Album Review: Vonavibe- Bleed To Life

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Album Review by Anselm Anderson

Heavy Modern rock act Vonavibe have led a journey of trials and tribulations that many bands would struggle to overcome. Formed in 2016, the trio of vocalist Dyon, lead guitarist John Tass and drummer George Andrian won prestigious spots in Global Battle of The Bands and Best New Bands with Panik Records before the band left the label. Tragedy then struck during the recording of this album when lead singer Dyon suffered injuries in a Motorcycle accident which left him in a wheelchair for a year. Thankfully, Dyon recovered to complete the recordings. Vonavibe has previously released two EPs titled Vol I and Locked Up. They have now released their debut LP Bleed To Life via Eclipse Records.

The Athens-based trio rock combo combines post-grunge elements with heavy metal riffs and radio-friendly songs on this ten track release. Bleed To Life recorded the album themselves at Red Toy Studio. The album starts off with the explosive 'Left For Dead' with it's high-octane level of hard rock. The meaty riffs combine with infectious choruses remind me of the 2000s post-grunge era bands. 

Next is the equally addictive charms of 'Run 'N' Hide', an burst of punk energy and intricate drum rhythms. The band has a knack for writing hook-laden songs that wheels the listener in. Vonavibe takes a break from surging solo's and interplays with the stripped back melodic rock songs 'Vonavibe' and 'Hold On' tugs at the softer side of rock fans. The heavy cover of The Rolling Stones' ''Paint It Black' reinvigorates the album and proves a turning point for Bleed to Life'.

Vonavibe write intricate dynamics between the melodious charms on 'Beyond Tolerance' to the heavy, distorted sounds of 'Break The Sky'. Overall, Vonavibe serves up a treat full of solid production values, earworm songs and tasty riffs to satisfy a new legion of fans.

Rating: 9/10

'Bleed To Life' is available now via  Eclipse Records on all streaming platforms 

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Run 'N' Hide (Official Video)

Left For Dead (Official Video)



Album Review: Tarah Who?- The Collaboration Project

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Album Review by Anselm Anderson

French-born multi-instrumentalist Tarah.G.Carpenter has seemed to be around a while with her punk project Tarah Who?. I first covered her for this blog shortly after the then duo's inception in 2016. The band's bold lyricism and in-your-face punk attitude was enough to shake up the rock scene.

 After a slew of EP 's and full-lengths, Tarah Who? has released the ambitious The Collaboration Project, an album designed to bring together some of the brightest talents from the Independent Music circuit. Produced by Tarah, Alanis Morissette guitarist Jason Orme and L7 producer Norm Block, Tarah Who? is now a solo project following the departure of drummer Coralie Herve. Tarah.G.Carpenter takes on the role of drummer, guitarist, singer and producer as she teams up with an array of talent to sing songs based on social and political issues of the day.

The song opens with the firebrand  punk anthem 'Asian Blood', takes aim at ageism in the music and movie industry. Tarah's aggression for fierce riffs and angry vocals continues on 'Royal Knight' with artist Laura Chevalier. The track's distorted riffs mesmerise over the duo's hypnotic vocals. The album continues to explore topics close to the artists' hearts involved through a blend of punk and grunge.  There are other styles incorporated into the songs like 'Yay or Nay' has a Latino influence with Brazilian band Faul featuring on drums. 'Push Me' is a defiant take on the "American Dream" with razor riffs from English Alt Rock act Yur Mum.

The Collaboration Project proves a success with musicianship and thought provoking lyrics adding to the talents of Tarah Who?. Each track doesn't feel tiring or attempting to fill up any minutes on the album. It 's made with intentions of raising the profiles of the Independent Musicians out there. 'The Showdown' is an easy on the ear track features Tarah's wife and Scottish musician Fraser Campbell, who arranges the strings.

Overall, I feel this project works for Tarah Who? and the many collaborators. The songs are well produced and offer something for everyone with it's lyrical content and riffage.

Rating 8.5/10

'The Collaboration Project' is now available via all streaming platforms.

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Song Review: King's County- Holding On

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Song Review by Anselm Anderson

Californian Hard Rockers King's County has been working hard this past year on a new album, including the latest single, 'Holding On'. A follow-up to the ultra-popular 'Equilibrium' with the video amassing over 450k YouTube views.

Produced by Chuck Alzakian at Pearl Sound Studios in LA, the song is about moving on from past bad relationships.  "Holding On" has the same metal vibes as the 2000's radio-friendly acts like Seether and 3 Day's Grace. The explosive opening chords of guitarists Steve Bell and Bill Kania capture the listener's attention. Vocalist Dexter's husky voice resonates over a gritty and energetic riff. The song builds towards a catchy chorus mixed with harsh backing vocals. The harrowing vocals combine with thick, rumbling basslines and huge, sinister guitar play.

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Holding On (Official Video)


Song Review- Outlaws and Moonshine- Pills 'N' Alcohol

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Single Review by Anselm Anderson

Rising Southern Rockers' Outlaws and Moonshine are back with a message about demons and vice on the new single 'Pills and Alcohol. The follow-up to 'Hillbilly Rockstars' is a raucous three minutes of guitar-driven Southern rock.

Formed in 2014 by the VanVolkenburg brothers- Beau (vocals) and bassist Chris, the duo are joined by , Richie Wilkinson (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Oaldon (guitar, vocals) and Eric Piper (drums). 

The band comments on the new single  
'“Pills and Alcohol" is about demons and vices. It's where you wake up and they're done with you. The never-ending search for "peace of mind" and the vicious illusion of feeling better."

The single starts with the cries of  "Far from Me to glamourise cocaine" over a simple, but effective riff. The song builds in tempo before changing to a catchy chorus. The song's addictive refrain of  "I love it" finishes with a salacious guitar solo for an energetic anthem for rock music from the swamplands.

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 Click on the link below to listen to "Pills and Alcohol" by Outlaws and Moonshine


Album Review: Karman Line- Like a Machine

This is the cover artwork for the new album by Karmin Line

Album Review by Anselm Anderson

Multi-National Rock act Karmin Line get on board with their debut LP Like A Machine, released a couple of weeks ago.

Formed during the Covid Pandemic in UAE, the band is led by the soulful vocals of Greg Brown and is joined by guitarists- Tristan Surina and Frank Bassiouni, bassist Petar Milosevic and drummer Danny Langston.

The band lean heavily towards influences of Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin with groove-orientated riffs and catchy tunes.

Let's get into the album, shall we? 'Bridges of Neptune' is a soulful track with a groovy riff reminiscent of the boys back from the Town. Next is the funky 'King of the Day' with a sense of swagger and singalong verses. The band write simple songs with the intention to get people on their feet.

The album takes a backseat with the laid-back 'BIOTB' and 'Karmin Line' being songs that are more commercial-orientated for radio. 'Loose on the Weekend' is a blues number before it sparks back into life with 'Rubicon'. The album has some stellar guitar work with a tendency to explore other genres throughout 'Like A Machine', which can leave it feeling winded at times.

Overall, I did feel this was a good outing for the band and shows promise for future releases.

Rating: 8/10 The album is now available via all good streaming platforms.

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King Of The Day ( Official Music Video)

Rubicon (Official Music Video)