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Billboard Award-winning songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his latest single "The Devil's In New Orleans", ahead of the musician's album Hudson Delta, set for release on August 25th,2021 The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, following a tough year that saw the collapse of his 2019 debut, which gained much-needed radio airplay. The New York-based rock musician has been hailed as "one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America". "The Devil's In New Orleans" was once dubbed unsuitable for radio. Tuohy looks into the turmoil of modern society. The track sees soulful vocals spread over soft jazz piano keys. Jeff Tuohy sounds like the cunning wordsmith. as he talks over multi-layered horns and keys accompaniment. The track has dark undertones to a sneering vocalist that bursts into melody on the chorus. Overall, this is a track that will leave you pleasantly surprised, whilst looking over your shoulder. Words by Anselm Anderson SO

Anvil- Nabbed In Nebraska

Words were written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews. Canadians'  Anvil  has had a storied past, but thanks to the distribution of the highly successful  Anvil_ The Story Of Anvil Documentary  in 2008. The film won them over a new fanbase. They were originally formed in 1978 by High School friends vocalist  Steve " Lips" Kudlow  and drummer  Robb Reiner .  After much lineup changes, The band are currently completed with the bassist Chris Robertson. They have been said to have been a major influence on  "The Big Four " Metallica ,  Anthrax ,  Slayer  &  Megadeth . The documentary explored the difficulties of breaking into the music industry. This down to earth and hardworking attitude has been a testament to the longevity of the band. They are now gearing up for their new album Legal At Last , due out on February 14th via AFM Records. The title itself refers to the change of Marijuana laws in Canada last year. The first track to come off

Ozzy Osbourne- Straight To Hell

Words Are Written by Anselm Anderson Poor Ozzy Osbourne  has not had the best of years with a plight of illnesses and a bad fall. The Prince Of Darknesss was meant to be spending the year touring on his No More Tours 2 tour,but had to cancel due to the unforseen events in question.  However, that all changed with a guest appearance on Take What You Want  by   rapper Post Malone  ( You can hear the track via the link here). This experience lead to an encounter with his producer Andrew Watt, who asked whether he'd like to make another album. The results are the recently announced  Ordinary Man, which Ozzy's wife Sharon revealed to be due out in January  The album features Watt on guitars alongside Guns 'N ' Roses bassist Duff Mckagan and RHCP drummer Chad Smith.  . Straight To Hell  is the second single, following the gothic ballad Under The Graveyard  ( Click here to listen )  last month. The track sees the wildman return to form with the more wilder Slash joini