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Blind Lemon Peel- Artist review

Words are written, and published by Anselm Anderson Blind Lemon Peel  is the alter ego of the charismatic David Dot Hale from Southern California. A bluesman from a bygone era, his style of New Orleans blues, funk and Jjzz combined leads the listener to feel like they have been transported back in time to the great blues of  Howlin' Wolf and Johnny Guitar Watson . BLP has acquired some of the most sought after session musicians from Los Angeles and New York. BLP are  David Dot Hale ( vocals) Joel Diamond (keys), Bobby Hurricane Spencer (sax), Lucky Lloyd  (guitar), Ray Brundidge (bass), David Odom (drums),  Tadg Galleran (harp). Hale has been described as ", A n old black bluesman trapped in an even older white man’s body ". The energy and verve the band bring to the studio conjure images of said aforementioned stars enjoying themselves in a smoke-filled blues bar in downtown LA.  One listens and the listener feels instantly hooked to this husky growl and good tim

Song of the Day: The Kut- I am Vain

Words were written by Anselm Anderson The Kut  are a Punk Rock act formed by the alter ego of  Multi-instrumentalist solo artist  Princess Maha with Diana Bartmann  ( Drums) and Bassist Stella Vie. The trio has been creating a buzz with several appearances at major festivals and touring regularly, which includes Download and Camden Rock s that has resulted in them gaining major exposure in national newspapers and radio stations too. The Kut released debut album   Valley Of the Thorns  la st April via Cargo Records to critical acclaim, reaching number 7 on the UK Rock Charts. I had the pleasure to review the first track off that album  " Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll " last year, which you can read at the bottom of this article. " I Am Vain " is the new single from it. The track starts off with the typical raunchy distorted riffs the band tends to produce. The high tempo energy of the trio's sound resonates within the ears to create a sound that c

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