EP Review: The Fires Below- Masquerade

Words by Anselm Anderson

The highly-anticipated debut EP from rising alt-rockers, The Fires Below, called Masquerade, was released last Friday. The EP includes four tracks packed with energetic rock, featuring in-your-face punk stylings blended with groove-orientated stoner metal riffs. The Fires Below is ready to make a big impact on the rock world.

Formed during the London lockdown, the band includes Smithy's towering vocals, Del's thunderous drumming, Sam's crunchy riffs, and Si's rumbling basslines.

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Guerrieri

The band draws influences from bands like Sepultura, QOTSA and Sex Pistols. They blend intensity with social topics such as consumerism, greed and corruption in twelve minutes of rousing rock and roll. The emotional vocals of Smithy blend with the dual guitars and basslines.

 The Grunge-infused "Masquerade" is full of mesmerizing, groove-laden riffs that are both captivating and haunting. Next up is "Another Day" by the band, a serious and angry call to arms for the state of the world. The vocals are reminiscent of Max Cavalera and are accompanied by inventive riffs. The latest single "So It Goes" is an equally hostile punk track with guitar-driven rock and a singer pushed to the limits.  

"Vigilante" concludes its short debut with energetic riffs and an uptempo intensity. The song is amplified by increasingly irritable vocal cries and rousing riffs to keep one on their toes to the end.

Overall, The Fires Below delivers a short but sweet release. An Ep full of passion, aggression and no-holds-barred rock. This serves as a taster for what is to come.

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Click below to watch the videos for "Masquerade" and "So It Goes" below via the band's YouTube Channel.

Masquerade (Offical Music Video)

So It Goes (Official Music Video)


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