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Australian powerhouses Wicked Smile  deliver a slab of classic '80s inspired hard rock with the release of debut EP " Delirium", due out on July 1st. The duo consists of ex- Pegazus  & Eyefear  vocalist Danny Cecati and The Radio Sun  & ex-  Black Majesty  guitarist Stevie Janevski with The Defiants  Paul Laine taking up backing vocals and bass. Laine produces this four-song EP. Wicked Smile delivers huge vocal hooks with an overarching guitar sound that is heavily influenced by '70s and 80's metal. The band add to this arsenal with a pack of experience in previous guises, performing at major festivals such as Hard Rock Hell, Monsters Of Rock & Wacken Open Air. There is no doubt this type of resume has added to the duo's accomplished musicianship and solid songwriting. Guitarist Stevie Janevski claims the album was written in response to fans' positive feedback " . We were both  overwhelmed by the positive response. It was al

Silver Fox Goldy Heels - Golden Heels ( Track of The Day)

Silver Fox & Goldie Heels are a female/male duo that has been together for over a year. Goldy Heels is a singer-songwriter with 20 years experience, whilst Silver Fox is a jazz guitarist and record producer with 40 years experience. The band combine tight melodies with jazz fusion undertones to create an enriched and catchy sound. The duo recently released new single " Golden Heels", a semi-biographical tale about Goldy Heels herself. Golden Heels is a vibrant rock track with hook-laden guitar lines and a catchy pop chorus. The track begins with the funky sounds of Silver Fox on guitar. A foot-tapping riff segues into drum beats and Goldy Heels on vocals- a sultry and crisp palette that stretches over the rhythmic patterns of jazz guitar. The breakdowns in vocals are mesmerising, adding a spellbinding edge to the duo's sound. Goldy Heels delivers the verses with meaning and depth to the accompaniment of backing singers. Golden Heels  is an enjoyable two-minut

Tommy Gunn- I Believe In Love ( EP Review)

Words by Anselm Anderson Tommy Grasley AKA Tommy Gunn is a Canadian singer/songwriter with a positive message of love and peace. I Believe in Love is Gunn's latest was released on Valentine's day.  Gunn combines energetic rock 'n' roll with blues and punk to create enjoyable tracks with thought-provoking lyrics. Gunn is the son of saxophonist Sonny Del Rio of Crowbar fame, Gunn fought through years of struggles and fighting inner demons to forge a musical journey of love, hate and anger. I Believe In Love i s a story of that journey told over 11 tracks. Grasley brings a host of talented musicians along for the journey, including Mike King ( Bass), drummer Dale Harrison, guitarist Joe Mcneill and many more. Opener I Am  is an eerie introduction to Mr Gunn. Gunn sings in acapella to the accompaniment of chiming bells and Kim Deschamp's wistful steel pedal guitar. Gunn mimics confessing all in church with the lines I am a father/I am a son/I am Tommy Gunn  in

Independent Musicians against Covid-19 Stay Home (CD Review)

Stay Home  is   a collection of tracks recorded by Independent Musicians to raise money in support of the NHS during Lockdown, released on May 21 2020. The project was put together by London Based promotion company Fishbowl Events. All proceeds will go to NHS Charities Together, a body of over 140 NHS Charities. The charity itself has raised over £116 million with regular promotion through celebrities to help aid the cause. The CD features a host of talented independent bands, singers and musicians, which have an extensive fanbase but lack the radio exposure. Stay Home is also an opportunity for these bands to expand their audience and win over new fans. The CD is 42 tracks of an array of live performances (Psychic Lemon, Eastwood's Eye). remixes (Man Of Moon) & new and exclusive releases (Dream Nails, Helicon, Frankie Teardrop Dead, Forest Mourning) for your ears.The album features only underground bands with the sole aim to raise money and also raise awareness of tho