Song of the day Harriet Comfort - Time Is Now ( single review)

Words by Anselm Anderson.

East End Rockers Harriet Comfort introduced themselves into the rock scene with her debut single "Time is Now". The six friends have been gradually growing amongst the elite with appearances on radio stations, and Spotify playlists, and recently shortlisted on the Classic Rock Track of the Week. The band, named after a pile of mysterious mail delivered to their flat, wrote this track about the environment. The band's brand of energetic rock, combined with keys and frenetic guitars to create a fun-loving song with a thought-provoking message.

"Time is Now" comes to life with the announcement of the memorable three-chord guitar riff that sticks in the ear for a long time afterwards. Vocalist Amy Church arrives with her commanding voice, alongside the rhythm section of Rick Gold on bass, Brett Mcfarlane on Lead guitar and Anna Peiris also form part of the factor, as their fervent musicianship accentuates Church's sultry voice.

The driving bass combines with the chordal patterns of Mcfarlane to maintain a mid-tempo that is complete with a chorus hook. Dalton retains the tempo with some carefully timed drum fills that feel like a jam session well-timed to drill home the message for us all to stand up and make a change.

Harriet Comfort has written an enticing three-minute song that is lively, effective and enjoyable as the band's unusual name,

Time is Now is available now via all good musical platforms




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