LP Review: Gory Blister- Reborn From Hatred

Words by Anselm Anderson

Earlier this month, Italian Technical Old-school death metal act Gory Blister made their Eclipse Records debut with the scintillating Reborn From Hatred. The album was the trio's seventh release over a career spanning three decades.

The band comprises three members: John St John as the vocalist, Raff Sangiorgio as the guitarist, bassist, and synth player, and Gianluca D'Andria as the drummer. Their album has 11 tracks and runs for over half an hour. The songs feature intricate time signatures, powerful riffs, and intense energy, giving listeners a wild introduction to the band. Produced by Raff Sangiorgio and Gianluca D'andria, mixed by Ricardo Borges (Sepultura, Kreator, Carcass), and mastered by Peter Brussee (Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Bolton). 

Gory Blister has come a long way since sending small demo recordings to local magazines. They have now supported notable acts at high-profile festivals and worked with numerous labels to release a new album. The press release states that this album represents a new level of maturity and commitment to technical riffs, mid-tempo mixed meter changes, and clean execution.

Reborn From Hatred begins with the sinister howls of "Push The Venom, a track full of speed, precision and bile as a serious statement of intent from the band.""Relentless Fear" is a dark-groove-orientated death metal track with guttural howls and technical guitar wizardry that builds to a climactic finish. Each song builds with intensity through solid songwriting and stellar guitar play. The intense riffs transition into dark, melodic passages and raging solos, leaving the hairs on your neck standing.

Lead Vocalist John St John assaults the ears with his deathly growls, like a possessed rottweiler. The high decibels of aggressive thrash metal are showcased in "Profound Sedation" and "Unexpected Livings", a war anthem for extraterrestrial beings.

Gory Blister put all their blood, sweat and fear into this release, drawing influences from 1980s thrash and 90s death metal to create a new dawn for the band. The title track "Reborn From Hatred" adds melodic instrumental breakdowns and choral voices add a gothic edge to their music.

Finally, "Generation Ship" blends intricate guitar patterns with an eighties-tinged chorus, neck-breaking breakdowns and drumming that builds in raw intensity throughout.

Overall, Gory Blister delivers eleven killer tracks of solid metal to keep the death metal flag still flying for the old guard.

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You can find more information about Glory Blister here

Click on the link below to watch the YouTube music video for "Restless Fear"


Album Review: Paul Rodgers-Midnight Rose

Release Date: September 22nd        Record Label: Sun Records

Words by Anselm Anderson

For more than fifty years, English singer Paul Rodgers has been a rock icon, selling over 125 million records worldwide. He has blessed us fans with his soulful vocals, performing with legendary bands such as Bad Company and Free. Rodgers returns with his first solo release in 25 years on Friday, September 22nd via Sun Records.

The eight-tracker Midnight Rose was written by himself with the exception of "Livin' It Up" which was co-written by Rodgers and his band’s bassist Todd Ronning, and drummer Rick Fedyk. The album was produced and recorded by his long-time companion, Cynthia and renowned producer Bob Rock at Roper Recording and The Warehouse. I believe this is a lovely addition as it enables Paul Rodgers to compose an intimate and individual album based on his love for blues and soul. This is evident throughout the album, as Rodgers radiates on each track.

The upbeat drums in "Coming Home" resemble ZZ Top, with a man's soulful vocals expressing his happiness to return to his wife. Rodgers exudes confidence with slick guitar licks and an up-tempo rhythm, reminiscent of his prime. He has skillfully chosen a great rhythm section to accompany his vocals, resulting in a fresh and energetic sound. "Photo Shooter" is a modern-day "Shooting Star" with passion and reflection, whilst the title track is an ode to Rodgers' Wife.

Photo Credit: Victory Tischler-Blue

The album has a nice pace to it with no track feeling like a filler, as Rodgers is happy to experiment with different sounds and ideas. "Living It Up" is a tribute to Rodgers' adopted countries' USA and Canada. Rodgers currently lives there with his wife. This is a throwback to the singer's blues and hard rock roots. Midnight Rose takes a melodic route with gospel and soul elements thrown into the mix.

 As I may have stated, this album is an opportunity for Rodgers to celebrate his career and personal life by exploring the different sounds and cultures he has experienced throughout his career. The feel-good song "Dance in the Sun" will leave you smiling long afterwards, while the swinging rhythm and blues on "Take Love" is a timely reminder that life is not to be taken for granted.

Finally, "Highway Robber" is a roots song with steel guitar and accordion. It tells the story of a failed robbery and showcases the vocalist's versatility at age 73. Rodgers continues to defy belief with his breathtaking vocals and ability to tell a story through the blues.

"Midnight Rose" is a solid reminder of Rodgers' iconic status in rock, featuring well-composed tracks with roots in rock and blues.

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Midnight Rose Track Listing
All songs written by Rodgers with the exception of “Living It Up.”
1. “Coming Home”
2. “Photo Shooter”
3. “Midnight Rose”
4. “Living It Up” (Rodgers, Ronning, Fedyk)
5. “Dance in the Sun”
6. “Take Love”
7. “Highway Robber”
8. “Melting”

You can listen to "Livin' It Up" below via the YouTube Music link.


Song Review- Industrial Metal upstarts Everlasting God stopper releases "Techno Logic"

Words by Anselm Anderson 

American Industrial Metal Act Everlasting God Stopper released a new single "Techno Logic" from their forthcoming self-titled album due out on October 28th.

The Columbus, OH natives consist of Charlie B. Koyote (vocals/guitar), Steve D. Monic (guitar), Johnny Mayhem (bass/vocals) and Patrick Baily (drums/piano). Koyote says, “The song, “Techno Logic” is about the slow takeover of technology and how the consolidation of power to just a few wealthy individuals is absolutely a way to destroy everything we have built as a society. It serves as a melodic warning to anyone who would listen.”

The band's industrial sound bears influence from Rammstein, Devin Townsend and Misfits. The song begins with explosive drum blasts over a ferocious guitar sound. The band transitions between different time signatures and rhythmic ideas. The band blends progressive elements, heavy metal guitars, and punk-style vocals with machine gun-style drumming, distorted melodies, and cosmic electronics to convey the erratic impact of technology on society.

 The music and lyrics for, “Techno Logic” were written by Charlie B. Koyote. Music was also written by Johnny Mayhem.

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You can listen to the track via the YouTube Video link below, available on the band's YouTube Channel.



LP Review: Hyro the Hero- Bound for Glory

Words by Anselm Anderson 

Bound For Glory is the voice that keeps the "fire inside the energy that drives you", according to Texan-based hip-hop artist Hyro the Hero. The album is set for release this Friday (September 15th) via Better Noise Records.  I don't usually review Hip-Hop artists but "Bound For Glory" is an alternative for rock and metal fans alike!

The artist's visceral vocal style blends with poetic verses detailing the struggles Hyro the Hero went through to achieve success. The album features some well-known voices from the metal community, including Disturbed vocalist David Draiman, Atreyu vocalist Brandan Saller and HellYeah frontman Chad Grey. These acquisitions help harmonise the message Hyro attempts to convey through his brand of brash, aggressive vocals and lyrics about social media, War, Mental Health etc. Hyro crossovers into the metal stream with blistering riffs, dynamic electronics and a penchant for smashing the ceiling.

The 12-track album was recorded and produced by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead) and thrives on the ability to give Hyro the freedom to express his trials and tribulations through a solid production. 

The rallying title track "Bound for Glory" is an anthemic track full of intricate wordplay, intense, bold riffs and skyscraping vocals from Solence vocalist Markus Videsatar. Hyro increases the intensity of the volatile "Sho Nuff" with all the rage and frustration of an artist with a lot to get off his chest.
Photo Credit: Simon Grumal

Additionally, Hyro displays maturity with social commentary on subjects such as the idea of fake news on "FU2" featuring the powerful and emotive vocals of Fire from the Gods vocalist AJ Channer, personal struggles on the intense " I'm So Sick" and Millenial anthem "Retaliation Generation" left disillusioned with societal values featuring Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Channa.

Nevertheless, Hyro the Hero revels as a modern-day Zack De Le Rocha such as on "Renegade of Punk" firing off verses over rumbling basslines, thick, distorted guitar riffs and drums that resonate throughout the earlobes. The charismatic lyricist lends his skills to the dark and sombre "We Believe" featuring the maniacal vocals of Draiman, the high adrenaline "Fight" is like a sane Kanye West with the notable screams of Chad Grey and the dubstep on "Legendary" perfectly complements the special guests, with Brandan Saller's melodious vocals battling against the raging Hyro.

And finally, an unhinged cover of Busta Rhymes' "Woo Ha, Got You All in Check" is a nod to the rapper's hometown and hip-hop roots.

Overall, "Bound For Glory" is most likely a collector's item for this writer, but Hyro the Hero proves mixing metal and rap can succeed with the right ingredients thrown into the mix.

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Woo Hah! Got You All in Check ( Official Music Video)

Fight ft HellYeah vocalist Chad Grey

We Believe FT Disturbed Vocalist David Draiman


EP Review: Inner Light- Inner Light

Words by Anselm Anderson

Previously, I reviewed a few upcoming bands from Rouen, France. Inner Light is the next in line for review, with a look at their debut EP titled "Inner Light." A female-fronted metalcore band combines harsh vocals with an energetic and melodic metal sound on their five-track release. This year has seen a slew of progressive new metal bands with a strong dynamic. Inner Light is no different with lead vocalist Marine leading the way with her unapologetic guttural vocals.

The EP's opening track features a raw and emotional brand of metal, blending technical and melodic guitar work. On "Inside My Veins" " the music builds to a scintillating and sinister climax. The thick basslines provide a crunchy edge. 
Photo Credit: Sushi Photo Lab

The fractious "Monsters" is next with Marine's vocals reminiscent of an enraged individual, snapping over erratic percussion. There is a sense of urgency and seriousness in the music. The ferocious drumming adds another dimension to it. Inner Light draws influences from Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn, which is understandable with long, winding melodic passages, and vocals that range from anger to despair.

The menacing "Scars on Earth" marches on with stomping rhythm sections like a band prepared for battle. The self-titled track "Inner Light" is the band's more harmonious with melodic vocals interchanged with guttural screams. The guitar work alternates between savage beats and lighter breakdowns, culminating in "Messiah," an anthemic conclusion to this journey through French Metalcore.

Overall, Inner Light blends intricate guitar play with well-structured songs that appeal to one's senses and emotions.

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Click on the Spotify link below to listen to the full EP.


EP Review: The Fires Below- Masquerade

Words by Anselm Anderson

The highly-anticipated debut EP from rising alt-rockers, The Fires Below, called Masquerade, was released last Friday. The EP includes four tracks packed with energetic rock, featuring in-your-face punk stylings blended with groove-orientated stoner metal riffs. The Fires Below is ready to make a big impact on the rock world.

Formed during the London lockdown, the band includes Smithy's towering vocals, Del's thunderous drumming, Sam's crunchy riffs, and Si's rumbling basslines.

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Guerrieri

The band draws influences from bands like Sepultura, QOTSA and Sex Pistols. They blend intensity with social topics such as consumerism, greed and corruption in twelve minutes of rousing rock and roll. The emotional vocals of Smithy blend with the dual guitars and basslines.

 The Grunge-infused "Masquerade" is full of mesmerizing, groove-laden riffs that are both captivating and haunting. Next up is "Another Day" by the band, a serious and angry call to arms for the state of the world. The vocals are reminiscent of Max Cavalera and are accompanied by inventive riffs. The latest single "So It Goes" is an equally hostile punk track with guitar-driven rock and a singer pushed to the limits.  

"Vigilante" concludes its short debut with energetic riffs and an uptempo intensity. The song is amplified by increasingly irritable vocal cries and rousing riffs to keep one on their toes to the end.

Overall, The Fires Below delivers a short but sweet release. An Ep full of passion, aggression and no-holds-barred rock. This serves as a taster for what is to come.

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Click below to watch the videos for "Masquerade" and "So It Goes" below via the band's YouTube Channel.

Masquerade (Offical Music Video)

So It Goes (Official Music Video)


LP Review: Dethlok-Dethalbum IV

Words by Anselm Anderson 

This past Tuesday saw the welcoming of a new release from the Metalocaplypse. Dethalbum IV is the fourth album by the animated melodic death metal band Dethlok formed by Brandon Small and Gene Hoglan.

Dethlok was formed over fifteen years ago. They were initially created for a TV show on Adult Swim. The two-piece ventured into the outside world to build their brand of high-energy metal. They combined it with comedic performances and a brutal sound. Dethalbum IV is the heaviest yet, featuring the animated-on-screen performances of vocalist Nathan Explosion, lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwielf, Rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth and drummer Pickles. 

They are ready to release their distinctive sound and conquer the metal scene. the album is the duo's first in a decade and showcases their most aggressive sound yet. The bold and menacing sound of the band is created by the growls of vocalist Nathan Explosion and the mesmerizing fretwork of Skwielf and Wartooth, taking listeners back to the heady days of atmospheric black metal.

Dethlok pull no punches with their opener 'Garden of Vengeance', a track featuring their distinct and tenacious edge. The sound is amplified by sonic blasts and rhythmic guitar play, creating an even more powerful effect. Next up is the latest single "Aortic Desecration", which features aggressive drumming and impressive guitar play that has a devastating effect.

Brandon Small, the co-creator, has compensated for the band's absence in the past decade by delivering solid production and spirited songwriting on Dethalbum IV. Every track features a balanced combination of melodious passages and gut-wrenching solos that complement the playful lyrics. Dethlok balances the ferocious metal of "Poisoned Food" and "Bloodbath" with tongue-in-cheek lyrics with the soulful, dark music of " Satelite Bleeding" and " Deadface" to create a sombre, yet progressive release.

The band accompanied this release with a Feature-Length movie named Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar", due out of time of writing. And finally, Dethlok switches gears with the crushing "Murmaider III" and "S.O.S" to fill a void in the metal world.

After a decade of obscurity, Dethlok returns to the metal scene with a full force of nature on over ten tracks.

Rating: 5/5

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You can watch videos for "Gardener of Vengeance" and |"Aortic Desecration" below

Gardener of Vengeance

Aortic Desecration