Words by Anselm Anderson

Phoenix, Az powerhouses Jane 'n' The Jungle have struck luck with their latest single " Lucky 7", due out on October 2nd. The trio consists of Jordan White on vocals, Brian Dellis ( Guitars) and " Big B" on bass. They combine the nineties Alt-rock with a feel-good vibe and engaging lyrics to lift people's spirits during these tumultuous times.

Jane 'n The Jungle is the brainchild of two childhood friends, who were soon joined by bassist Brian Dague. The College graduates have been making waves with their first full-length record Concrete Jungle. " Lucky 7" will be their follow-up single to the hugely successful " Animal, produced by Grammy - award-winning producer Chuck Azarian, who also produces this track.

Lucky 7 is a free-spirited song about a night out at a Las Vegas casino. The synergetic guitars and emotive vocals combine to relive that very memory. The psychedelic chimes of guitar effects start things off like a good dream that gets better. White's soft and warm timbre introduces the listener to an intriguing story about taking your chances. White's vocals resonate through an innocuous charm to the fierce drumming and soaring guitar lines that enlighten the moods of anybody in doubt.

I fully enjoyed this nostalgic nod to a time when songs were simple, fresh, and energetic. Jane 'n' The Jungle may not be as chaotic as the name suggests, but their music will awaken a few good memories.

Jane ' N' The Jungle " Lucky 7" is available from October 2nd via all good platforms

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London’s very own grunge rockers’ Superfecta will release their first new track in two years via their music platform www.Aurovine.com  this Friday (Sept 18). “Breathe in” was written by lead singer Rob Negrini, as part of a trilogy of recordings for Superfecta beginning here. New bassist Joe Head is introduced for the first time for this evolution in sound for them.

Breathe In marks a turn in direction to a more aggressive, darker sound I have never heard before. There is no holding back with the opening riff, an edgy and potent threat of distorted guitar. Each passage builds in tempo and intensity with similarities to Alice In Chains during their Dirt” era. 

Matt Vella pounds the drums throughout each chord struck like an army general, as Negrini croons over solid basslines. Negrini delivers once more with vocals full of emotion and sincerity on a track I think is about turning one’s life around. The band sound like they are enjoying themselves without leaning too far from their message. Head brings a new dynamic to their sound, as evidence in the intro, and later on in the instrumental break. The songwriting is more polished, as Head’s vibrant bass work allows Todd freedom to fire up a tantalising solo that evokes images of Tony Iommi in his heyday. 

Superfecta is back hungrier, darker, and with an appetite for heavier music.

Breathe In is exclusively sold via Aurovine this Friday before released through all streaming channels.

                                                                       Band members-

Rob Negrini- Lead Vocals

Danun Todd- Lead Guitar

Matt " The Machine" Vella- Drums

Joe Head- Bass




Song of the day Harriet Comfort - Time Is Now ( single review)

Words by Anselm Anderson.

East End Rockers Harriet Comfort introduce themselves into the rock scene with debut single "Time is Now". The six friends have been gradually growing amongst the elite with appearances on radio stations, Spotify playlists, and recently shortlisted on the Classic Rock Track of the Week. The band, named after a pile of mysterious mail delivered to their flat, wrote this track about the environment. The band's brand of energetic rock, combined with keys and frenetic guitars to create a fun-loving song with a thought-provoking message.

"Time is Now" comes to life with the announcement of the memorable three-chord guitar riff that sticks in the ear a long time afterwards. Vocalist Amy Church arrives with her commanding voice, alongside the rhythm section of Rick Gold on bass, Brett Mcfarlane on Lead guitar and Anna Peiris also form part of the factor, as their fervent musicianship accentuate Church's sultry voice.

The driving bass combines with the chordal patterns of Mcfarlane to maintain a mid-tempo that is complete with a chorus hook. Dalton retains the tempo with some carefully timed drum fills that feels like a jam session well-timed to drill home the message for us all to stand up and make a change.

Harriet Comfort has written an enticing three-minute song that is lively, effective and enjoyable as the band's unusual name,

Time is Now is available now via all good musical platforms


 Amy Church - Vocals 
 Sean Dalton - Drums 
 Rick Gold - Bass 
 Sue Summers - Keys 
 Anna Peiris - Rhythm Guitar / BV 
 Brett MacFarlane - Lead Guitar



Sinnerville_Cover by Kenni.jpegWords by Anselm Anderson

There is certainly a storm brewing with the emergence of this rock songstress from Germany. Storm is a dual nationality German/ South Africa born singer/ songwriter and actress who currently resides in the USA. She began writing songs and performing in School plays and theatres as a child before recording music in Nashville with some reputable artists.

" Sinnerville" is her latest single based on the serious subject of Self -Harm told through the narrative of the Lewis Carroll Character Alice in Wonderland. This hard rock/ grunge song follows her as she battles addiction. Storm tells this vivid story with evocative imagery and heavy guitars in the guise of such female lead singers like Lizzy Hale.

The opening notes resonate like broken glass to inform the listener they are on a journey down a gritty rock track. The thunderous raptures of drums follow before Storm announces her arrival with an impassioned growl. The opening salvo is a credit to James Lugo as a guitarist with a sizzling range of notes, as she tells us "Burnt out like a cigarette/ lonely footsteps the best of her is gone. This bleak storytelling portrays a lost soul heading to self- destruction.

Storm is able to combine this lyrical content with an aggressive guitar sound and rough vocals to invoke a tortured soul with a cry for help. The production adds to the hollowness of this track, which deserves a mention.

The singer hopes to raise awareness of such a topic that affects a lot of us as individuals. Here is hoping " Sinnerville" helps aid in this task to those that feel alone.

Sinnerville is now available via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Don't forget to check the artist out via the social media links below


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Doncaster metallers' Blame The Sacred return with this dual single following their excellent EP "The Path" in March via Forge AMP. The Quintet has managed to keep themselves amused during lockdown with the releases of "The Exiled/Violence, due out on September 7th 2020. ( Click here to read "The Path" review) https://anselmanderson.blogspot.com/2020/03/band-of-week-blame-sacred-path-ep.html

The Exiled carries on from where The Path left off. This hard-hitting track comes with a clear message-  a voice for the downtrodden! It seems to be a patent for Blame The Sacred to deliver meaty riffs that would knock you over with a proverbial punch. Thunderous drums, an intense intro and sonic vocals help define the true meaning behind what the band want to convey. Vocalist Danny Porter continues to evolve as a trusted singer with adaptability to dig deeper into his arsenal to mix melodies and growls to sound like a man visiting his own demons.

The Violence is dark and moody in contrast to the edginess of the previous song. This one looks at the perspective of when one can be pushed to breaking point. The songwriting deserves credit as the track is structured to feel like it could explode at any time. Guitarists Andy Wordsworth and Kris Rayner deliver dynamic riffs that trade-off like a battle between conscience. Emery pounds the drums like a general to every note, as Porter's distorted vocals remind me of early Disturbed. These are two enjoyable songs that will fit any album the band choose to make next. Blame the Sacred continue to grow as writers and musicians; which is a good thing for the future of metal.

Words by Anselm Anderson

"The Exiled" and "Violence" are due out on September 7th



Arising Sons emerge onto the music scene with " Love is Coming Down", their first single from the as-yet-untitled debut album, due out later this summer.

The Grand Rapids-based rock band hope to deliver a positive message about Jesus in their pursuit to write catchy songs for fervent new fans. This particular track looks at the story of Zacchaeus, as the lead singer and guitarist Brett Mezey explain, " You have never heard a song about Zacchaeus like this before. “Love Is Coming Down” is a song inspired by the story of Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see Jesus as he was walking by. As Jesus walked by, he asked Zacchaeus to come down from that tree and went to his home. Just as Jesus called to him, he has also called to me. Love came down from heaven in Jesus and the world has never been the same

" Love is Coming Down" begins with the atmospherics of walking onto the beach before the strums of an acoustic guitar resonate. The light fingerpicking style blended with percussive beats gives the impressions of a roots track steeped from the cores of America. Mezey sounds positive and energetic on vocals, as the driving rhythm reaches its climax. A nicely arranged instrumental towards the end is uplifting and feels like the listener has been carried aloft on this journey. the outro features a choral cry of " Love is coming" to end this new venture . Mezey has spent 20 years writing over a thousand songs, expressing his hopes they will be well received. Arising Sons are certainly climbing high with this message.

Click on the player below to listen to the track;