Orange County Hardcore outfit Gizmachi return with a new album, Omega Kaleid, released last Friday. The album was produced and engineered by guitarist Jay Hannon and mixed by Martin Lewis.

The five-piece have re-emerged following a 16-year hiatus with anew vocalist in tow and a ton of intensity to match. Soilwork vocalist Bjorn Strid kindly agreed to take the reigns after a tumultuous Kickstarter campaign in 2012, which saw many setbacks along the way. including budget constraints. Gizmachi first formed in 2006 and were quickly spotted by Slipknot resident "Clown", Shawn Crahan, who promptly signed them to his record label, Big Orange Clown Label. They released the much received The Imbuing.

Omega Kalied is the hotly-anticipated 11 track follow-up full of blazing solos, brutal instrumental breaks, and strong vocal melodies. The opener "Winter" is a stark reminder of things to come, much like an episode of Game Of Thrones, the subdued beginning leads to a brutal onslaught. Next up is "Paradox" is a blend of crushing intros,  harsh and clean vocal exchanges, odd time signatures that sees the band finding their feet. The addition of Strid as a vocalist has brought a rawness and tenacity to Gizmachi that appeals to a mainstream audience. The pummeling "Sky" is an example of these benefits with the interest of dark progressive elements, and agonising howls. There are tendencies to explore different ideas in the songwriting and production to further enhance the attraction of this release.

The whole album goes on at a frenetic pace, which can sometimes hinder the attraction because it can feel confusing with the emotions expressed. The speed of such can leave you clasping for breath."Inner Visions" is an example with the juxtaposition of melodic voices contrasts with gritty ones. The hellacious screams of Strid over extensive instrumentation battle with aggressive blast beats and finger blistering solos. There are times when a certain masked band can be heard in their influences with"New Day ( Everybody Loses)". Bjorn Strid and backing vocalist Mike Laurino sound like two caged Dobermans fighting for scraps, as each growl over down-tuned guitars and mercilessly beaten drums sound more vicious.  The searing tempo soon slows to soft, powerful vocals, before the harshness returns.. 

And finally "Omega Kaleid" wraps this tumultuous journey up with chugging guitars and angry vocals distinguished against longer, more ethereal vocals and long phrases. Gizmachi has a penchant to write songs that reflect their conflicted emotions. Omega Kaleid is a triumphant return for an act that has suffered many tribulations 

Words by Anselm Anderson

Omega Kaleid is available across all major streaming platforms.


Jay Hannon - Guitars

Mike Laurino - Guitars/Vocals

Kris Gilmore - Bass

Jimmie Hatcher - Drums

Björn Strid - Vocals

GIZMACHI online:



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