THUNDERMOTHER - Driving In Style ( Song Of The Day)

Words by Anselm Anderson

Thundermother recently released Driving in Style, from the highly anticipated new album Heatwave, which is due out on July 31st via AFM Records. The quartet plays fast, pulsating guitar-driven hard rock with powerful vocals. The band were initially formed in 2009 by guitarist Filippa Nassil in Stockholm, Sweden. The band initially broke up, before reforming with the current line-up that joins Nasiil , the vocalist Guernica Mancini, bassist Majsan Lindberg and drummer Emlee |Johansson.

Driving In Style is another fist-pumping, energetic hard rocker by the ladies. The band's AC/DC influence is on full display with a full-throttle opening guitar riff that will grab the proverbial bull by the horns.

The all-empowering feminist lyrical content is emphasised by Mancini's soaring vocals that fly over the chugging guitar lines. Johansson's chaotic thumping is entwined with Lindberg's clambering bass lines to appease any fans of high octane boogie rock ala like those famous rockers from down under.

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SINGLE OF THE DAY- The Plastic Pals- Plastic Pal

The Plastic Pals are a Psychedelic/Garage Rock Combo from Stockholm, Sweden. The Quartet describes their music as "Magic melodies with a dark edge". The band combine soaring melodies, groovy guitars and bass sound that are fun and fresh

They first formed in 2005, after naming themselves after a scene in A Hitchiker's Guide To the Galaxy. The Plastic Pals consists of Hakan " Hawk" Soold ( Vocals, Guitars), Anders Sahlin ( Guitars, Backing Vocals),  Bengt Alim ( Bass) & Drummer Olov Oqvist. The band have been making inroads during their 15 years, performing across Europe and USA, as well as receiving regular airplay on UK and USA radio stations.

Plastic Pal is the first single taken off their upcoming EP, due out this Spring. The track begins with the memorable line I'm your plastic pal who is fun to be with segues into a twin-guitar assault. The groovy harmonies combine to create a catchy riff. The guitars are slick, providing an ample supplement to Soold's crooning timber. The drums pound on every beat, as the driving guitars roll along to a mid-tempo. Witty lyrics and engaging hooks are the main course to make a sweet power-pop track, suitable for radio.

Plastic Pal is a song that makes this reader want one. It is 2 minutes of fun and energy that is hard to shake off.

The review was written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews.

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ALBUM REVIEW- Jack Rabbit Slams- Crackerjack

The article was written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

Jack Rabbit Slams are a trio from Scotland. The band play hard-hitting, heavyweight rock with a tenacious edge that keeps listeners engaged.

The band comprises of vocalist and guitarist Rob McCombie, drummer Sean Love and bassist Kristaps Baumanis. They first formed in 2016 under the moniker Penny Dreadful after childhood friends Rob and Sean met Kristaps after he answered an online ad, looking for a new bass player. The band soon were forced to change to the equally impressive band name Jack Rabbit Slams, following the small issue of another band performing under the same name. 

The trio soon recorded an EP, entitled Cheap And Nasty, which produced two music videos. It was not until the success of another one, that they decided to record A debut album. Crackerjack, was released on 16th April and is eleven tracks of blistering rock with ballsy lyrics and frenetic guitar play to appeal for many rock fans.

 The self-titled opener comes at the listener like a freight train. Aggressive riffs and confrontational vocals roar over slick, distorted guitars and hypnotic breakdowns for a good start.

 The album slows down, before finding its momentum again with the catchy B.L.O.W, a defiant anthem with jangly guitars and groovy beats has McCombie snarling along.

 The explosive The Art of Losing ignites the flames with lyrics, I think, centred around frustrations with not finding success in the industry. McCombie is on form once more as the hostile narrator complete with a sizzling guitar solo a certain Motorhead would be impressed by. The lyrics are vivid and capture the raw emotions of a band striving to get started.

  Bangarang continues high octane intensity the album seems to exhibit. An impressive combination between sizzling guitar parts and Baumanis on bass seems the platform to inject a powerful battle of wits. The songwriting from JRS remains tight throughout with thought-provoking lyrics to help empathise  the writer's anger.

Crackerjack does experiment with differing styles, but these heavier tracks are better suited to the vocals. Apparition is a psychedelic indie track combine pedal effects and a hazy atmosphere with an edgy guitar riff I belive centres round the aftermaths of a bad trip. Love's drumming retains perfect timing as he has thundered throughout each track without mercy. And finally, Kaleidoscope Carousel Experience is an instrumental outro with progressive rock stylings. The well- structured musicianship travels throughout slow, cumbent guitars and vocal echoes to summarise a chaotic journey for the listener.  Overall, Jack Rabbit Slams brings an infectious round of ballsy rock and a newfound intensity that is sure to leave a scorch mark on any new fans.

 Crackerjack was released on April 16 via  Forge AMP .

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Stereo Pharoah is A two-piece, hailing from Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. The band consists of Cody Legacy Laughner on Vocals & Guitar and Michael Padasek on drums. Catastrophile is the debut studio album, released via Independent Label 1679910 Records DK in January. The eleven-track album delivers on high energy guitars and impassioned vocals. Stereo Pharoah describes themselves as an " aggressive back to basics rock that says something new while paying homage to inspirations like Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, etc. Stereo Pharoah brings these ingredients in abundance with a whole new style of voracious Rock 'N' Roll, adding a pinch of the 90's Seattle grunge scene to the mix. The band took a year and a half to arrange and record it with promising results.

Opener Kitty Riptide is a track I believe is about deception. This fun song is a fierce, punk track that encaptures the listener through strong storytelling. The evocative lyrics blend high tempo guitars and sneering vocals that feel like the narrator is trying to run away from something.

Next up is the popular Tinnitus, the track recently won A fans vote for the Track of the Week in Classic Rock Magazine. This is a dark slice of garage rock that begins with a distorted guitar riff builds to a hearty climax. Laughner's rough vocals add tension to a song about writing with the aforementioned condition.

Ultragotha continues with the band's efforts to adapt to different styles with a stoner rock track replete with groove- orientated riffs that encircle within the mind like a constant loop. The music gradually builds as hypnotic vocals talk about overcoming negativity in your life. The heavily distorted guitars and pounding drums feel defiant. Stereo Pharoah seems to enjoy writing catchy riffs and engage the listener with strong messages on mental health and hope.

Spoon and Key is another throwback to the previously alluded Seattle grunge scene begins with crunching feedback that quickly evolves into an aggressive riff. The rhythmic patterns emanate hazy vibes which Laughner screams in refrain over. It's a track I feel will resonate with listeners at a learning age interested in the said scene.. The tight musicianship and intelligent lyrics are something for people to relate to. The album tailors off slightly before finding its direction with  California Rain. This track is a favourite of mine because of the dissonant vocals and a foot-tapping riff you can't help feeling instantly hooked to.

And finally, Dozer concludes Castrophile with a Nirvana influence. The slick guitar lines play off against one another as the vocals sound angry and lost. The bluesy guitar breaks and ferocious drum fills make this a certain hit with radios and new fans alike,

Overall, Stereo Pharaoh brings the scene a fresh and opportunistic dose of the past and future that carries a new injection to the rock scene.

Catastrophile is now available via all good online platforms, including Deezer and Spotify.

Words were written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

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