Raven- Interview

 Interview conducted by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

Raven are the products of the NWOBHM scene from the 1980s that produced an array of bands like GirlschoolMotorhead,  Def Leppard Diamond Head and Alkatrazz to name but a few.

The band were formed in 1974 in Newcastle, England by the Gallagher brothers, John
( Vocals, Bass) and  Mark ( Backing Vocals, Guitars) with ex-drummer Pat Bowden.
They described their music as " Athletic Rock", as they grew a reputation for donning sporting gear ( helmets, knee pads, elbow pads etc) and equipment during their live shows.  The band played hard rock with progressive tendencies. they achieved minor success in the 1980s with hits like   On and On".

The band has released over 10 albums including 1981 debut " Rock Until You Drop", 1985's " Stay Hard" and most recent release 2015's " Extermination. Yet it was these aforementioned performances that led the band to be recognized for a lively and energetic show that has seen them tour extensively over the years across Europe, America, and Japan.

Raven recently appeared for two nights at the Seata Club in Kichijoji and Blaze Club in Shinjuku, Tokyo. They were joined by drummer Mike Heller for their first visit in four years to the country. I spoke to the band about how they felt those two nights went.

RMR: Hello Raven, you have just finished performing two nights in Japan, How do you personally feel it went? 

 JG: A great success! Two very well attended shows .. crazy audience... on our side, everything was great for us to go out and do what we do best!

RMR: The band play with a lot of energy and really involve the audience like in the performances I saw. How do you feel The Japanese crowds are like compared to the European crowds that you’ve played too recently?

JG: Well, a Raven audience is a Raving audience!
So pretty similar but the Japanese fans have such passion... it’s a privilege to play for them! It’s what we do.. we go out with 100% effort and involve the Audience as much as we can.

RMR: I understand this was your first visit in four years, do you feel anything has changed from your previous visit?

JG: Only that the people were even crazier this time!!!!

RMR:  This was Drummer Mike Heller’s first time in Japan with the band, What do you feel Mike brings to the band’s performances?....and most importantly, What did Mike feel about the experience?

JG: Mike brings a lot of passion, energy and technical prowess to the band... He’s given us a few extra gears lol... He’s been to Japan before, but never experienced the Japanese Raven lunatics!

RMR:  Could you tell me a bit about the tracklisting for both nights? I visited on the second and understand you played some new tracks?

JG: Well, we were asked to do stuff from the first 3 albums on the first show.. which we did & added a few oldies we have not played in many years... like “ Hellraiser/Action” which was fun.

We played one new song at both shows just to give a taste of our upcoming new studio album...
So it kept things a bit more interesting than doing the same set twice!

RMR: You are next visiting China, what are you most looking forward to there?

JG: Getting some sleep lol!!!! Hopefully a bit of sightseeing... and it’s our first time in China so that’s always fun to play to an audience that’s never seen us before!

RMR: Could you tell me what the fans in China can expect from your performances?

JG: 100% balls out high energy metal!!!!!

RMR: I am from England like yourselves and originally from Lancashire. There are still a lot of metalheads from the NWOBHM scene that are fans of the band haha  Do you plan on any future tours of the country?

JG: Yes.. we toured the U.K. in late 2018 and will be back hopefully later this year... It’s not easy touring in the UK but we do love it regardless.. even if Mike complains about the food lol.

RMR: And finally......What is next for Raven?

JG: We have a full dance card! We are going to L.A  right after China to do some writing...We are awaiting mixes of the new album which we plan to release later in the year... In June we are touring Latin & South America.. doing some Euro festivals and going to Australia for the first time to tour!

RMR: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk to Rambling Man's reviews


Black Water Greed- Walk Away ( Single Review)

                                                                             Words were written by Anselm Anderson

BlackWaterGreed is an exciting new Alternative Rock act from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in The US. The band describes their sound as " Classy Rock", which is " A marriage between the '70s and 80's classic rock". The band cite such luminaries as Grand Funk Railroad and Shinedown as influences and have already supported Kix  & Adrenaline Mob.on tour.

The band-  Tyson ( Drums), Michael Mundy ( Vocals) and  Los (Andy) Paltzer ( Guitars-  now are ready to unleash their much-anticipated debut album Circle of Sin,. The first single from that album " Walk Away", amassed over a million views on YouTube upon its release. This statistic comes as no surprise as the band's easy listening ballads format works comfortably for the listener.

The opening sequence of " Walk Away" is a carefully plucked melody that opens the doors for the pain staked vocals,- easily recognized in many radio-friendly American rock acts- that are reflective with lyrics that feel personal.

The difference here is the string arrangements that come as a welcoming addition as they help focus the raw emotions of the song's content. The heavy distorted guitar bridges then come into force as the chorus becomes an outpour of emotions as the singer reveals introspective lyrics that leave this song feeling like the listener has gone on an emotional journey with the band.

Click on the link below to listen to the track.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2Gh1EUhwUw&feature=youtu.be- BlackwaterGreed- Walk Away

You can follow the band via social media accounts http://www.facebook.com/Black-Water-Greed-
http://www.twitter.com/blackwatergreed & http://www.instagram.com/blackwatergreed