark progressive elements, and agonising howls. There are tendencies to explore different ideas in the songwriting and production to further enhance the attraction of this release.

The whole album goes on at a frenetic pace, which can sometimes hinder the attraction because it can feel confusing with the emotions expressed. The speed of such can leave you clasping for breath."Inner Visions" is an example with the juxtaposition of melodic voices contrasts with gritty ones. The hellacious screams of Strid over extensive instrumentation battle with aggressive blast beats and finger blistering solos. There are times when a certain masked band can be heard in their influences with"New Day ( Everybody Loses)". Bjorn Strid and backing vocalist Mike Laurino sound like two caged Dobermans fighting for scraps, as each growl over down-tuned guitars and mercilessly beaten drums sound more vicious.  The searing tempo soon slows to soft, powerful vocals, before the harshness returns.. 

And finally "Omega Kaleid" wraps this tumultuous journey up with chugging guitars and angry vocals distinguished against longer, more ethereal vocals and long phrases. Gizmachi has a penchant to write songs that reflect their conflicted emotions. Omega Kaleid is a triumphant return for an act that has suffered many tribulations 

Words by Anselm Anderson

Omega Kaleid is available across all major streaming platforms.


Jay Hannon - Guitars

Mike Laurino - Guitars/Vocals

Kris Gilmore - Bass

Jimmie Hatcher - Drums

Björn Strid - Vocals

GIZMACHI online:







"Listen Like It's Gospel" is the latest release under the Indieink Music umbrella via Sony /Orchard, today (March 12th)The talented multi-Award-winning singer Prana Songbird performs the track, alongside Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

The track was written by Multi-Grammy Award-nominated artist and producer Thomas Marolda to bring the best out of Prana's powerful voice. Prana's vocals were recorded at The Dream Studios Complex in Alva Florida with engineer Chad Zuchegno. 

Detroit- based Prana is a French/Creole singer and actress with ties to the Choctaw Indian tribe. She has performed on the international stage with Grammy Award-winning artists and writers. "Listen Like It's Gospel" is the perfect song for the vocalist to showcase her amazing richness and tender voice to capture the true meaning behind the song's evocative imagery.

Sambora is the ample musician to present Songbird's heartening vocal timbre to the accompaniment of string arrangements. The sultry and soulful atmosphere allows Prana to tell a story against the backdrop of an impressive backing band. 

Words by Anselm Anderson

 ‘listen like it’s Gospel’ is the title song for the film “Love Song & Power which is currently in production.  “Love, Song and Power” features Prana as “Violet” one of the lead characters. The film is an adaptation of the book by Stevie Kinchen.  

"Listen Like It's Gospel" is available today via all major streaming platforms.


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Boston-based Alt-Country outfit Kristian Montgomery and The Winterkill Band have released their second studio album, Prince Of Poverty, a follow up to last year's debut, Grave Church.

Montgomery and co decided to take no risks and headed to Ultrasound studios to record the album two months after their predecessor. Kristian Montgomery is a Danish- Irish Singer/Songwriter, brought up in New Florida. Montgomery has led quite the existence with stories of struggles, poverty and religion. The son of a Fisherman chronicles this with ten songs of Country rock, Country Pop and Blues in Prince Of Poverty.

Opener "They'll Remember My Name" will lead listeners to do so with it's Led Zeppelin-esque steel guitar intro and grunge stylings. The slow tempo track has added sweet melodies wrapped in a warm voice to make this a pleasant beginning.

Next up is "Tired of Being Tired" is a touching ballad. Montgomery pours his emotions out with this telling track of struggling to hold down a job. The singer/songwriter is able to convey such sentiments through various methods to capture the essence of his listener. These arrangements alternate between slow country ballads about love and loss to upbeat and fast based rockers such as the Banjo-fuelled "Working Hands", a blue-collar anthem told through passion and honesty. The album has been produced at a steady pace for listeners to enjoy and divulge along this spiritual journey like the captivating "I'll Find My Way Home", a compelling and emotional Americana track-inspired about how it feels to be away for too long. 

Montgomery writes simple stories with the help of a strong backing band full of vigour and ideas that make each track an enjoyable experience. "Just Driving Around" wraps it up with a tale about love told through a potent alternative fingerpicking style, soft vocals and solid percussive beats.

Montgomery and The Winterkill Band take us through a spellbinding and tumultuous journey of well- crafted songwriting and engaging tracks that will be sure to feel like you will know Kristian Montgomery and co a lot more afterwards. Words by Anselm Anderson

Prince of Poverty is available through all major streaming platforms.

"They'll Remember My Name"
"Working  Hands"




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Hereford- based Kinstrife returns with the prodigious new album, Fools and Monsters, released last Friday via Forge AMP. The album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, alongside some unheard ones recorded at AR Studios. The concept of the LP is to introduce new listeners to the band.

The band first formed in 2013 by guitarist Alan Kaye and bassist Dave Richards, before eventually being joined by vocalist Mike Hoskins and drummer Simon Richards ( No relation to Dave). The title for this particular effort was inspired by a verse from an earlier track. Fools and Monsters bring out the best in their performance with powerful vocals and enormous riffs to keep many satisfied.

Opener "Intervention" is a previously released track this site had the pleasure to review. The song's notable frenetic pace, matched with commanding vocals, and screeching guitar lines is always a certain hit with any fans alike. Next up is the moving "Make Me", an evocative song designed to capture the emotions. " Devil's Call" is a newbie I fully enjoyed with it's dark and broody presence. Kinstrife are in full flow with further riffs to cause a shakedown, on top of Hoskins' extensive vocals that alternate between introspective and deep. Kaye's instrumental breakdowns and scintillating solos add an emotional edge.

"Bombs" assure us this is not a political song amidst the scream of air sirens. The high octane energy and hook-laden choruses add to the emphatic message behind this track. "Slow and Easy" is a robust ballad with commercial indications. The sweet melodies and perfectly arranged acoustics make it a potential anthem winner. And finally, "Stick With Me" wraps things up with an 80's metal influence. The tantalising riff hooks the ear immediately with huge vocals, pounding drums and a song hard not to forget.

Kinstrife are certainly no fools with this monster of an effort. The band's ability to appeal to different demographics with this release sets a template for their future.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Fools and Monsters is now available on all major streaming platforms, or to purchase via CD format by the band via Facebook, or all social media sites.


"Unconditional" video

"Fear" video



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Melbourne- based desert rockers' Cicadastone are set to release their second studio album, Cold Chamber on March 19th via Golden Robot Records. The band formed in 2003 by brothers Matt and Mark Robins, who have spent the past 5 years writing and touring their brand of 90's grunge with a dark twist.

I had an opportunity to speak to Lead singer Mat Robins about the new album, Covid, and signing with Golden Robot Records.

Hello, could you introduce yourselves to new listeners?

Hi guys I’m Mat Robins. Singer/guitarist/songwriter for Cicadastone from Melbourne Australia. Thanks for having me!! 

Your music has elements of 90’s grunge, How would you describe your style of yourselves?

90’s grunge is a fair assessment. I grew up in that scene and it definitely shaped who I am. So there is no denying Cicadastone’s origins are from those 90’s bands. But I think we also take a different approach. It’s hard to put a finger on but we definitely have our own thing going on also. 

You have a new album coming out called Cold Chamber, could you explain the idea behind this album and the reasons behind the title? 

Cold Chamber is a song from the album. We latched on to that as we felt it had great dark themes to it and we could definitely tell a visual story with that title. It was a clear stand out for the album direction. Once we settled on that we never swayed from it and developed what is now a record with some big highs and lows and moods which are more like a journey as the album progresses. We are very proud of what we have created with Cold Chamber. 

You have released three critically acclaimed singles in “Box of Anger”, “Dying in Sunshine”, and “Out of Sight”, Could you tell me a bit about the songs, and do you have any personal favourites? 

Box of Anger, Dying in Sunshine and Out of Sight all bring different elements. But I think equally strong singles. However, none of the songs I write is ever penned as a “single”. I just write and what comes out is what comes out.  So to me, they are just part of the album's journey and take their place on the album. They all touch on different themes that’s for sure. It’s hard to pick a favourite as I go through different stages with them all haha!!  

Maybe at the moment, I think the album closer “Down River” is my favourite, but ask me again tomorrow and it’ll be a different answer. 

What was the writing and recording processes going into making Cold Chamber?

The writing process is a never-ending journey for me. So when we finished recording “Chance Collide” I already had a few songs for “Cold Chamber”. And now it’s the same for the next album. I’m not always writing. I don’t force it. But it’s luckily been a pretty constant thing in my life. 

As for recording, It wasn’t easy. We tracked all the drums with a different drummer and then realised it wasn’t really working. So we got Jarrod on board and re-recorded the lot. Was definitely worth it as in that time a few more songs were written, like “Out Of Sight” and the album title track “Cold Chamber”. 

Did you have any influences on the music, or yourselves in producing the album?

Yes we definitely did as I produced the album, and also recorded and mixed it myself. It’s something I’ve always done and enjoyed it. I’m all for producers helping a band realise a vision but in this case, I knew exactly what I wanted and producing the album myself made sense to do. 

 There are two live acoustic tracks on the vinyl, edition, what was the reasons behind that?

Well we realised that not all the songs would fit on vinyl, so we decided to go with a double vinyl but this meant the last track would be on side 4 on its own haha..! Plenty of spare space. So we recorded two live acoustic tracks in the studio which are from “Chance Collide” and thought it could be cool to have them as an exclusive vinyl thing. It worked out great. 

Am I correct in saying this is your sophomore follow to your debut album, which was released n 2016?  How come you have chosen now to release it?

Yes. It took way too long to get it out. The next one will be done a lot quicker I’m sure of it. Writing took a while, plus re-recording the drums, then I took my time to mix it, I didn’t want to rush it. I would take weeks off to clear my head haha!! But it was worth it. Then of course the album release date was pushed back due to the pandemic. But here we are finally !! 

Were there any great expectations for yourselves heading into the studio?

There always are great expectations yes. I think this time all I wanted was to better our last efforts. To record it better, mix it better and produce it better. We have all learnt a lot in the last 5 years and I feel we did that. But I do still love our first album and what we created. 

You recently signed with Golden Robot Records, which has some great artists coming through. How much of a boost has this been on the band when making the album?

Yes Golden Robot Records are great. They believe in what we have to offer and you can’t ask for more than that. They have helped us so much with getting these songs out there further than we could do on our own. We have a great working relationship with them and I’m sure it will only get better as time goes on. 

 I wouldn’t be a great music journalist if I didn’t mention the pandemic.  How much had this affected the band in the past year?

It definitely tested us as it has any band. But I think we were lucky as we were about to release singles. So it’s kept us relevant all year. It’s forced us to be creative with our videos as we made them during the lockdown. So they took a whole new direction.  But now things are returning back to normal and we are still here and ready to get this album out and move forward. We are excited about 2021 and can’t wait for people to hear this album. 

 And finally, what next for Cicadastone?

What’s next? Well, we would love to tour the album even in these Covid restricted times. I can’t see us getting overseas in 2021 but hopefully in 2022. We have a song featuring on the Rue Morgue Records compilation album “Murder in the Rue morgue Vol2” which comes out later this year. Which has a bunch of amazing Australian bands. We also will begin recording album number 3 later this year. It’s written and ready to go. So I’m really excited about that. So yes we have things to do that’s for sure. There will be more Cicadastone to come, just wait and see!! Thanks for the chat!! 

Words by Anselm Anderson

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‘Run Boy (No Longer)’ is the brand new single from Geo Moon, in collaboration with Not Now Norman lead singer, Taylor Mitchell.

The single fuses a blend of genres together to create a haunting track, encompassing music from the worlds of rock, alt, metal, drums 'n' bass and cinematic film music. The song touches on the topic of domestic abuse, as explained by Taylor herself “The lyrics follow the personal story of a person going through domestic abuse. Continuously beaten down by their abuser, emotionally and physically, they come to face the reality of their situation and sees their ‘partner’ for the monster they truly are.”

"Run Boy ( No Longer)" builds tension through harrowing electronic synthesisers that lead to Taylor's jagged vocals create an unsettling edge. The electronic drums kick in to increase the tempo to give the narrator optimism. The track takes a defiant turn with Mitchell's swirling melodies floating over dissonant chords and edgy electronic rhythms 

The track was produced and mixed in two separate studios: Geo Moon’s personal studio whereas the vocals were recorded in Not Now Norman’s home studio.

Looking to the future, Geo and Taylor will be releasing a further track together – a ‘distant cousin’ of ‘Run Boy’ - with further details to follow soon. Words By Anselm Anderson

‘Run Boy (No Longer)’ will be available now on all major music streaming platforms.

Taylor Mitchell – Lyrics, melody, vocals

Geo Moon – Instruments/Production












For further reading on " Little Frankenstein" by Not Now Norman, Please read here https://anselmanderson.blogspot.com/2021/01/song-of-daynot-now-norman-release-new.html