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Chuck Morris- A Good Life ( Single Review)

Words by Anselm Anderson ( Rockstarblogs) Jazz Drummer Chuck Morris forged a career on The Arsenio Hall Show, before forming his own band  Chuck Morris & Freedom. The legendary musician now releases new single " A Good Life" from his upcoming new album, due for release in 2019. The upbeat, jazzy, funk piece has garnered attention across national radio stations, as well as coverage in Europe and Japan. This is none too surprising once you hear the first few seconds of notes that slither across the overt drum -fills and saxophone that introduce this to an all to endearing ear. The funky rhythm of bass skips across nicely to the encompassing vocals of Morris himself. The listener truly hears the joy in his wholesome voice as he bellows out huge vocals lines. The lyrics content feels like an autobiographical account of what makes Morris enjoy his life. This shines through with the harmonic progressions and melodic accompaniment of a talented music section.  This does

Kyshera ( Artist Review)

Kyshera is an Alternative Rock act from Cardiff, South Wales.  The trio- James Kennedy (Guitar & Vocals), Matt Warr (Bass) and Glyn Bateman (Drums) are best described " as a welcome change to the rock scene" with their unique brand of heavy guitars and melody vocal lines. The band create a blend of rock that has not been experienced since those heady days of the 2000s. They have earned critical acclaim from media outlets one would say are better placed than I to throw out superlatives. BBC Radio 1 sate they were " Warped Genius", whilst Classic Rock Magazine labelled them as " pioneering innovators"  One listens to either of their three albums- 2010 debut " Paradigm", 2012's Made In China & 2015 Circles- may prove a hard one to argue with. Moreover, Kyshera has also gained notoriety as a live act that plays explosive shows. The band made a breakthrough with the progressive and experimental " Made In China before a