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Jimmy Lee Morris Run To The Sun

Words were written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

Jimmy Lee Morris is a British Singer/songwriter I have had the pleasure of writing a review for before, as a publisher for The Old School Project

Morris is originally from East Sussex but now resides in Devon. He has been entertaining audiences over the past 30 plus years at various Folk clubs and festivals across Europe and the UK. Morris had previously released “Last Of The Tall Ships” last year, and now returns with his latest album “ Run To The Sun”, an album full of heartfelt lyrics and feelgood tunes that this writer comes to expect from previous releases. Morris blends pop, hard rock, blues and folk to create ten telling tracks full of vigour and energy.

Allan James- Our dreams

Words were written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews

Allan James is a much-accomplished singer-songwriter, based in Northern Virginia, USA

James is a self-taught musician, who began playing guitar and singing songs aged 8 and by the time he reached his early teens, James had started to record and perform his original music for school, dances, and charities.

James returned to the US following a successful stint as host of his own guitar TV show in Iceland, whilst living over there. Allan James achieved critical acclaim following the release of his debut single on local radio stations, as well as releasing  6 albums to date. James has always been at the forefront of utilizing technologies and using the internet to build a fanbase.  He now returns with " Our Dreams", the latest single off his forthcoming new album. A beautifully structured track that captures the soul with its succinct guitar play and poetic lyrics. The track conjures feelings of serenity and calmness

" Our Dreams" begins with a reverb-soaked guitar riff that resonates like waves crashing against rocks. The opening sequence combines rich textures to evoke a sense of inner peace, which sets up the track nicely. James' voice reminds me of a younger David Gilmour ; tranquil and engaging. His lyrics interlope with an emotive message I feel is about moving on. The addition of the harmonica replicates an ode to this.

Allan James writes and produces a track that is everything the title says. A powerful and endearing track that will leave you drifting away with him

Allan James' new album is due out in the summer of 2019 Click Here to listen to " Our Dreams"

Alternatively, you can follow the musician via his social media accounts ;



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