The Skys- Communication

Words Were Written by Anselm Anderson

The Skys are a highly revered rock outfit from Lithuania, who have toured extensively around the world to critical acclaim. The band has several albums to date, including Automatic Minds, the band's latest studio release; which was produced by Grammy award-winning Dom Morley ( Amy Winehouse).
Communication is one of the singles from the album that features The Voice USA contestant India Carney on vocals.

The track combusts between a multitude of harmonic lines and heavy beats that are reminiscent of the prog music Pink Floyd and Genesis were so fond of producing.  The opening sequence begins with an apparent transmission before breaking into the eerie vocals that repeats " We all see through cancer". The hypnotic bass lines then join in tandem to create a dreamlike atmosphere that builds through each bar until the counterpoint to male vocals enters with the first verse. The juxtaposition of vocals helps to convey the different textures within the song that feel like the listener is travelling through time.

 The vocals then change tact and speed up before joining in harmony for the chorus. The manipulation of sound helps to retain the tempo and tone of this track before it recycles its original build to a frenetic finish with a whirring guitar and mellotron solo that is capped off by the high pitch talents of our guest vocalist. This Track does remind me of the aforementioned Pink Floyd with its intelligent songwriting and well-crafted compositions that make this a treat worth listening to.

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