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Raven- Interview

 Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews Raven are the products of the NWOBHM scene from the 1980s that produced an array of bands like Girlschool ,  Motorhead ,   Def Leppar d Diamond Head  and  Alkatrazz  to name but a few. The band were formed in 1974 in Newcastle, England by the Gallagher brothers, John ( Vocals, Bass) and  Mark ( Backing Vocals, Guitars) with ex-drummer Pat Bowden. They described their music as " Athletic Rock", as they grew a reputation for donning sporting gear ( helmets, knee pads, elbow pads etc) and equipment during their live shows.  The band played hard rock with progressive tendencies. they achieved minor success in the 1980s with hits like    On and On" . The band has released over 10 albums including 1981 debut " Rock Until You Drop", 1985's " Stay Hard" and most recent release 2015's " Extermination. Yet it was these aforementioned performances that led the band to be

Black Water Greed- Walk Away ( Single Review)

                                                                             Words were written by Anselm Anderson BlackWaterGreed  is an exciting new Alternative Rock act from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in The US. The band describes their sound as " Classy Rock", which is " A marriage between the '70s and 80's classic rock". The band cite such luminaries as Grand Funk Railroad and Shinedown as influences and have already supported Kix   &  Adrenaline Mob .on tour. The band-  Tyson ( Drums), Michael Mundy ( Vocals) and  Los (Andy) Paltzer ( Guitars-  now are ready to unleash their much-anticipated debut album  Circle of Sin ,. The first single from that album " Walk Away", amassed over a million views on YouTube upon its release. This statistic comes as no surprise as the band's easy listening ballads format works comfortably for the listener. The opening sequence of " Walk Away " is a carefully plucked melody that opens