Blind Lemon Peel- Artist review

Words are written, and published by Anselm Anderson

Blind Lemon Peel is the alter ego of the charismatic David Dot Hale from Southern California. A bluesman from a bygone era, his style of New Orleans blues, funk and Jjzz combined leads the listener to feel like they have been transported back in time to the great blues of Howlin' Wolf and Johnny Guitar Watson. BLP has acquired some of the most sought after session musicians from Los Angeles and New York. BLP are  David Dot Hale ( vocals) Joel Diamond (keys), Bobby Hurricane Spencer(sax), Lucky Lloyd (guitar), Ray Brundidge(bass), David Odom (drums), Tadg Galleran (harp).

Hale has been described as ", An old black bluesman trapped in an even older white man’s body". The energy and verve the band bring to the studio conjure images of said aforementioned stars enjoying themselves in a smoke-filled blues bar in downtown LA.  One listens and the listener feels instantly hooked to this husky growl and good time blues. I will be looking at a few tracks of  BLP , as a guide to better understanding the band themselves.

Wear What I Please is a fun blues number that looks at the finest things in life. The combination of Hale's booming voice, a talented backup choral, and a tight rhythm section work well to create contemporary styles of New Orleans blues. The slow tempo and basic structures feel accessible to listeners not schooled on old school blues itself. The tracks begin with the casual tapping of bass before the tinkering piano keys add a layer, and the unmistakable range of Hale's trajectory lifts the tempo to more upbeat one that is compound with the sassy vocals of the accompanying back up singers that playoff Hale's vocals.

No Time Off (for Good Behaviour)  is a blues slow burner with that extra twinkle of charm and panache that is enjoyable listen about A promiscuous woman  The patter of drums introduce a more rounded track that fits in several differing textures. NY Saxophone player Lenny Pickett's saxophone is in more prominent play here as the tones reflect the vocalist's dilemma. The thing I enjoy about listening to this band is the chemistry they have together, especially within the instrumentation. Hale's vocal passages can fluctuate between husky growls or low melodic singing that help dictates the tempo of the music.NY guitarist Steve Burgh's guitar play also deserves a mention with the mix in dynamic his riffs adds to the overlay of the music.

I'm So Horny This is a more countrified track. The subject matter contributes to a more raucous and fun orientated track that will leave your toes tapping to the reverb-drenched squeal of frenetic guitar opens this boogie blues number. The piano lines provide a grand accompaniment throughout as Diamond's fingers dance along the keys to Hale's cheerful roar, and Burgh's blistering guitar work. This combination proves a lasting relationship as the homophonic sounds interlaces with Hale's always impressive vocal lines. This is one of the more rambunctious tracks that feels like a nod to the more country rock acts.

Don't Tear My Clothes is a more soulful take that explores Hale's scat passages and phrasing. The laid back attitude of this track oozes all the sophistication and coolness of a well-produced blues song. The slow temp intro and simplistic rhythm patterns can't help feel like you are drifting away. The horn section, scintillating blues licks and the purrs of choral vocals ushers in Hale's introduction as the protagonist of the piece. Hale's vocals are more gospel-like as he intersects with his backing vocalists. The rich array of instruments are introduced separately like musicians arriving at different times to reflect. I enjoy how each track has this skill and is testament once again to how Blind Lemon Peel grasps the essence of the blues.

Blind Lemon Peel will be opening up the Alligator Records Titans Of The Blues Tour with Tinsley Ellis and Coco Montoya at The Rose Theater in Pasadena on February 28th. click. here for more information.

Blind lemon Peel is currently recording a new album " Too Much Sax, Too Little Jesus" featuring the legendary Saxophonist Bobby Hurricane Spencer, due out later this year.

For more information about the band please visit www.blindlemonpeel.com,

Alternatively, you can access the band via www.facebook.com/blindlemonpeel

and finally, you can hear more of the band's music viahttps://www.reverbnation.com/blindlemonpeel9


The Kut- I am Vain

Words were written by Anselm Anderson

The Kut are a Punk Rock act formed by the alter ego of  Multi-instrumentalist solo artist Princess Maha with Diana Bartmann ( Drums) and Bassist Stella Vie.

The trio has been creating a buzz with several appearances at major festivals and touring regularly, which includes Download and Camden Rocks that has resulted in them gaining major exposure in national newspapers and radio stations too. The Kut released debut album Valley Of the Thorns last April via Cargo Records to critical acclaim, reaching number 7 on the UK Rock Charts. I had the pleasure to review the first track off that album  " Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll" last year, which you can read at the bottom of this article. " I Am Vain " is the new single from it.

The track starts off with the typical raunchy distorted riffs the band tends to produce. The high tempo energy of the trio's sound resonates within the ears to create a sound that comes as no surprise why the band has been so successful. The punky edge and pop-laden hooks feel confrontational as they snarl relentlessly in your face. The lyrical content and attitude is a throwback to 90's grunge bands, with nasal vocals and crunchy guitar riffs. The excellent drumming and guitar solos underlie the band's collective talents as a unit described as " a neat twist of grunge pop"

" Valley Of Thorns" is available now via Cargo records and all good Music Platforms.

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Also, you can follow the band via www.facebook.com/thekut & www.twitter.com/thekutgirlsrock