Song of the Day- Bailey James - Over You

Uprising young Country artist Bailey James has released her latest track Over You. The fifth release of the year looks at the difficulties of a breakup. The track was written by Bailey herself, alongside Nolan Neal, Jeremy Bussey and Smith Curry.

Bailey James is a promising 17-year-old with over 245,000 fans across her social media platforms. She is also a member of the all-female supergroup The Highway Women.  Over You is a rousing country hit with a strong message from the singer. James is the tenacious vocalist with no regrets, as she powers over meaty riffs and jazz-piano keys. The tempo builds, as James exclaims "I don't need another lover, to get under, to get over you!

Overall, Bailey James showcases her talents amongst her adolescent years with powerful vocals and intricate songwriting for hitmaking

Over You is available now via all major streaming platforms Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc



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