The Cruzados- Interview with bassist Tony Marsico and Vocalist Ron Young.

The Rambling Man caught up with The Cruzados to speak about their latest album 'She's Automatic'. due out Friday 28th January via Deko Records.

The Cruzados return with a new lineup of original bassist Tony Marsico, Little Caesar vocalist Ron Young, guitarists Loren Molinare and Mark Tremalgia and drummer Rob Klonel. The album was recorded last summer in Los Angeles and features some talented guests performances by John Doe (X),  Dave Alvin (The Blasters), David Hildago and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Gia Ciambotti (Bruce Springsteen), Melanie Vammen (The Muffs, The Pandoras), Greg Kuehn (TSOL), Jimmy Z (Rod Stewart), Buck Johnson (Aerosmith), among others.

Cruzados released their debut album "Cruzados" (1985) and "After Dark"(1987) on Arista Records spawning the singles and videos "Motorcycle Girl" and "Bed of Lies" which quickly became MTV favourites and chart-toppers, with the latter single reaching the #4 position on the Billboard chart in 1987. The Cruzados original songs and fan favourites in their live shows would eventually find their way into blockbuster motion pictures such as Roadhouse, From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado, Gun Men, and more. The Cruzados would appear as themselves in the hit motion picture Roadhouse as well.

Cruzados hit the road hard-touring worldwide between the years of 1985 and 1989 performing at every dive bar and over the top stadium show in its path. The band shared the bill with a wide variety of diverse groups such as Fleetwood Mac, Joe Walsh, Billy Idol, Warren Zevon, Stevie Wonder, INXS, Joe Cocker to REM and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. After two albums and endless tours, the band called it quits.
I spoke with the friendly and refreshing duo of Tony Marsico and vocalist Ron Young via Zoom about the new album, The history of The Cruzados, and the music scene in the 1980s.

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Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson

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Album Review: Marujah Con Crhymes-Blind American

San Diego-Based Rock acts Marujah Con Crhymes unleash the fiery and political Blind American.

The Ten-track LP combines Latin-fused rock grooves, punk attitude and blistering hip-hop verses to create a fresh new approach to American culture. Latino rapper Crhymes adds his own style of raw lyrics about violence, poverty and crime in the States that is like a running commentary on the social injustices.

The opener "The Trails" is a dark and haunting start. Chrymes delivers his lines with such precision and speed over crunching guitar riffs. Marujah Vocalist Enrique Madico blends emotive and melodic vocals in juxtaposition with the raw power of the hip hop verses to create a powerful track.

Next up is the title track, "Blind American" is a satirical look at  American politics' impact on immigration. This is another surprisingly touching track that sees Chrymes' candid and angry vocals combine once more with Macido's distorted vocals. The melancholic and dark music conveys the horror of feeling ignored.

Marujah and Chrymes suit one another styles. Hip-hop and rock have had a rich history together and this release proves successful. The different rock styles bring up several influences, including Faith No More. The songs feel that extra poignancy with the blends of alternative rock, heavy metal, punk and grunge. The choice of the singer is a welcome addition that allows Crhymes to have the freedom to express his thoughts without sounding like another nu-metal band returning to the scene.

The emotionally charged "Serpent" features another rapper by the name of Planet Asia. This addition doesn't affect the chemistry as the three vocalists deliver over scorching guitar leads.

Marujah plays its part as a band with groove-orientated riffs, rumbling basslines and thunderous drums that leave one's head in a spin.

"How Low" is one such track. This ferocious track sees the rapping increase in intensity, as Macido croons over reverb-drenched guitar leads.

Other highlights include the infectious "120 days" with its Latin-infused drumming, furious Spanish speaking rapping, and hook-laden punk rock vocals. "White Girl Wasted" sounds like Rancid having a party with Faith No More singer Mike Patton and RHCP.

And finally, "Syriana" wraps up this enjoyable release. This track focuses on the recent problems in Syria. Macido's often powerful and expressive vocals continue to tell fascinating stories alongside Chryme's manic snarls. This is done over menacing guitar riffs and skull rattling drumming.

Words by Anselm Anderson












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A man stand on top of a mountain during the apocalypse

Words by Anselm Anderson

Fast-rising UK hard rockers One Last Day released their much-anticipated debut, Chapter 1: The End Is the Beginning last month via Forge AMP Entertainment.

The South-East newcomers have been described as 'heavy and emotive', combining several different rock styles to forge their own identity. The band were formed over a jam session by guitarists Gareth Stapleton and John Harmsworth, who were later joined by vocalist Alex Willox and drummer Adrian Osman. The band produced this eight-track EP, with mixing and Mastering done by IgniteAmr and the artwork completed by Polish artist Piotr.

The EP begins with the fabled 'Prologue 'that many bands choose to open albums with these days. A dark and sinister intro that sees the guitars and bass building towards the explosive 'Burning Inside', a reminder rock is certainly not dead. A blistering intro of guitars, powerful vocals, and menacing drums is a good start for the talented quartet.

Next up is the equally emotional 'This Bottle Got Me', a poignant message about alcoholism. The music is darker than the previous track, which sees vocalist Alex Willox singing deep from the pit of his stomach in a reflective tone. The guitars are less aggressive, and the drums are evenly matched with the music.

The EP continues with strong songwriting and powerful lyrics that are relayed through raw emotions to appeal to new listeners.

'Holding Onto Nothing' is a more melodic track in contrast to the heavier ones at the start. Vocalist Willox's warm and pained vocals sing against the backdrop of distorted guitar harmonies. This certainly feels like another personal track on the EP.

'Not Ready To Die' is another melancholic, emotive rock song with some beautiful and haunting guitar instrumental breaks that juxtapose with the raging solos at the end.

And finally. 'I'm Here To Stay', which is another melodic rock song that is come to expect on this EP. Overall, One Last Day writes strong rock music with a contemporary edge. The band's meaningful lyrics appeal to reach new, younger fans, as well as please die-hard older fans of music to fully enjoy and rock out to.







'Holding Onto Nothing'

'This Bottle Got Me'

'Not Ready To Die'