Italian Progressive rock act Wine Guardian has released their third studio album Timescape via Logic II Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group. The seven-track LP was recorded and mixed by Andrea Seveso at the renowned Ivory Tears Music Works studio in Somma Lombo in Italy. Davide "Dave Rox" Barbiero assisted in recording the vocals.

The trio formed in 2008 with the sole intentions of becoming a metal act in the guise of such heavyweights as Queensryche by vocalist Lorenzo Parigi. bassist Stefano Capitani and drummer Davide Sgarbi. The band soon debuted in 2014 with Fool's Paradise, before changing artistic direction with a more progressive sound. Timescape aims to capture that essence with beautiful melodies, tantalising harmonic passages and instrumentation.

"Chemical Indulgence" hopes to attract the listener early with a juxtaposition between dark and light. Parigi's calm and reassured timbre accompanies acoustic instrumentals in contrast to harsh vocals and distorted heavy metal guitars. "Little Boy" follows with a similar vocal display that powers over counterproductive melodies and harmonising guitar solos. Wine Guardian takes their time and patience to write meaningful music with each track well-structured to build gradually towards its climax.

Each track times in on average of six minutes, which is useful for an LP that clocks in under 60 minutes. The twelve-minute "The Astounding Journey" is an example of this test. The band combine tempos and odd time signatures to emulate a strenuous trip through music to deliver an enchanting track. Other Highlights include the painful "Digital Dharma" and a bonus track "1935"

Overall, Wine Guardian pay homage to their influences through an emotional Timescape. The band's dynamic sound creates an array of emotions that range between sorrow, happiness, pain and elation. This is a welcome addition to any progressive rock catalogue. Words By Anselm Anderson

Timescape is available to purchase via the Outward Styles shop, or via major streaming platforms

01. Chemical Indulgence
02. Little Boy
03. Magus
04. Digital Dharma
05. The Luminous Whale
06. The Astounding Journey
07. 1935


Lorenzo Parigi: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Stefano Capitani: Bass & Backing Vocals
Davide Sgarbi: Drums & Backing Vocals


"Little Boy (Single Edit)"


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