Freya Alley- Another Man ( Single Review)

Freya Alley is an accomplished and adaptable singer!! That is not a bad statement to start a review on a young star that oozes the ability to appeal to one's emotions. Many readers of this blog will recognise the name of a singer I reviewed back in July.

Alley moved to London from her native Lithuania several years back to pursue a musical career. She soon teamed up with Songwriter Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Studios, which have found success with notable names like Pixie Lott and Sam Smith.
Frey Alley now treats us to her new single Another Man, a track about the complexities of love that leads to breaking up in a relationship.

I feel this has a slightly darker tone to Come Back, which was released in July. The subtle electronic beats create an eerie atmospheric, that truly symbolises the pain one can feel in this situation.
The most striking attribute of Alley I like is her songwriting, as she writes heartfelt poetry.
This speciality allows the listener to empathise with the subject because they can envision behind it.

Another man combines this songwriting technique with stark music that has similarities to LanaDel Rey. the track opens with a piano-driven passage that maintains a mid-tempo build to Alley's warm and pain etched vocals. The inclusion of drum loops and multi-layered vocals adds to the unsettling feeling when you listen.

You can find out more information by visiting www.freyaalley.com

Alternatively, you can follow her via www.facebook.com/FreyaAlley
www.twitter.com/freya_alley & www.instagram.com/freya.alley

You can also listen to the track below

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