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Billboard Award-winning songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his latest single "The Devil's In New Orleans", ahead of the musician's album Hudson Delta, set for release on August 25th,2021 The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, following a tough year that saw the collapse of his 2019 debut, which gained much-needed radio airplay. The New York-based rock musician has been hailed as "one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America". "The Devil's In New Orleans" was once dubbed unsuitable for radio. Tuohy looks into the turmoil of modern society. The track sees soulful vocals spread over soft jazz piano keys. Jeff Tuohy sounds like the cunning wordsmith. as he talks over multi-layered horns and keys accompaniment. The track has dark undertones to a sneering vocalist that bursts into melody on the chorus. Overall, this is a track that will leave you pleasantly surprised, whilst looking over your shoulder. Words by Anselm Anderson SO

ARTIST OF THE WEEK- Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - Super Bon Bon

                                                                        Words Were Written by Anselm Anderson Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf  are a Funk/soul combo that hail from New York. They are lead by the charismatic vocals of Miss Velvet, who is joined by Producer  Constance Hauman on Keyboards, Nick Carbone on Drums,  Henry Ott on Guitars, Trevor Neuman on Trumpet, and Trombonists Dan Levine and TJ Robinson. The bland are an eclectic variation of rock, soul, jazz and funk that count 70's funk pioneers  Parliament/ Funkadelic , as influencers, whom they have spent the past two years touring with.  The band recently released " Feed The Wolf, A follow up to debut album " Bad Get Some" . An album that notably features  George Clinton  of the aforementioned funksters. This release was recorded in Ireland, and was published via  Isotopia Records . This review will be looking at the latest single to come from that album " Super Bon Bon" , which displ