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Song Review: King Bee and The Stingers- Contrary To The Word

  Indiana-Based King Bee and The Stingers have unleashed the upbeat blues number 'Contrary To The Word' The band of six veterans formed in 2006 to deliver their own distinct interpretation of Blues, R'n'B and Funk tunes. The band are fronted by the rich vocals of Sarah Menefee, whose bright and infectious personality adds to the song's appeal. The squeal of harmonica and uptown bass opens 'Contrary To The Word' like an enjoyable track the listener can swing their hips to. Menefee's strong vocals build over shuffle blues and foot-tapping rhythms to tie up with a tasty solo. The band are currently in the studio working on 'Don't Move So Fast', their follow-up to their 2019 debut 'Meet Me in Memphis'. Words by Anselm Anderson Social Media Links

Song Review: River Knight- Unsprung

River Knight returns with new single 'Unsprung', following a two-year absence. The duo continue to deliver the poignancy expressed on their 2021 Grow album. The song begins with a slight resemblance to Aha over a simple strumming pattern. The subtle string arrangements and harmonising voices add depth and intrigue to the message about relationships. The poetic lyrics interweave with spellbinding melodies to create a pleasant song for the listener. For those new to the blog, River Knight was formed by Darren Knight and Stone River in 2017. They have appeared at several festivals and released an album called 'Grow'. You can find a link to the review below. Words by Anselm Anderson If you liked this, please read here for 'Glow' RIVER KNIGHT RELEASE THEIR HEARTWARMING TRIBUTE ALBUM "GROW" OUT NOW | Rambling Man's Reviews ( SOCIAL MEDIA River Knight (@riverknight2018) • Instagram photos and videos River Knight -Website River

Album Review- Zebedy- Waiting For the Tide

  North Wales' talented four-piece Zebedy released Waiting For the Tide a few weeks ago now. The typical angst-driven, anthemic rock heard in bands like Biffy Clyro and Fightstar at a time when these bands were attempting to create something new. This role has now fallen upon these four young men to continue this trend.  Zebedy has taken two years to make this 11-track LP, produced by Dan Weller. I n the meantime, they have steadily climbed up the steps in the rock world with notable support slots to established acts like SOiL, Deadly Letter Circus and INme. This energy and ambition come across in Waiting  For the Tide  with its progressive elements and aggressive riffs. The dark, instrumental intro 'Well Being' sets things ablaze before the ambitious and melodic 'Building Sandcastles' draws the listener in.  The sheer awe and splendour of the music continue with the anthemic 'This City Is Ours'. The heavy, rising riffs and cascading melodies create a s

Album Review: King Kraken- MCLXXX

  Welsh metal act  King Kraken  announce their arrival with the monstrous release of MCLXXX,  The year the Kraken was first spotted, comes a debut LP inspired by Horror and Sci-Fi movies. Produced by renowned music producer Romesh Dodangoda and mixed, mastered and recorded at Long Wave Studios in Cardiff, Wales. King Kraken  releases ten tracks of lung-busting vocals, groove-orientated riffs, and scary lyrics to send out a solid statement of intent. 'Devil's Night' starts the album off like the illegitimate child of Clutch and Black Stone Cherry. The track's muscular, groove-orientated riff strikes the listener under the belt. The powerful vocals are set against the backdrop of eerie breakdowns, and terrifying drum patterns to show the band is serious. Next up is the explicit 'Bastard Liar', a palpable and frenetic track full of aggression and sonic guitar leads that will leave your hair standing on edge. The band's eye-watering guitar solos and the choice o

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