Words by Anselm Anderson

East London Rockers' Harriet Comfort mark their return with The Other Side, released November 27th will be the follow up to debut single Time is Now.(Click here to read the review)

The band took full advantage of the recent lockdown, and the " rules of six", to complete recording with producer Peter Maher live in the studio. Ryan Pinson helped mix the track, inspired by a night out with some unsavoury characters. 

Harriet Comfort brings to life experiences to deliver a bluesy number that steeps to their depths to play to their strengths. The empowering presence of Amy Church on vocals produces a sultry essence to the backdrop of eerie keys and soaring guitars. Bassist Rick Gold's driving basslines rumble along to Sean dalton's timely drumbeats. The song builds tension, as Church conveys a solitary figure. The dark overtones quickly explode into a catchy chorus. as atmospherics change to the increasing tempo. Guitarist Brett Mcfarlane adds a tantalising instrumental break towards the end to underlie a feeling the band has departed for the evening.

Harriet Comfort continues to grow as a unit with solid musicianship and tight chemistry. they understand how to engage the audience with infectious tales and hidden meanings.

Harriet Comfort is currently working on their first LP release.

Band Members

Amy Church - Vocals
Sean Dalton - Drums
Rick Gold - Bass
Brett MacFarlane - Lead Guitar
Anna Peiris - Rhythm Guitar
Sue Summers - Keys

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