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Boston-based Alt-Country outfit Kristian Montgomery and The Winterkill Band have released their second studio album, Prince Of Poverty, a follow up to last year's debut, Grave Church.

Montgomery and co decided to take no risks and headed to Ultrasound studios to record the album two months after their predecessor. Kristian Montgomery is a Danish- Irish Singer/Songwriter, brought up in New Florida. Montgomery has led quite the existence with stories of struggles, poverty and religion. The son of a Fisherman chronicles this with ten songs of Country rock, Country Pop and Blues in Prince Of Poverty.

Opener "They'll Remember My Name" will lead listeners to do so with it's Led Zeppelin-esque steel guitar intro and grunge stylings. The slow tempo track has added sweet melodies wrapped in a warm voice to make this a pleasant beginning.

Next up is "Tired of Being Tired" is a touching ballad. Montgomery pours his emotions out with this telling track of struggling to hold down a job. The singer/songwriter is able to convey such sentiments through various methods to capture the essence of his listener. These arrangements alternate between slow country ballads about love and loss to upbeat and fast based rockers such as the Banjo-fuelled "Working Hands", a blue-collar anthem told through passion and honesty. The album has been produced at a steady pace for listeners to enjoy and divulge along this spiritual journey like the captivating "I'll Find My Way Home", a compelling and emotional Americana track-inspired about how it feels to be away for too long. 

Montgomery writes simple stories with the help of a strong backing band full of vigour and ideas that make each track an enjoyable experience. "Just Driving Around" wraps it up with a tale about love told through a potent alternative fingerpicking style, soft vocals and solid percussive beats.

Montgomery and The Winterkill Band take us through a spellbinding and tumultuous journey of well- crafted songwriting and engaging tracks that will be sure to feel like you will know Kristian Montgomery and co a lot more afterwards. Words by Anselm Anderson

Prince of Poverty is available through all major streaming platforms.

"They'll Remember My Name"
"Working  Hands"


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  1. Really cool track! Thanks for turning us on to these tracks! :)