SINGLE OF THE WEEK- UNTIL THE SUN - Shadow of the Valley

Written by Anselm Anderson

Until the Sun is a three-piece hailing from Arizona. Their music is a combination of blues, jazz, and psychedelia. The trio began in 2017 by playing national shows, before opening for famous blues musicians. The band consists of Bruce Jensen (Vocals) Brandon Teskey (Guitars) and Chris Tex on drums. They released debut album " Blackheart" in January 2019. Shadow of The Valley is the latest track off the album. The song is a dark and moody post-apocalyptic blues song with impressive guitar play to signify the overall vibe.

Teskey begins proceedings with swiftness on guitar. His fingers slide along to the rhythm of Jensen on bass. The duo resonates with precision to create an eerie sense of self- destruction. The vocals echo over the thunderous raptures of the percussion that builds to a climax in the middle third. The bluesy- instrumental slow the song to evoke an uneasiness surrounding the track. There is a nicely paced guitar solo towards the conclusion which feels like a resolution to the narrator's quarrels.

The band commented about the meaning of Shadow of the valley "is an introspective blues song that seeks to find the response to nihilism (meaninglessness), and find purpose in the face of the inevitability of our own destruction and the destruction of all we accomplish in life".

Until The Sun are currently planning on embarking on their first national tour.

You can discover more music and news via the band's official webpage by clicking on the link here https://untilthesun.com/

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Blame The Sacred was formed in late 2017 by Danny Porter, Guitarist Andy Wordsworth and, Drummer Scott Emery, adding bassist Wez Gill, and fellow Guitarist Kris Rayner last year.

The quintet, hailing from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, combines a modern metal sound with thunderous drums, powerful vocals, and bombastic guitar lines to create a cutting edge appeal to new metal fans. The band released their debut EP Life Or Death in the summer of 2018, with the lead single, Edge Of Tomorrow (click on the link here to listen) attracting airplay on BBC Radio and Planet Rock, further enhancing a solid fan-base with numerous appearances at major festivals, as well as performing alongside Blackwater Conspiracy Yesterday's Gone & DeadBlondeStars. THE PATH is due for release on March 27 via Forge AMP.
The opening Intro segues into I WALK ALONE, a pulsating track, suitably accomplished by a groove- orientated riff serves as notice for Danny Porter's commanding vocals. Porter sings with intense passion it is difficult not to connect with his emotions. Wordsworth's guitar sound has a rich and crispy timber that reverberates with eerie instrumental breakdowns. A good opening track suitable for a more mainstream audience.

HOME delivers another powerful message about Loneliness. The listener can hear this etched in Porter's voice throughout, which commands above punchy instrumental breakdowns, The guitar parts are intense and fluid, trading off with the more emotional voice. Here, the band appear to become on their own with some interesting ideas.

SIX SHOTS OF HATE is one of the fierier tracks to close the album. Scott Emery's tenacious drum fills, add extra ferocity to a song about betrayal. the dual guitar parts intensify the lyrics with a menacing vibe that fits in nicely with the adaptive vocals, which increase in depth and range that transition into an instrumental prelude entitled Statim Finnis, which could be a context for another song.

Overall, The Path is six songs of raw emotion, captivating vocals and intense riffage that would please any casual fan of the genre.
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'Edge of Tomorrow'


ALBUM OF THE WEEK- Michael MIlls- Stand Up

Words Were Written by Anselm Anderson

The Michael Mills Band are a blues band from Huntington Beach, California and are due to release Stand Up on March 20th 2020 via Sony/Orchard Records. This is the follow up to last year's Dream A Dream.  The band describe how they like to " dig in on every song and keep it tight". They combine traditional 12 bar blues with their own incorporation of funk, soul and R'n'B.  Stand Up delivers with powerful vocals, intricate guitar playing, and imaginative lyrics. It is all the elements of the band's signatures over the years that make their material always worth the listen.

The Michael Mills band comprises of some of the best musicians on the West Coast with Ron Ravicchio on drums, Scot Campbell on bass, Mark Weisz on B3 Hammond organ, Jesse Godoy on guitar and, of course, Michael Mills leading the cast on vocals. This unit forges tight chemistry that resonates across the airwaves on this upcoming release.

Opener Stand Up is an upbeat rocker that leaves the feet tapping. This guitar-driven track rolls along like a train rumbling through California. Mills' vocals are joyous, as the overall lyrics are positive. I found this to be a good opening track to ease new listeners into the band.

Feel It is a beautiful love song, full of soul and hope. Mills' Vocals reminds me of Bill Withers, as it's full of warmth and compassion. Jesse Godoy s' simple strums on acoustic guitar is a trusted accompaniment to the rich vocal timbre. The song builds to a mid-tempo before exploding into life with a soulful chorus accompanied by the raucous cries of the backup singers. This is a nicely arranged track that will light up anybody's summer.

My New Woman is a fun song with a bluesy feel. The slide guitar and bass drum forge a tandem to create a shuffle blues rhythm that supplements Mills' ever adaptable range. The singer seems to have found his core with a strong set of musicians that are always in time with him. The band combine instruments like upside-down bass and harmonica to accentuate the lyrics about meeting a new woman. I felt this sounded like a delta blues track of joy and energy.

You Can't Hide is another soulful track steeped in rock and roll.  The lyrics are about a breakup. Campbell's bass work is immense as the overarching bassline slides along like an unsuspecting rattlesnake in the swamplands. The music plays off this like it is a signal for the band to initiate a jam session of their greatest influences. Ravicchio delivers intense drum fills, as Mills continues to sound like a man in love with his work. The rhythm builds to a standstill with another guitar solo and organ combination feels like a return to the seventies.

And Finally, Chasing The Blues close the album with a surprisingly heavy rock track. Mills vocals
are smooth and the guitar work continues to improve with each song. There is a nice solo at the end that ascends with every note. The riff is crunchy and fierce, as Mills gives the listener advice about achieving those goals.

I personally enjoyed Stand Up and saw signs of how the music has evolved from the first album. Mills is a tremendous vocalist with an equally talented band that makes me want to hear more from them.

The Michael Mills band will make you Stand Up and take note with this collection of gutsy blues and hair-raising rock and roll songs.

You can read my previous review of the band's last EP below https://anselmanderson.blogspot.com/2019/01/michael-mills-band-artist-review.html

You can find out more about Michael Mills music by visiting http://www.michaelmillsband.com/
or following them via  http://www.facebook.com/themichaelmillsband