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Single Review- Tarah Who? - Yay or Nay featuring Faul

  La-based duo Tarah Who? are back with a new single 'Yay or Nay' featuring Independent Spanish rock band Faul. Lead singer/guitarist Tarah Carpenter discovered the band through Bala drummer V, the musician's favourite band. Each member of Faul sings in their native tongue: Corinna sings in German, whilst Laura and V sing in Galician. 'Yay or Nay' is another example of Tarah Who? singing songs about the music industry through their brand of in-your-face gritty punk. Tarah Carpenter and the members of Faul somberly sing over fuzzy guitars that build towards a breakneck speed. The women then join together in unison with cries of Yay or Nay (Yes or No). Tarah Who? continues to break boundaries with their messages of support for the independent music scene. Words by Anselm Anderson

Album Review: Mrs Beckett- Unattractively Needy

  Alternative Power trio Mrs Beckett  released their debut album Unattractively Needy,  this past Friday,23rd September. The band's brand of dirty and powerful rock'n'roll has been heralded as gaining influence from Motorhead and Little Richard. Formed in the North-East of England in 2019, Lead singer/guitarist, Jim Kitson planned on writing a musical about a band reforming after one of its members transitioned. Fortunately, Kitson realised his dislike of musicals and plugged in his Telecaster and brought in long-time musical companion, Peter Peverley on bass and Dave Pipkin on drums. The ten-track LP was recorded live at The Shed in Kitson's home studio in Durham, England. The LP begins with the slow-burner 'Care', an anthemic rock track that has Kitson crooning over bluesy riffs, Next up is the boogie rock stomper 'Defeats', followed by some slow numbers in the latest single 'Devastating' and the rock ballad 'Collapsing'. Mrs Beckett r


  Masked Nu-Metal act  Anti-Clone has returned after a four-year hiatus with a new EP Human. Recorded at Red City Recordings in Manchester, England by David Radahd-Jones, the four-track EP is a follow-up to 2016's 'The Root of Man'. Following a break in 2018, The band are back with a brand-new look and sound. 'Human' looks at recent events in a fireball of aggressive and raw metal. The EP starts with the self-titled track 'Human'. a neck-cracking juggernaut of industrial metal. The hostile vocals rage over thick guitar riffs and an eerie electronic sound. Next up is the equally menacing 'Punish Me'. Vocalist Clone' sounds like an unstable Cory Taylor as he juxtaposes hollow screams and pop melodies. This track is the more commercial of the four on this release. The band seek to emulate Nu-metal tendencies with modern metal to produce a balance for fans of those genres. 'End of The World' sounds like a less unstable Marilyn Manson with dar

EP Review- Stefanie Joyce- Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms.

 Nashville Singer/ Songwriter Stefanie Joyce released her latest EP Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms  early last month. Produced by Ryan Manner at Station West Studio in Nashville, Joyce releases an EP that tells five stories on "sin, redemption and everything in between". As a teenager, she trained with the prestigious Alberta Ballet  before earning a degree in Film Production and Creative Writing at th e University of British Columbia . Joyce has continued achieving success as a songwriter for several artists, as well as performing at numerous Music Festivals. She counts songwriters like  John Prine  and Brandy Clar k as influences, as well as authors like Cormac McCarthy and Anne Proulx. Stefanie Joyce combines her love of bluegrass with folk and country through a powerful and gritty sound on 'Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms'. The EP begins with the Roots Rock of 'Presdio', a tale of loneliness and sin. Joyce sings over the squeals of the steel pedal guitar. T

Song Review- VanGoGo- Get Up to You

  Detroit Rockers' Vangogo return with a new retro track, entitled 'Get Up to You'.  Produced by Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios.  the quartet released a track heavily influenced by John Hughes films ( The Breakfast Club, National Lampoon, Home Alone). The 1980s throwback to dreamy vocals and synth-pop is readily on display. Lead singer Nathan Mackinder explains, " 'Get Up to You” is about the journey to achieve the love you deserve. There are a lot of incredible stories out there about how people ended up together. Seems like for the majority, it didn’t come easy and there were a lot of long hard roads and tall jagged mountains to climb to get to a place where things worked out. But in all instances, it was an extreme desire and prophetic love that made it worth the voyage." 'Get Up to You' is a guitar-driven track that is accompanied by lead vocalist Nathan Mackinder's soft and tender vocals. The song blends hazy synthesisers with infecti

Album of the Week: The False Poets- Poetaster: A Miscellany

North East Freakbeat's The False Poets have returned with their third studio album Poetaster: A Miscellany  via Nice Mind Records. The album is the first compilation from the band and marks ten years of their existence. 'Poetaster' draws on material from their original spell between 2012-2014 and other songs from the second spell in 2018, including their 2019 debut album and last year's 'Strange Season' outing.  Formed originally by enthusiasts of 1960s beat music and garage punk, the album features four earlier recordings, as well as the new single 'Shadows of Fear' 'Poetaster: A Miscellany' is 44 minutes of folk, garage rock, progressive rock and retro rock. 'Did It Feel Real?' is a slab of 1960s jangly rock with an earworm chorus that features solid guitar work from the band. The swinging rhythms of the hook-laden 'Stick or Twist' will leave those hips swaying long into the night. The post-gothic 'Shadows of Fear' is

EP Review: Cazimi- Signals

Acclaimed British quartet Cazimi released their latest EP Signals last month via AWAL Records. The follow-up to 2019's debut album 'Late in The Day' is mastered by Peter Maher and arranged by Cazimi in collaboration with Steve Wallace from Penetration. Following that initial success, Covid haltered any plans for a new album and tour before the four-piece decided to reunite with a new rhythm section. 'Signals' delivers four tracks of alt-indie with dark melodies and moody music to pique the interest. 'Echo' is the first track on the release with jangly guitars and dreamy vocals. The song evokes memories of indie bands like The Smiths and The Stone Roses. 'Coming Home' is next up and offers another slab of jangle pop with progressive guitar breaks, rolling basslines and vocals that feel like one is drifting on a cloud. 'Fascination' is darker in tone with mesmerising hooks and vocals that are as hypnotic as the band's sound. And lastly, &

Album Review- Sara Syms- The Darkest Light

  Americana Starlet Sara Syms released her third album The Darkest Light earlier last month. Recorded at the famed Espalande Studios in New Orleans, Syms opens up about her struggles with anxieties and depression on this 10-track LP. The songstress took time away from the music scene to contemplate life. The LP mixes blues, folk and roots to convey this story to the listener. The self-titled 'The Darkest Light' opens the album. A haunting three minutes of self-reflection. Syms's powerful voice sings over eerie string arrangements and piano keys that make this an evocative and dark track to start things off. The equally majestic 'Fear and Love' combines dark poetry with the addition of a flamenco feel giving this added poignancy. Syms invokes several emotions of anguish, sorrow, love and fears through her ability to engage the listener with strong storytelling and moving music. 'Unknown Road' is one such example, a country blues track with sultry vocals set o

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