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The review was written by Anselm Anderson for Rambling Man's Reviews.

Swedish Garage/ Pop quartet The Plastic Pals return with new single 'Hangin' In the louvre',  released on International Towel day- 25th May today, in honour of the late author Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; which the band named themselves after. The single is the second, following lead single 'Plastic Pals'taken from the upcoming EP It Could Be so Easy Free and Fine ( Click here to read the review).

'Hangin' in the Louvre' continues where the previous track left off. The haunting vocals mixed with twin-guitar harmonies and quirky lyrics. The opening tinkles of piano segue into an uptempo, groovy guitar riff. Hawk's vocals enter with the lines "We are hangin' in the louvre/ And it's quarter to five," A daunting and tender voice, accompanied by a strong rhythm section. Drummer Olov Oqvist is slick and regimented, tapping to every beat as the twin guitars blend with huge pop choruses, and eerie keys to accentuate the sense of feeling alone, yet seeking a form of comfort within.  Bassist Bengt Alim's work is dark and seductive as it slowly glides along to the double guitar phrases that ascend with every line uttered.

The Plastic Pals continue to make new friends with their blend of dark, and sardonic Garage rock and evocative lyrics.

It Could Be So Easy Free and Fine EP is scheduled for release on September 11 2020, as a CD/vinyl/Digital release.

The Plastic Pals are Hakan " Hawk" Soold ( Vocals, Guitars), Anders Sahlin ( Guitars, Backing Vocals), Bengt Alim ( Bass) and drummer Olov Oqvist.

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